Are You Saying, “I Hate My Family”? 19 Ways to Deal

Sometimes our family gets tough and makes us say or scream, “I hate my family.” How do you deal with it and what can you do about it?

i hate my family

I think we can all relate to disliking our family members from time to time. But if you’re saying “I hate my family.” You may need a little more help.

Although quarrels and anger are totally normal. But it might make you lose your patience. As a result, you have more arguments and conflicts. Family means everything to us. But that makes them almost impossible to deal with.

Our family is very much like us too. When you are surrounded by people similar to you. You can hit your head a lot. Reflexive people fight more than you might think.

All in all, you can manage your family. Hate them might not be worth the trouble. [Read: Prepare your partner to meet your family]

Is your family that bad?

Okay, now some families are terrible. some people are scary It’s true. But your family may not be as bad as you think.

I don’t want to shrug off your feelings because it’s just right. But you’re in the middle of some family drama. that can distort your perspective on them. Are they that bad or just what they look like now?

most of the time Your family isn’t doing anything different than usual. Most of us probably think our family is terrible. But they are just looking for us in reality.

Are they trying to control your life? Are they too involved? Do they have a different point of view than yours? These are normal. Parents and families are not perfect. You will never be 100% compatible.

in the heat of the moment These things can drive you to say However, the truth is, it’s hard to really hate your family members. They might just show their love for you. Maybe trying to give them the benefit of this doubt? [Read: 22 signs you’re the black sheep of the family]

What if you keep saying “I hate my family.”

If you feel that you really hate your family. and find yourself saying this over and over There are some things you can do to change. No, you can’t change these. But you can change your reaction and how you deal with it.

Reshaping your behavior isn’t easy. But it’s worth finding peace with them.

If you are an adult or in a dire situation You may cut them out. But you don’t want to try and get it done before taking such drastic measures.

If you find that you are saying “I hate my family” more than the average person. This is what you should do. [Read: 19 steps to stop being bitter and blame others]

1. Solve problems

Of course, if you feel that you hate your family. Well, there’s a problem you’re facing that makes you feel this way. You have to solve the problem before you can move on from that hate.

So, identify what the problem is. and try our best to find a solution. Of course, it’s not that easy. but will try to get through it Even being willing to put in the effort can help you alleviate the anger you hold.[Read: How to fix relationships that are falling apart]

2. Talk to them

Most likely, the problem you need to solve is that you have to talk to your family about what happened. Now, it can be really difficult. If you feel offended and upset But you have to go through it.

Take time to breathe and relax. don’t accuse each other Try not to scream or let things get out of hand.

Keep calm and let them know you want to talk about the problem you have. Tell them how you feel. Maybe they don’t even know how upset you are! Expressing your feelings can help resolve any problems. So you won’t feel like you hate them anymore.

3. Talk to other people

If you’re angry or upset about talking to a family member about what happened. Lets talk to your friends about it. This is a good way to see if you’re overreacting or if you feel justified to hate them. You may need to remove those feelings from your chest for some relief.

Your friend may have experienced this issue and can help you through some suggestions. [Read: Types of toxic relationships to watch out for]

4. Put yourself in their shoes

If you feel like you really hate your family. Because they are unfair or treat you in a way that upsets you. What would you do if the situation reversed? I’m not saying you have to change your mind. But just try to look at things from their point of view. Do you understand where they come from?

You may realize that they have a reason for doing this. This method doesn’t make you agree. But it will help you talk to them and maybe understand them. [Read: The family-oriented date – are they really keepers?]

5. Evaluate your own behavior

Are you really doing justice? Is your hatred really justified or are you acting a little immature and stupid? Many of us tend to react too much to things that we feel are unfair or that surprise us too much.

Rethink your actions and ask yourself if you’d be taken aback if someone else in your situation did that. This can help you realize that your family is not worthy of your hatred. and you just show

6. be true

If the problems you face make you hate your family. You have to think realistically. Is it really fair that you hate them in your current situation? Is it true that what they do should make you hate them?

7. Don’t talk if it’s not intentional.

Saying you hate your family can cause irreparable damage if it hurts your family. If you truly hate your family Something is wrong and needs to be fixed.

But if you’re mad at them and say you hate them right now, stop. You don’t hate your family. you’re just upset [Read: 18 critical signs of an unhealthy relationship]

8. Talk to an expert

Sometimes, only a professional can help you realize that you might not hate your family. They can give you alternative ways to manage these issues or even help you dig into why you feel the way you are.

And maybe only a therapist can solve the problems your family faces. Don’t be afraid to get professional advice when it comes to your family.

9. Try to consult your family.

Instead of going to a professional yourself. let the whole family go If this is bigger than the problem in you and seems to repeat itself. throughout your family unit Family counseling can work wonders.

There are times when you and your family don’t see each other. And it takes a trained professional to help your family see how you feel to get past your feelings of hatred. It can be difficult to do at first. Opening up to strangers and your family can be awkward. But it’s worth the weirdness.

10. Make a list of great things about them.

If you start to feel that you hate your family. Stop yourself there and go buy a notebook and write it down. 3 It’s about each family member you like or admire. This can help alleviate those negative thoughts and help you realize that you don’t really hate them. [Read: How to stop selfish people from hurting you]

11. Spend some time with yourself.

Maybe you spend too much time with your family. Too much of anyone can cause even the nicest person to start thinking negatively. Go for a walk, hide in your room. And be alone so that you don’t get sick easily.

12. Stay with other relatives for a while

If there comes a point where you feel unhappy under the same roof as your family and you can’t stop saying, “I hate my family.” You should retreat to someone else’s house for a while. Go spend time with new relatives to calm down.

13. Reduce Your Stress

Stress can make even the most positive people hate the person who caused them to break up. Make sure you do regular activities that reduce your stress levels, exercise, take a walk in nature, listen to music, or do whatever makes you feel calm.

Stress can cause you to vent your anger to the people closest to you. ‘Cause you know they’ll get through it That’s not fair at all. Work through them without attacking others. [Read: How to build trust in a relationship and make it last]

14. Write your feelings about them in a journal.

Stress reduction techniques that will help them the most when you keep saying, “I hate my family” is just writing those feelings in a notebook. Write down all your hate and throw it away.

Getting rid of those thoughts with physical words can help clear your mind and give you a positive attitude.

15. Ask yourself what you would do without them.

Really imagine your life without your family. Not so good, right? We love our family no matter how upset we are with them and how much we think we hate them. By doing this, you’ll see how much you don’t hate them. and actually you need them

16. Use some space

I don’t mean going on weekends or hanging out with other people, I really mean getting away from them. This may seem harsh. they are your family But if you say “I hate my family,” and that feeling was unshaken. Show that something is wrong

Let’s say you’ve tried other techniques. These have been and are still experiencing problems. Back away, not everyone is very close to their family. but it’s okay [Read: Signs of toxic family members]

17. Create Boundaries

If you hate your family because of religious or political differences. Don’t talk about them. Yes, these are important topics that are helpful to discuss. But if you keep having the same fight over and over and feel like you’re talking to a wall, To limit certain topics.

This will help you focus on what you love about each other. [Read: How to set boundaries and help others respect them]

18. Protect your peace

If necessary, just walk away. If the thread makes you hate your family, walk away, you don’t have to respond or fight back all the time. You don’t need to use your energy and negate your personal peace to argue with them.

Let it go.

19. Focus on yourself

Worried about you, not your family. Sometimes we feel that we hate our family because we worry about what they think of us. Maybe you need their approval. Or do you want them to understand you and your choices?

find self-confidence Know that your self-worth lies in how you view yourself. not that others How does your family even see you?

[Read: How to recognize and end toxic relationships]

Everyone has moments in their lives when they say, “I hate my family” is a normal part of life. But if you say this more than the average person Here’s what to do about it.

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