What You Need to Do When She’s Playing Hard to Get

Does she blow hot one minute and cool the next? Here’s a guide to what you can do when the girl you want to play hard to get.

What you have to do when she plays hard to get

let’s face Dating is like a game. No matter how much we praise it with books, music and movies. and worse Think of it as a poker game where players suspect others trying to predict their next move. and always eager to take advantage of himself In the end, the goal is to win and do everything.

Men often complain of heterosexuality. Admit it. Evolution has given women a huge advantage in such a way that they will have no problem finding a mate. However, men are tasked with enormous pursuits and pursuits. Not to mention competition from other men. But there’s a reason why it seems like she’s messing with your ego.

Remember, relationships aren’t like the usual Hollywood summer chick flick, where guys instantly impress and win over women. Women who have the advantage of choosing from a list of candidates Have some free time to walk you through their brain games and little quizzes to see if you deserve her. [Read: A guy’s ultimate game plan for handling mixed signals]

Why is she playing so hard to get it?

Simple. Would you like to take a test drive first? Finding potential partners works the same way. And why wouldn’t it? Think about it: Relationships need someone who will invest their time, resources, and emotions to get it done. And there’s a chance it won’t succeed in the end. No matter how many anniversary you count So be confident right from the start.

Playing hard to get it is one way for women to determine whether their partner will fulfill their mission. She wants to know if you’re really interested in her, and that you’re not just a leper, needy drunkard who just needs a one-night stand. [Read: Women’s relationship issues that all men must know]

Things to remember before doing

Be patient before you read the tips section. There are some things that really matter. that you should consider before concluding.

#1 Is she playing hard to get it or is she just really busy? You meet a girl in a jazz bar. You gather up the courage, fix your jacket, and start a great one-line conversation. It works. In a few minutes of talking, you learn that she works 10 hours a day. including studying off-shift in an art school Numbers were exchanged and hopes soared.

Now, don’t be upset if she doesn’t answer your calls and messages right away. Remember that in this era Women can have careers just like men. Don’t feel bad if she declines the invitation to have coffee after work. Maybe it’s not a good time. She might have a bad day. or during the worst part of the menstrual cycle And don’t pull the helm, accusing her of playing hard to get through this situation. Tell me it’s bad

#2 Is she really interested or just enjoying your misery? I mean, who doesn’t like the feeling of being chased, right? There is no better ego pill than the experience of being chased. Be it a woman or a man, however, we must be smart enough to know the woman who guides you.

A common pitfall for men inspired by the dream girl of a maniacal fairy. believe that no matter how long it takes She will eventually fall in love with you. If you’ve asked her out on a date several times and she’s still “not sure”?? Maybe it’s a signal to move on.

Sometimes she may act unstable. Sweet and lovely one day Then she dropped off the schedule the next day. It all depends on whether you are still comfortable pursuing her or not. After all your efforts She also pays attention to you just for her convenience. she could be a player And you don’t want to waste your time. [Read: 9 tips for dating the girl who’s out of your league]

How to cope when she plays so hard

So once you’ve proven that she’s playing hard. This is how you can play your cards correctly.

#1 give a little more effort As mentioned above, 70% of dating attempts fall on men’s shoulders. If at first she starts playing hard to be with you. It also guides you to increase your ante a bit. Texting and instant messaging can be forgiving in the first few days. But you can’t go on a first date with just a smile. The man picked up the phone and talked to her.

You don’t need to play John Cusack-hold-up-a-boom-box-in-the-moring. to show effort It might be as simple as with making her laugh Show off her interests online. and recommend good movies that fit her interest The trick is to show genuine interest in her life. Be prepared to listen if she’s upset or excited about something. Acting for her sake can show her that you are genuine. This will make her feel that even if she just met you a few days ago. But life is more cheerful when you are in it.

#2 Be confident, but don’t be overly confident. Playing hard to get different levels It may range from humility. The daughter of an inaccessible pastor who is angry, angry, and angry. Women often do this to know if you are easily intimidated and are more likely to break up when pressured. In this photo, you need to be confident and resilient

Notice the little things like body language, gestures, and gestures. Whatever you can use to your advantage, however, learn to measure your confidence level and remain true to yourself. You don’t want to go overboard and act too harsh for her taste. Or make yourself look like a talkative answerer. For example, Will Smith in Hitch remembers smooth and steady. [Read: 25 dating deal breakers for women]

#3 play her game If you can play hard Why can’t you? Sometimes, if women play hard to compete That’s a sign that she’s interested in you. What better way to overcome than to meet her challenge on equal terms? Make her miss you a little from time to time. Remember, even if she says she’s testing you. She secretly wants your attention.

So for a few weeks You pay attention to her well, such as calls, sharp texts. And smart Facebook likes and comments and coffee conversations suddenly, little by little, you draw attention. You can miss a hangout. by deliberately crossing one or two lines and then watch her go through the signs of withdrawing from dating. She might be a little paranoid if you imply that she’s about to lose you. If she continues to play hard to stay longer It’s a little deceiving, yes. But as I said in #1, the point is to make her realize that her life is better with you in it.

#4 if everything fails Let’s face her honestly. Ask the question, “Where are we going?” You’ve been dating for months. And you’re the most gentleman you’ve ever been. This might surprise her. Even though she played the villainous version of Moriarty. But this can show her that you are determined to get her.

However, time is everything. Choose the right time to ask her and take care not to upset her. Maybe after a concert or a nice dinner. Somewhere quiet and private When you two have nothing to say it’s a gamble But who knows? Women appreciate sincerity and sincerity the most. [Read: 15 signs she’s leading you on and taking you nowhere]

Close the recommendation

No matter how many tips you read There is no general equation to solve a woman’s dating behavior problem. It all depends on careful observation and creating a good experience between two people. If in the end it doesn’t work At least you still like hanging out with her?

Remember that dating sessions are where you test your waters. Summarize the entire plot of the relationship you want to be. It is where the first impression is confirmed or lost. If you made a good impression on her when you first met her, She might even hang you a little more to see if you’re real. The rest is up to you.

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