What to Text a Girl You Just Met to Ensure She Texts You Back

congratulations! she gave her number But now you need to know what to text a girl you just know. Lucky for you, I have all the answers.

What to text a girl you just met

Before we talk about what to text a girl you just met. Relax for a moment and congratulate yourself. You meet a woman and she gives you her number. You are already doing amazing things.

So try not to panic. There is no perfect thing to say or a wonderful sentence that will make her date you or even text you back. Just breathe and take a moment.

This is just a message It’s not something you have to fester for hours. [Read: How to text a girl you like and make her want you]

Send a message to the girl you just met.

When it comes to texting a girl you’ve just met. It’s not that complicated. Relax! It’s actually pretty hard to break down.

As long as you remain who you are and how you are when you meet, things should go smoothly. But in case you need further advice. There are some things that should be avoided.

One thing you shouldn’t text a girl you’ve just met is sexuality. I don’t care if you feel confident or horny. It’s not appropriate at all This woman gave you her number. which is personal so honor

Next, don’t ask her out right away. That might be your last game. But we should talk a little bit first. You don’t have to talk for days before moving on. but a short conversation will be smoother

[Read: How to ask someone out over text and get a yes]

Don’t wait days to text her. In the 80s or 90s, it’s “cool” to wait three days before calling. But we’re like two decades into a new century and everything happens instantly. If her Uber Eats driver can get a McDonalds in 15 minutes, you can text her within a reasonable amount of time.

It doesn’t have to be as soon as she’s gone wherever you meet. But maybe when you get home late at night or after work? Message her within 24 hours of the meeting so you can feel refreshed. If you wait too long, you won’t look cool. She’ll think you don’t care that much.

These are just a few of the basics that you should keep in mind when looking to find out which girl you’ve just met. But let’s take a look at some more specific options.

What message to send to the girl you just met?

The main goal of texting a girl you just met is getting them back. That’s the number one priority. From there, don’t worry about asking her out and dating. but for now Focus on the first message you send to the girl you just met.

What should your first message say?

#1 classic keep it short and sweet This message does not determine your future. You don’t need to think anything amazing. Just say “Hi *your name here* from *where you found it* today I had a great time talking to you.”

may seem boring But get the point and show your interest. [Read: How to not be a boring texter and keep anyone interested]

#2 flirtatious. Jumping into the first message with a slightly more flirtatious message will definitely grab her attention. If you’re flirting hard when you first meet. This might be the perfect way to go.

You don’t have to be above this. Say something like, “Hey *your name here*, you know the guy you can’t stop staring at today?”

This will introduce your personality and start a good conversation.

#3 That’s smart. If you are full of sarcasm and humor It’s appropriate to suggest a texting relationship with a joke. It gives her a good idea of ​​what’s going to happen. And humor is a great way to keep conversations flowing.

This is cute and smart. “This is an automated message from *Your name here* Reply YES if you wish to receive future messages, reply STOP to end all future communications with *YOUR NAME HERE*.”

If someone sends it to me after the meeting I will definitely say yes. And I know this isn’t what you want to think. But this gives them a chance to let you know if they’re not interested without double images. [Read: 15 texting rules to impress a girl when you first start texting her]

#4 compliment. go with strong compliments But try not to make it superficial. You can tell any girl that she’s beautiful or you can’t help but notice her. But complimenting her on the deeper things you noticed when you met her will show that you are genuinely interested.

Try saying, “Hi, this is *your name here*. I can’t wait to get home to text you. I am very impressed with your positivity today.”

It could be anything from her success in business to her dedication or ingenuity. She would appreciate such a compliment more than any compliment. But don’t say you’re not like other women. That’s not a compliment but insulting other women [Read: 12 important texting rules to ensure you don’t creep the girl out]

#5 continuity continue where you left off She may have given you her number because you had a good conversation when you met. So use what works. Continue what you are saying or doing when you meet.

Messages like “Hey *your name here*, did you end up catching that game? Are you crazy?” or “I searched for what you mentioned earlier. I can’t believe it How do you know this?” should do the trick.

This ensures that you get a response because it’s an open-ended question. [Read: The best ways to start a conversation on text and keep it going]

What message to send to the girl you just met after she replies?

If she replies to your first message Show that you’re clear. Relax. She replies, which means she’s likely to be very interested. You don’t have to try to impress her. just be yourself

You can hold the conversation for a while and get to know her better or ask her right away.

If you want her to know that you’re interested in dating her, be clear, say, “I’d love to continue this conversation over drinks.” This will show that you don’t need a virtual pen pal. But you intend to see her again. [Read: How to ask a girl out over text and get that “yes”]

Not everyone wants to see each other again anytime soon, so if you are. don’t worry You don’t need to invite her out now. Carry on your conversation a little. and when the time is right invite her out

Maybe she said she just cooked dinner or came back from dinner. Ask her what she has and recommend a good restaurant. that you know you want to take her Such smooth transitions are less shocking.

Texting a girl you just met doesn’t have to be an anxiety-filled experience. Remind yourself that she gave you your number because she wants to hear from you.

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As long as you are confident and assertive. You’ll know what to text the girl you just met to make sure she responds.

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