When a Girl Says I’m Fine: And 14 More Deadly Terms Used by Women

We all know that moments when a woman says “I’m fine” or something doesn’t sound like it should. Here are 15 serious terms every guy needs to know.

When a woman says I'm fine

To be honest, women like us aren’t that good at saying what we feel. We can talk for days about our problems or how others feel But we’re just not good at speaking out what we really feel. Especially when we’re not happy with what you do.

I’m sure you already know Girls have a habit of saying innocent phrases that have a completely different meaning. Have you ever had a woman say, “I’m fine” just to have a big freak after all, because she is? no okay.

When women say I’m fine – why don’t women say what they feel?

There are many reasons why we don’t just come out and say what we feel. Although it was much easier – and we knew it would be easier – we were still embarrassed to let it all out.

First of all, it’s hard to express your feelings and be sensitive to someone. It’s still hard to confess when we regret something. know We shouldn’t be

There are times when we think you should know that what you do or say is something that upsets us. So we kept it inside because it was tiring to repeat what we didn’t like. We are afraid of being judged by certain feelings as well. [Read: 13 ways to stop feeling neglected by the one you love]

This is a deadly term used by women.

Yes, there is such a condition of existence. The term women use for real feelings can be dangerous if you ignore them. You can make things a lot worse.

Therefore, you should learn to recognize when your woman is not happy at all. These are words that we often use when we mean something completely different. Remember these deadly words that women use. Then you’ll be able to tell how your girl feels. [Read: What do girls find attractive? 15 things all girls find appealing]

#1 I am fine. As mentioned above This phrase is one of the deadliest words a woman has ever heard a woman say. Why? Because it doesn’t mean she’s fine, in fact, it means the opposite. If you ask if your girl is okay and she replied with this You’d better backtrack, she’s sick.

#2 whatever. I think this is a more universal phrase that only women use. But we are the ones who use it the most. You just have to pay attention to way Women like us say this

Sometimes “whatever” means so. But if you speak in a very different tone It doesn’t mean “whatever.” You should ask what’s wrong.

#3 I am not interested This is another word that you really need to read in a girl’s body language and tone. If she looks serious and doesn’t make eye contact. Shows that she is definitely interested. Basically, she’s embarrassed or upset to tell you she did. So give her a chance to open up. [Read: 13 annoying boyfriend traits and how to avoid them]

#4 do what you want This is probably one of the most dangerous phrases your girl will ever say. She won’t let you do what you truly want. If you’re suggesting something that you think she might look insecure about and you hear her say something like this, you’re going to have to do it. Show that she is very angry about what you want to do.

#5 do not have anything. This never meant anything. Often, when you ask your boyfriend if something is wrong and she replies “nothing,” it’s usually because she thinks you should know what’s wrong. but you never did So she won’t say anything when she means everything. [Read: How to treat a woman right – 15 ways to make her want to stay]

#6 go ahead Oh, another scary word for girls. that you should be aware of If you ask your girlfriend to do something And she said, “Let’s go.” Don’t go. Literally means you should think again and don’t. This is not a happy phrase at all.

#7 don’t worry about it Now, this might seem like a really innocent and simple phrase. People say this all the time But it’s about the situation when she says it. Did you just do something wrong and apologize? If it’s a serious controversy You really shouldn’t use this phrase. Worried about it, believe me. [Read: Crazy wife – 25 silly things men do that make their wife go crazy]

#8 leave me alone during the argument This phrase will be thrown over and over again. And guess what? She didn’t mean that. While men may want to be left alone when they are angry. But women want the opposite. We want you to try to fix it and keep talking to us about it.

#9 You don’t need permission. Yes. Yes, you have to ask permission. This is a lesser-known term for a woman who is deadly. But it’s still dangerous. There are times when you have to check in with your girl and ask permission about something.

If you speak in a shameless tone Show that you are right about asking her. and maybe you shouldn’t [Read: The serious face – 21 things you do that hurt her feelings]

#10 Things that are done. This might seem like a normal phrase. But what she really means is, “You should fix what’s done.” She’s not really happy with what happened and it might take a long time to heal if she said this.

#11 Good luck. This is one of the deadly terms women use for two reasons. First, she’ll probably get mad and tell you if you think she’ll forgive you soon. Another way is dangerous if it is flirting. If she says this while you’re joking about winning her heart. Shows that she’s playing hard to get it.

#12 I guess. These extremely vague words are not the words you really want to hear from a woman’s mouth. This usually means that she agrees with you. But she didn’t want to do that. and if you are smart You’ll figure out how to make her happier to agree. [Read: Jealous girlfriend? 18 no-fail ways to calm her fears]

#13 Wow! This is the mother of all the dangerous words women use. Basically, hearing this will probably make you think “bad” because you’re about to get into an argument. You definitely won’t win.

#14 Amazing. This is what girls As we use each other sarcastically. often accompanied by eye roll You probably don’t want to hear about it because it means she’s really unhappy with something. The problem is if she says this and her tone is not good at all. She is painfully making you understand. [Read: How to comfort a girl – 15 thoughtful ways to do it right]

#15 m. I know this isn’t a word but it works the same way. This is another very obvious thing a woman does to show you that she is unhappy with something. She’ll lower her voice and say “hmm” if you ask for approval and she doesn’t want it. be warned Nothing with this isn’t going in a good way.

[Read: Why are women so emotional? The scientific reasons why]

Wouldn’t the world be so much better if women said what they thought? I agree…even being a woman But knowing these deadly terms a woman uses can help you determine how she feels.

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