The Guy’s View on What’s Cute vs. Sexy About a Girl

Ever wondered how cute and sexy a girl is? And what is the real difference between the two? We have answers for you straight from the mouth of men!

What's cute vs what's sexy for girls

Be it your body type, your actions, your temperament, or your style of speech. Men tend to categorize women in one of two ways: cute or sexy. But what do these phrases really mean? Does cuteness mean a girl’s face or her demeanor? If your crush says you’re cute Show that you’ve been by your best friend or not?

if you are sexy Do you come out easy or scary? Lots of questions, few answers! We’re running a business and asking our favorite friends what it’s like to call a girl cute or sexy, and what “really” means.

what a cute girl

Have you ever wondered what it is like to have a “cute” boyfriend? Let us enlighten you! A cute girl is like your best friend who becomes a lover. She is not caring. do cute things Like the same nonsense you do. Know how to date guys And she’s not afraid to admit to doing cute “girlfriend” things like scrapbooking and making cookies.

But what is cute and sexy about women? We’re narrowing down what makes women cute with the opinions of our favorite men.

#1 be playful “The biggest difference of a sexy woman versus cute is how playful she is. Playful is… pretty cute. A playful cute girl. This is where insider jokes are created. A place where silly nicknames live and where lots of laughter is generated. I want a cute girl trying to tickle. who are not afraid of playing football And who wants to kick back and play video games, dig?” – Jason, 24 [Read: 12 things guys absolutely love in a girl besides appearances]

#2 She likes to be a girl. “This seems like a no-brainer. But it’s cute when a woman likes to be a woman. Girls are cute when they like pink things. Collect stuffed animals for emotional reasons. And take a few notes. There is something sweet in school age about these things in a girlfriend.”?? – Tim, 17 years old.

#3 Innocence. “I think it’s cute when girls are innocent, not like ‘teach BJ how to be innocent’, but they like what they like. They don’t make obscene jokes. And they have no motive behind what they do. Cute now. Perfect hell!” -Brent 30

#4 Choupy Voice. “I think it’s really cute. When girls love the “chubby” sound, did you know that cute, high-pitched girls like that are often reserved for talking to babies, kittens, and one lucky boyfriend? Although there are some caveats. But it can be a nuisance if done too much.” -Steve, 22

#5 friendly, not intimidating “One of the reasons that ordinary men Ours doesn’t like the sexiest girl in the room because she’s too scary! Plus, hot girls make it a hassle because you’re always wondering who’s going after her. On the other hand, a cute girl has a great personality and is so friendly that makes you feel comfortable. Love it.” -Aaron Age 27 years [Read: 25 tips to look cute and melt any guy’s heart instantly]

#6 giggling with humor “When a woman can be funny and knows how to laugh with a cute big laugh, that’s what every guy wants for his girlfriend. The giggles are cute. A giggle is the sweetest laugh a woman can give.” -Cody 29

#7 The girl is cute “I don’t know what it is, but it’s important to be a geek. Check your Twitter or Instagram hashtags and you’ll be bombarded with nerdy pictures with people from all over, most of them with tons of “likes” for Back up my data. Argument. Chic is more cute than sexy. Sounds silly, but with glasses, no makeup, more PJs… video game nerds just like us. She’s a lovely woman now.” -Gordon, 24 [Read: 22 unintentional girly things you do that guys really love]

What’s sexy about women?

When it comes to cute and sexy things of a girl. Many women hope they fall into a shallower point sometimes: sexy! In the war against “sexy vs cute”, what makes girls sexy? We’re asking men what their thoughts are on top. 7 Items that make you super sexy

#8 confidence. “Confidence is just… It’s really sexy A woman who knows what she wants is so sexy that it almost intimidates the rest of us! Another thing is a girl who is confident in life. Confident in the bedroom. It’s hot!” -Tray 19 [Read: The step-by-step guide to feeling sexy and desirable all the time]

#9 curve “I don’t want to give a shallow answer. But curvy women are the complete package when it comes to sexy things about women. I don’t care if she’s the size. 2 or size 12 if she has curves It shows that it’s sexually attractive.” -Michael 35

#10 Intelligence. “Smart is sexy. That’s the mantra of my generation. I like women who read books, are knowledgeable, and can teach me anything with love. Any intelligence makes me figurative and figurative, that’s sexy.” -Tom 28

#11 Self-reliant “Some men find that both “Independent women” intimidate me. I don’t. For me, there is nothing sexier than a self-sufficient career woman. There is just something that compels her to go the extra mile on her own and have her own sex appeal.” -Danny 26

#12 Those brows though. “There is a “look” that girls make sexy. It’s all in the arch of the eyebrows and the lights behind the eyes. Remember that part in lion king where Simba and Nala roll down the hill between “You feel the love tonight” and Nala looks at him, “Come on”? That’s the sexiest look a girl can give, except…as a human. It’s not an animated cat.” -Eric, 30 [Read: 25 things guy find really sexy and attractive about a girl]

#13 Bed head and hair details. “For me, what makes a woman sexy can be something as simple as her hair. A sexy girl has sexy hair. It’s thick, dark, long and should be bedhead. This morning hairstyle on my sexy shirtless girl makes me want to pull her back to bed and get sick!” -John 40 [Read: The enigma of the hot mess: Do you want to be one?]

#14 Passion. “I don’t care who you are or what you look like: passion is sexy. passion for sex Passion for hobbies, music, passion for love, it’s hot, sexy and perfect when it comes to women.” -Daniel, 27


From the opinions of men on this matter Does that mean that a lovely woman has no curves or a sexy woman can’t have fun? Of course not! Women are multifaceted beings that are admirable!

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Think you have something more to add to the list? Tell us what you think is sexy or cute in the comments below!

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