What Kind of Boys Do Girls Want?

What kind of men do women like to date? How do you impress a girl and get her to like you without pretending to be an embarrassing bad boy? Here’s a 10 step guide to making women want you.

What kind of girls do women like?

Click here to read an introductory guide on how to get the girl you want.

In the introduction, you’ve probably read about the right way to attract women by being mean but also revealing the gentle side sometimes.

Although the anesthesia is not so easy. But it’s something you need to learn.

at least for the first few weeks Until you’re sure she likes you back.

Read the rest of the tips on what women like about the guy they like to date here.

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Learn to control your emotions.

It was the emotional control of the brat that really made him want.

Don’t look at the popular icons. Get the truth and believe in yourself! Your self-confidence is the only thing that wins a woman’s heart. *If the way you speak is not so*

but bad guy They often don’t show this attitude towards women they trust. Women like their own space and like to make their own decisions.

Your arrogance is attractive but not if you devote your life to your woman.

Play hard to challenge her ego.

You think a woman who is willing to risk her life to spy on you is cute. But why did she do that in the first place? She might do that if you interact with her. But don’t give her more attention than what you would about others around you. [Read: How to flirt with a girl like a friend]

And remember that bad boy is like a bad boy. Love themselves more than anyone, at least that’s how they pretend.

Your indifference…

There is more than a slight difference between playing hard to get and indifferent. You might be really indifferent. Even if you want to express your feelings, hold on. The bubble will burst when you put your heart on your sleeve. Every girl wants to know what’s going on in your mind. But when you reveal that There is nothing more to know about you.

But the same coin has two sides. So girls might misinterpret this as being uninterested. Make sure there is little interest in all that indifference.

and only one pointer Many men do that even after tying the knot with the woman. This could insult the woman, who felt insecure and confused. don’t do that Because then you wouldn’t be a brat. You’re just a bullet


It’s not a crime, no! But your ability to do whatever you want and get away from it will give you an incomparable advantage. Girls expect cute babies to be weird too! We know no one is perfect and that’s what we want that guy to be. One day it must be really sweet And ignore her the next day. Yes, it’s frustrating for women. But the irony is that they want that! [Read: How to become a better guy]

high aptitude

Resolute behavior can sometimes bring out your negatives. But it can become alive too! Remember, being ambitious doesn’t always mean being arrogant. Indeed, it is your superior belief in yourself and the ‘truth’ that you are better than anyone else. A woman likes to be around a man who can take the power of others from his will. So go to power Brat!


Your pride is the pull factor. Can you stand up for yourself? There is nothing more holding back a woman than an arrogant man. and disappeared without a trace when standing up for himself or with the people who were with him. Bad boys will stand up for themselves. But the brat showed concern for the people around him. Even though he’s outnumbered! Stupid, yes, but so sweet!

male aphrodisiac

It’s the confidence that springs up from a stubborn kid who makes girls swoon. Confidence in speaking and control is your ticket. But your confidence in your flesh makes you impress with girls. It’s time to tell you (In a delayed way!) that the bad guy’s inimitable arrogance also makes him desirable. Most women don’t expect men to come in. They’re not expected to be picky and picky about things. Along with the adventure line, it is exciting.

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So be prepared to replace the leaves and leave all traces of the bad boy. After all, you are looking to date a girl and keep her, right? If you want to be a caregiver and make women fall in love with you. Being a brat is the best way for you.

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