What to Text a Guy after a Hookup: The Right Text for Every Occasion

Just having a one-night stand… what? Do you like him? What was your last game? What would you like to tell you about texting a guy after dating?

What message to send a guy after dating?

The original question was, how long should a man wait to call a woman after receiving the number? But with technology that dominates our lives and our smartphones are attached to our hands. Now it’s about what to text a guy after a connection. And it seems that it’s the women’s side that will reach out first.

But what do you say? Do you say you’re having a good time or are you just taking it easy? Did you ask Venmo to pay for your morning Uber?

What do you want after dating?

Before deciding which guy to text after a relationship Decide what you want from him first. You wouldn’t want to say you wanted to see him again if you were planning to haunt him next week. And you don’t want to be too casual if you want to see him regularly.

So deciding what your plan is. This will make deciding what to say a lot easier. [Read: How to enjoy the freedom of being single]

Have you ever had a good time? You just want a good night and that’s all? Do you want to be FWB *friends-with-benefits*? Do you want to start dating?

Try to figure out how you feel after dating and leaving. Before you be honest with him You have to be honest with yourself first.

Although he is a good person But if the relationship is not good You may just have to move on. But it might just be a coincidence. Maybe he’s going out for a night out and you want to try again?

You don’t want to send a message after a connection without at least a few answers to these kinds of questions. Or are you telling him you’re accidentally meeting him at Applebee’s tonight? [Read: Tinder hookup essentials – 11 must-know steps for the perfect hookup]

What to text a guy after dating when you want to see him again?

Among all the things you can text a guy after dating. Wanting to keep seeing him was the hardest. What if you text him and he doesn’t text back? What if he doesn’t want to see you? There are many doubts in that text. But if you know exactly what to say You can stay calm, cool, and introverted.

#1 “I can’t stop thinking about…” your lips Bread from dinner, etc. This will remind him how much fun you have together and hopefully encourage him to invite you out again.

#2 “Last night was great. We should do it again.” Bring up the second day on your own. Why not? Take it all out at once Why not take a chance? Instead of having a short conversation Let’s see if he now wants to see you again. Why waste time? [Read: How to ask a guy out over text]

#3 do not have anything. Wait for him to reach out, this is not a game and as far as I would say if you want to text him. Wait a day or two. You can then contact them with funny memes or GIFs, but if he wants to see you. He will reach out. [Read: 13 tweaks while texting a guy to make him want a lot more]

Will text a guy after dating when you want to end something.

bearish! You’re dating and don’t care Maybe he’s not your speed. Or do you just want one hot, hot night? Whatever your reason You can’t let him hang. So here are some things to text a guy after talking when you want to say goodbye.

#1 “Last night was great. But I’m not looking for anything serious.” Just be direct and straightforward. Most likely, he will appreciate your honesty. move on And just happy that he can contact you.

worst case He was upset and beaten like men usually do. then you can ghost I give you the right You owe him nothing but the truth. After that, it’s up to him. [Read: 10 scenarios when it’s okay to be a ghoster]

#2 “That was a great one-night stand.” Instead, talk about a lengthy monologue about how you don’t want to adjust and how awesome he is. But you don’t see that it works. Let it be simple and simple. If he catches it fast, he’ll probably say yes and you’re in the clear.

#3 “Thank you again for the night before. pleased to meet you” Sure, it sounds exactly like what you would say in an email to the person you’re meeting with for business. But what if you don’t want to see this person again, especially not in a romantic way? What’s the big deal?

What to text a guy after dating when you’re not sure?

So you’re hooked but don’t know how you want to move forward You don’t want to end it. But you don’t particularly want to date. You don’t want to give this guy a wrong idea. But you don’t even know what you want. So what should you text a guy after a connection when you’re not sure?

#1 “Thank you for sending ;)” keep it light and fun When you’re not sure what’s going to happen to be comfortable I strongly believe in being outspoken and communicating. But after talking only once You can still feel guilty.

Hang out again without talking about what’s going on and see how you feel. For now have fun

#2 “The night before was great. I hope it will be okay if we keep things comfortable.” On the other hand, just come out with it. Let him know that you’re having a great time but aren’t sure what your plans are. This way he knows you’re not ready to start dating seriously, and he can tell you what he wants. [Read: How to find and enjoy casual sex]

Who has time to wait around?

#3 “Want to come?” Just let things go on as normal. Instead of going on a refined and luxurious date Keep calm. Netflix and Chill doesn’t mean commitment. So just feel things as it is until it’s too weird not to mention it

Things not to text a guy after a connection

#1 “I never did that.” Don’t apologize for dating nothing to regret You are a sexual being and you should celebrate that. If he thinks you are easy or you are afraid that from now on he will look down on you. then forget him

He’s not worth your time. It’s not a shame to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t have a plan. own your sexuality

#2 “I think I left _____ at your house.” Your keys, your retainer Your diaphragm, whatever. Don’t do this. This is a tradition worth dying for. Leaving something at his house as an excuse to see each other again is childish and not as delicate as you might think.

want to see him again tell him You don’t have to intentionally leave something behind. you are better than that [Read: The dreaded after sex call – do’s and don’ts]

#3 “I’m pregnant.” Of course, if you’re pregnant, it’s up to you. But don’t joke This may not be easy for some people. But I’ve heard from many men that women do this. What?

No, don’t joke about STIs or you’re pregnant. It’s not funny, no matter what your reasons. It always tastes bad. There are about a billion more jokes you can tell after the connection.

[Read: How to make him want more after a one night stand]

I hope you know what to text a guy after talking. so you can go in any direction you choose.

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