When a Woman is Crying: The Gentleman’s Dos and Don’ts

when women cry can make men nervous So what should you do? First of all, here’s what not to do when a woman is crying.

crying woman

“What to do when a woman cries” will give you more than 60 million Google search results. What about all the attention? when talking about it Walking into a crying woman is uncomfortable for everyone involved. The more we all understand, the better!
The confusion lies in what to do about crying. Should you hug a tall pillar and it might be uncomfortable? My condolences to her? Excuse me for leaving? The answer to what to do is equally challenging. Whether you’re the one who made her cry or not.
and come face to face A woman can cry for many reasons. If you have common sense You probably know the basics of what to do when a woman cries. But what about the rest? We are here to tell you what *NO* should do when women cry.
the reason women cry
just to remind you it will be a long list While some women never shed tears But the rest of the women might cry because their hats dropped! The most common reasons women start crying are…
#1 She laughed so hard that she cried. Sometimes when your lady love laughs so hard. She will really start to cry. Science suggests we do this because we laugh so hard that it puts pressure on our tear ducts. These are called “Reflecting Tears” It’s funny, brother.
#2 cry after sex Ever had your partner turn on the water for a particular run after a romp? If you think she’s crying because she’s happy, you’re right! However, if you think she’s crying because of the sex explosion. *And it’s not fun* So… you might as well be right. Crying after sex happens for one of three reasons.
– First of all, she really feels attached to you. Hey, we’re girls, we cry, love sometimes. Let’s say having sex with you is incredible. We may shed a tear for your little swimmer. [Read: Why is sex so important in a relationship?]– Second, another reason a woman cries after sex is because her body is emotionally released. Besides the jokes Sometimes women feel very attached to their partner. Or just had such an amazing orgasm that her body didn’t know what else to do. Therefore, it is a release of good emotions. all of them
– Finally, she may experience post-sexual dysphoria, in the article. Is it normal to cry after sex?, Cosmo talks about the state under this research. Obviously, it’s normal that a person’s sex life One will feel unreasonably depressed after having sex. Either with a partner or riding solo!
#3 she’s just sad This is one of the most obvious answers across the board. If she’s feeling rejected, depressed, unattractive, unproductive, or perhaps she’s in a general sad state… She would cry
#4 management The next reason women cry is sad but true. And we certainly do not forgive this reason. But women are pretty good at dealing with men in tears. This usually applies to the fact that Men tend to be uncomfortable around people who cry..
She would say something like “Come to this party. I know you don’t want to go” or “Don’t be mad at me” or “Don’t make me do this” and the list goes on! [Read: How can women manipulate men so easily?]Hey, we never said it was a good reason to cry. But it could be true.
#5 hormone. Hormones are a little devil, especially when it comes to plumbing. She will cry because she is happy, sad, angry, wanting chocolate. And basically there’s no reason at all. You can thank Mother Nature for that little gem.
#6 She is at the end of her wits. when faced with frustration Some women may begin to cry. If you make her angry and she loses patience. You can see that trembling lips are running towards you!
#7 She was surprisingly happy. on the contrary Women can cry when they feel overwhelmed about certain situations. That’s right, there’s no way to win! [Read: Secrets to a perfectly happy relationship]Basics of what to do when a woman cries
we feel you friend Knowing how to respond appropriately can be really awkward. That’s why we’re going to give you a basic list of Dos that won’t let you down when your woman sheds tears.
#1 listen. Not every problem needs to be solved. Men always want to fix things and women just want to talk about them. Men are natural editors. So when they hear a girl’s complaint or cry about a certain situation. they will enter “Superman Mode”
Help us please. Be patient. We appreciate the way you protect your man. But sometimes we just want to talk bad about something. and sometimes an allusion to crying So please help us and listen. [Read: How to be a better listener in your relationship]#2 read her body language If the woman in front of you wants a hug to comfort you. Her body language will tell you. in the same way If you want your own space She will make it known just being sensible If you still can’t figure it out Don’t be embarrassed to ask!
#3 make her feel at ease Most women like to communicate. especially when emotional stress if she is crying just communicate with her Assure her that everything will be fine. and tell her that you will understand everything together Ask her if there is anything you can do to help her or if she needs it if you just listen to her.
Things not to do when a woman cries
People, usually men, tend to feel slightly nauseous when women cry. She started by sniffing. A sad face or a frown, then the lips begin to tremble and before you know it, water flows.
#1 laugh at her If a girl cries and your knee twitching reaction is laughter. However, for some people, laughing is a natural reaction, even if they’re nervous, if it has *you* completely overwritten. Let your partner know ahead of time so they aren’t shocked by your seemingly heartless behavior. [Read: Biggest dating turn-offs for women]#2 Make a joke. This is a tricky reaction to crying that can make you the most charming person ever or bumpy.
Maybe you’re the comedian at home. And you think you can make the priest laugh at the funeral! So good, good for you. That doesn’t mean she wants you to chatter while she snorts on mascara.
don’t get me wrong The thought is sweet We get it – your lady is upset. so you think “Make my girl laugh!” Still, you’re taking a huge risk of offending her or making her think you’re an insensitive idiot.
Use good judgment as to whether this would be the right response for your girl. Joking is something that should not be done. But what if she cried during her menstrual period or flicked a sad chick? Feel free to pull your best Louise CK. [Read: Annoying boyfriend traits and how to avoid them]#3 staring blankly when women cry It’s normal to ask her if she’s okay. move in to hug her Or sorry if you’re a cock! Nothing – and I mean nothing – will nullify a crying woman more than a blank stare.
Look, we know it’s uncomfortable, but there’s nothing *scary* about the water falling from your girlfriend’s eyes. So don’t neglect her! [Read: How to apologize to a girl when you know you messed up]#4 Come to her. Story time! One year my boyfriend broke up with me. We’ve been together for three years. We are *that couple* that our single friends would go to for dating advice. When news of our breakup spreads I had a friend come to my house within a few days. “I heard you and *Jackass* broke up.”
I began to cry in embarrassment. And he kept asking if he wanted to go for a walk together – as I cried. True story. Are you kidding? If she’s crying and you decide this is a good time to splash out with your romantic trick. Show that you will never succeed. [Read: Moves to seduce a woman and get her in bed]#5 throw away. No matter how often she is a grumpy person. Or she turned on the water supply only when the situation was particularly bad. Leaving might not be a good idea. No matter how uncomfortable or angry you feel. Don’t bail out the girl you like.
And if *she* goes, there’s a 97% chance she’s standing outside the door waiting for you to chase after her. Yes, we do. But if you like being alone when you cry Don’t hesitate to run away from the door! [Read: Bad habits that will make your partner want to leave you]there you have it The Do’s and Don’ts of a Woman Crying Plumbing doesn’t have to be difficult to understand. Listen to these ground rules and you’ll be a world-class comforter in no time!

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