What Men Secretly Want Review – Is it For You?

Do you want to win the heart of your man and make him committed in the relationship?

If you answer YES to these questions that mean you are having a rough time in understanding your man.

It is said to be women are very difficult to understand but I think the other way. It is really difficult to understand MEN in the relationship. They are mysterious and they have full control over their emotions. But the real problem is they find it difficult to express their wants. They are normally not as open as we girls are. Sometimes it is really difficult for us to decode the silence of our man in the relationship.

 What Men Secretly Want ScamIt is very stressing for any girl when her man leaves her without giving any reason. This makes us think is there any way we can read our man’s mind and find out what they really want from us.

Thankfully, James Bauer created a program called What Men Secretly Want in which he provides every little detail that explains what are things that any man wants from his girl or wife in the relationship and surprisingly it has nothing to do with sex or physical beauty.

I have downloaded this program and read it twice to understand each and everything that is mentioned in this program. Now in this review, I will show you what James trying to teach us in this program. I hope you going to like my review.

What is this?

James Bauer created What Men Secretly Want for all those women who want to understand male thinking pattern in an intimate relationship. This is the online relationship program that comes in the 137 pages PDF guide, eZine newsletter series, videos, audios, and bonus guide.

What Men Secretly Want EBoookIn this online relationship program, James Bauer will provide the solution to an old problem: Relationship in which men suddenly backs off and leave his girl thinking actually what went wrong in the relationship. In simple words, this is the bible of understanding how to attract, seduce and make your man love you and ONLY YOU.

James Bauer is a reputable counseling expert who helps lots of girls in making their relationship alive. You will get all these real couple experiences inside What Men Secretly Want PDF file. Inside this program, you can also hire James Bauer for one-on-one coaching and can ask questions about your unique problem.

In-depth Look:

James Bauer divided this online program into six different parts. If you want to get access into your man’s mind and make him yours only then you have to complete all these six parts.

  • In the first part, you have to subscribe yourself to members-only eZine newsletter where you will get fourteen secrets related to woman’s behavior and words about how to increase spark in your relationship by winning the heart of your dearest.
  • In the second part, you will have to complete 137 pages PDF guide. One thing I want to tell about this PDF file is that these 137 pages contain so many gems that will give you a better understanding about your man’s want and it also reveals the most important thing that your man wants from you and that thing is RESPECT. Once you use RESPECT PRINCIPLE in your relationship your man will love you more than ever.
  • In the third and the fourth step, you will get some videos and audio that will give you real examples where your man feels disrespect. It is important to read the main 137 pages guide first before jumping into this step.
  • In the fifth part, you will get an audio summary of all the chapters in the main PDF file.
  • The sixth part is reading and understanding ‘The Art of Intrigue’ which shows you why Intrigue is still the essential element in your relationship.


According to James Bauer, over 75% of men want to get RESPECT rather than love. Your man also wants RESPECT from you. But it doesn’t mean you disrespect him. There are many occasion when your man wants to do things by himself but if they fail to do things on their own they seriously feel disrespected.

What you going to find inside What Men Secretly Want is the technique on how to make your man feel respected regardless of what their status of life is.

Inside this program, James Bauer will introduce communication ‘gap’ that keeps him from making the commitment with you. You will also learn about:

  • Risky words that can seriously make him feel disrespected
  • ‘Commitment Builder’ that help you in building communication with your man
  • Two-minute attraction technique that helps you in gaining attraction
  • Examples of the real-life couple for better understanding of this technique

Pros vs Cons:


  • What Men Secretly Want ScamImprove Communication: Most of the problems occur because of a lack of communication. With the right technique that is found inside this program, you will find out how to avoid communication gap in your relationship.
  • Life-Changing: If you apply all the techniques that are mentioned inside this program then surely your life will change quickly and you will get deep love from your husband or boyfriend.
  • Attractive Tips: I read many guides on how to attract your boyfriend or husband but the advice I read in this program is just top quality.


  • Difficult: The main problem of this relationship program is you need to read the whole program which some women think as difficult.
  • Long: Reading over 130 pages is not an easy task especially if you don’t like reading books like me.
  • Ladies Only: This program is exclusively for women only. Sorry guys this is not for you.

Final Verdict – Is it For You?

I can’t say that if it works for you or not but in the end of this What Men Secretly Want review, I would like to say this guide is for all women who want to understand men and their behavior. This guide provides information on how to connect with your man emotionally and make him remain committed to you.

Additionally, I also want to say James Bauer is offering 60 days money-back guarantee just to test the technique mentioned in this program. 60 days is enough to test it and if you don’t find it helpful then you can return it and get your money back.

Now if this doesn’t make you happy then what will?





What Men Secretly Want book is extremely well written in a thought-provoking fashion that all women and can apply in their relationships. With the step-by-step guidance, any women could treat a man as he wants to be treated without lowering her standards.

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