Where There Is Love There Is Life: Love Makes Us Better

What would life be without love? It becomes less boring and exciting. After all, where there is love, there is life. And love makes us better people.

with love there lives

I know… you read the title and thought I was Hare Krishna giving out roses at the airport. *as if they were actually doing that* But the truth is whether we accept it or not. one thing that has any meaning in this world is love Life without love is meaningless. And where there is love there is life, God *or the person you believe* has placed us here for a purpose. And not to go to the top of the company. *Or at least it’s not the only reason*
Our species survive for a reason – because we reach out and work with others around us. That is why when we lose people in life. friendship breaks up Or we can’t be with someone we promised our love forever. It’s one of the hardest things we can do.
in the same way Finding comfort, love and support from many people or just one special person. It is what determines our quality of life.
with love there lives
Loving someone doesn’t just make us feel better. But it also makes us a better person. Why? when you love someone You don’t just want to give him the best. but also wanting to be the best you can be. If you are with the right person in your life They should challenge you, push you, and encourage you. but at the same time They should comfort you when you are in trouble. Pull back when you exert too much. And knowing when you really need it is a hug. [Read: The 10 types of love you’ll experience in your lifetime]15 Ways to See Where There’s Love, There’s Life
There are many ways that love can make us a better person, and here are 15 of the most popular.
#1 it makes us believe Love leads us to believe that things are possible and are designed for this life. when things Feeling out of control, hopeless, or as if it has no direction Love is what brings us back from the abyss. It cheers our minds and leads us to believe that there is a higher purpose than just ourselves or our daily routine. [Read: 15 ways you’ll experience what love really feels like]#2 makes us feel less alone Just imagine how lonely it would be if we all lived in our own homes. go to work alone eat alone and never had anything with anyone The way we find meaning is through the interactions we have with those around us.
if there is no love We would have walked through this world without friendship. encouragement or any support imagine day to day without anyone contacting, arresting, or telling us they understand. And we’re not alone
#3 it gives us encouragement We do it for the people we love. Not just waking up early to work to find food. But we also wake up early to take care of the people we love in our lives. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, or a single man. There is someone in your life that makes you want to leave under the covers in the morning.
if there is no love doing whatever even for survival purposes. It seems pointless. You will have nothing to survive for. [Read: 13 happy things you need for a perfectly happy life]#4 It keeps us motivated. Nothing can motivate anyone more than being in love. when you love someone You want to be a better person for him. Your goal is to work harder to provide. Or finish work to come home early to be alone.
There is no greater motivation than wanting to make your loved one happy and satisfied. love can move mountains Because it gives us motivation and strength. At least try
#5 Sometimes it makes us feel complete. When we lose love or are looking for someone to love, it can feel like we’re missing something in our lives. It’s not that you’re not happy or fulfilled. Just to love or love someone It’s like filling up a cup. Just like having everything you need on hand. Being loved can make you feel that every inch of you is at its peak. [Read: 10 reasons why passionate love is the best kind of love there is]#6 makes us feel warm and happy The word “happy” is a very difficult word to describe. for me Happiness means how you look at other people or other things in your life. And there’s nothing for you to trade for what you have.
It’s not about wanting what you don’t have. It’s about getting what you want and loving every part of it. Happiness is not a continuation and it is something that can be fleeting. But when you are in love You will know that happiness is a state of mind that can be easily achieved. by reviewing your life [Read: 16 things you need to give up for a blissfully happy life]#7 makes us want something better when you are in love You want the best for your loved ones. That makes you challenge yourself. Do things you wouldn’t normally do without anyone supporting you. And it will push you to push beyond the boundaries of what you tend to believe you can do.
Wanting something better is not getting anything more. But it’s about wanting to spend time enjoying the journey. instead of just reaching the finish line in every aspect of life
#8 love is forgiveness If there is one thing in this world that holds us back prevent us from being happy or stealing security That is the inability to forgive those around you. Loving means that you are never offended and you can always find a place for forgiveness in your heart.
when your soul is filled with love and happiness There will be no room for resentment or anger. There is only room for understanding and forgiveness. so you can move on [Read: Sabotaging your happiness – 12 ways you could be ruining your own happiness]#9 it makes us patient Sometimes life is the worst Love is what gets us through Knowing that someone loves you and that someone is there to help you during difficult times can help us get through difficult emotionally or physically.
Love is what keeps us going. move forward and found the strength to continue especially when we really want to quit.
#10 Love is what helps us grow. What makes us grow emotionally is the love of the people around us. Unconditional love is something that everyone is trying to do whether they perceive it or not. know that no matter what we do whether we do what is right or wrong Or make a real mistake, someone is just waiting to tell us it’s okay and they still love us. This allows us to make mistakes without fear and grow up emotionally. [Read: 12 real signs of true love in a relationship]#11 Help us heal There are many wounds that we can bear. Love is what heals those wounds to be able to love again. The reason we continue to love Even if it hurts Because we know that the feeling of love is greater than the feeling of unlovedness, which feels empty. Love heals all pain and gives us the strength to keep going.
#12 Makes us feel safe. There is no better safety in life than knowing that you are loved. In our lowest moments when we think things the worst Love is something that can lift us above it and find a silver lining for a feeling of safety, security, and like we can go on. Home is where the heart is. And that’s where love is [Read: 25 memorable life lessons to perfect your life]#13 Just feels good. Remember the feeling of falling in love for the first time? If you can contain that feeling to replay whenever you feel bad. There will be no moment that can be felt except glory. Of course, puppy love cannot last forever. But it makes you feel more alive than you’ve ever felt in your entire life.
#14 It can hurt worse than anything else. part of his life was injured. There’s no way it’s over without being hurt by love at least once. The sting is something that takes a long time to heal and move through. But it also reminds us that we are alive and that bad things are the opposite. After all, you can never know what happiness is. If you’ve never felt pain
#15 Make life colorful The feeling of love is like running through your body. A pure electric current flows through your veins. Love is amplifying the signs that make colors brighter. make you feel more excited and the sound grew louder It’s the icing on the cake that makes life exciting and vibrant. [Read: Are you in love? 21 signs to decode that fuzzy feeling]The phrase “better to love and lose than never love at all” is one of the most authentic phrases anyone has ever said. There are times when love can lift you up or even crush you.
But no matter where you go, if you don’t have it, there’s no life. It makes our lives more fulfilling and satisfying and makes us want to be better people. And that’s why where there is life, there is love.

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