When You’re Single AF: 13 Experiences that Are All Too Familiar

Being single and having AF, single, not single, you don’t understand. But if you’ve been single for a while

Single AF

Oh, I know everything about being single. Even though I’ve dated endless amounts of men But I live a lavish single life. don’t ask me why I think I’m a catcher but for men I’m fine Different world when you’re single AF, is it a better world? That depends on the debate. let it be different

When you admit you’re single You may notice things that you have never noticed before. What you normally do if you’re in a relationship not like anyone else

But guess there’s no one else. So you don’t care It’s time for us to be single because crazy people get together and celebrate our freedom by not showering every day and hanging out with our parents regularly. [Read: 11 things about being single people fear the most]

How do you know if you’re single AF?

because you are you don’t know yet Sorry for ruining it for you. but you are just If you want more confidence Read on for these signs that you’re the only AF.

#1 you stop dating Dating becomes nonsense because you realize that only negativity remains. Good people are taken away or they are setting out to find themselves in India. But those who want something serious seem to have some problems that you just can’t handle.

#2 Your kitchen contains wine. and perhaps some stale pasta but mostly wine You can cook dinner, but why? Do you know how difficult it is to cook for one meal? However, you like to drink your calories and have a sweet sound with it. Who needs food? [Read: 13 signs you’re tired of being single and need a change]

#3 You have completely forgotten about your romantic vacation. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, whatever the holiday is. You have erased it from your mind. What’s the point? People will ask you if you are single. and try to match you with strangers They can leave presents at your doorstep… You are busy watching Netflix.

#4 you feel hopeless You’re thinking you’ll be single AF for the rest of your life. Which in some ways you like it, but mostly you hate it. You want to be in a relationship. You know you have love to give, and believe me, I believe you, but you know this is just the worst part of your life. [Read: Single for life – How to enjoy the ride and find the one along the way]

#5 You avoid second-hand clothes. because you don’t have two hands Unless you ask your creepy neighbor Leonard to zip up your dress. Should I go with sweatpants? The clothes you want to wear are placed on the side because you can’t really wear them.

#6 You know every chick flicks with a heart. and you hate them all Did he surprise you with a bouquet of flowers? Yeah, give me some time – that never happened. Did he read your love letter to him in the newspaper? We all know, he doesn’t read anything but the corresponding Tinder, but deep down in your heart you want to live one of those rom coms. [Read: The rom com cliches that never work out in real life]

#7 You can recognize people from Tinder on the road. This is a personal favourite of mine. I’ve been scrolling through Tinder so much that I now recognize people in the club or on the streets. This is the time when you know you’ve gone through everyone in your city. Time to move?

#8 you do whatever you want You truly do what you want when you want. You don’t need to consult your boyfriend or girlfriend. Compromise with what you want to do. Damn, if you want breakfast for dinner, you have it. Sleep all day. Why? Because you can. [Read: 15 reasons why being single can be a lot of fun too]

#9 Facebook is no longer fun You used to like scrolling through Facebook to see who was single, who broke up, but now that’s not happening anymore. people start to get involved Having a baby and your news feed no longer gives you the happiness it used to.

#10 You talk to your dog. Or a cat. The point is, if it’s an animal, you talk to it. When you’re happy, sad, angry, you run to your pet and lie next to it. Explain to them the inner workings of your mind. First, it’s a nice form of free therapy. Second, people don’t want to listen to you anyway. So your pet is a worthy friend.

#11 You can no longer share a bed. The thought of sleeping with someone for more than three hours can make you nervous. you like to sleep alone You can lie on your side, straighten yourself, don’t worry about being slapped by someone in the face. it’s a pleasure [Read: The thirst is real – 15 realities of being single too long]

#12 You are an expert at awkward dating. You have a diary of all the horrible dating you’ve been to, and it seems like the longer you’re single, the worse they are. Is this your fault? Of course not The universe is trying to show you that it’s better to be alone.

#13 You are #1. You can take care of others. But since you’re single AF, you #1. You do what you want when you want And you only do it if it feels good for you. Because you are AF, single and single in your life. So you can focus all your attention on numero uno. I mean, this isn’t a bad thing, right?

[Read: 10 Possible reasons you’re still single and struggling]

Yes, I know. You’re single AF, but that’s okay. One day when you have a family. You’ll want to go back to being single again, believe me.

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