The Burning Question: Why Are People Mean to Nice People?

The world is cruel and many questions arise. One of them is why people are mean? And why are people so mean to good people?

Why do people mean to good people?

The world we live in has both good and bad sides. Overall, people are pretty good and most try to behave and treat others with respect. However, that’s not true for everyone. How many times have you met someone who made you wonder why people are mean? Especially the good ones who ended up with the worst treatment as well. Why do people mean good people and what causes disgust and disrespect in the first place?

If you turn on the news on TV You will see pain, pain, regret and political drama all the time. If you look at your social media feed You’ll see more comparisons and drama. It’s not a nice place to live! for that reason So most of us try to put a little positivity into our actions and just be nice.

It’s not a crime, is it?

Most of us are brought up to treat others the way we want to be treated. personally i hate rudeness I am a man of manners And if I see someone being treated unfairly I would feel offended. I’m a nice person and I’m pretty proud of it. What I can’t stand is to see someone being mean just because of force majeure. [Read: How to be nice to people – 9 simple rules that can change your world]

Why are people so mean to nice people?

Good question. A deliberately mean person has such a lack of self-worth that he envies anyone who can smile and be happy. They hate that they’re happy because they can’t be themselves, so instead of figuring out why they feel that way. Instead, they tried to drag down happy and good people.

Sad, right?

There’s no other explanation for when you really break it down – who gets the fun of being a nasty person for no specific reason? Absolutely no?

Another possibility is that good people generally like it. It will cause jealousy again. They are popular because they are happy and spend their days trying to do good and stay positive. A person who is totally negative and repulsive is unbearable. they want to be pleasing but don’t know how to do it properly But they allowed their refusal to take their place. [Read: 15 signs of an unhappy person that are hidden behind a happy smile]

Why are people meant only for its hell?

We’ve already talked about jealousy. Let’s consider other possibilities.

– Jealousy

– Completely lacking in self worth and lack of self-confidence This means that they need to drag others down to their own level.

– They have a narcissistic nature which forces them to be quite unpleasant for anyone who challenges their own priorities.

– Being a good person means doing good things for others. If they don’t do these things regularly. They may feel guilty. So try to bring you down to make yourself feel better.

– They are generally unsatisfactory.

It’s normal for people who you think are normal to be mean sometimes. In many ways, meanness is part of being human from time to time. Most of us think of ourselves as good people. But that doesn’t mean we’re not heartless on occasion. We are human after all. [Read: Why is everyone so easily offended nowadays? The harsh truth revealed]

What do you think the conclusion is? Many people have the idea that good people do good things. and know they didn’t do that much good So they try to make you feel better about yourself. It’s a form of reverse psychology, and most of the time it doesn’t work. But they continued to do so.

In some ways, perhaps we never know why people are mean to good people. Because it’s very personal. One person’s reasons may be completely different from another’s. Most likely, most people have no reason at all! [Read: The psychology of being rude and ignoring someone – Why we do it and how to fix it]

What makes you a good person?

So what makes you a good person? None of us are perfect. And we shouldn’t try to be either. Wouldn’t the world be a very boring place if everything was perfect? However, it’s important to try to be as cute as possible. especially with others

Most of us are dealing with personal problems and problems often. And you never know what other people are facing just by looking at them. Being nice to someone with a smile or a cup of coffee can really change their day and help them feel more encouraged. Even if it’s only half an hour [Read: 15 Tips to be nice and loved by all instantly!]

to measure good I always think of:

– Treat others as you would like to be treated to yourself.

– Be positive whenever possible Although it is not possible to be positive all the time.

– Thinking of others more than being selfish all the time

– Help whenever possible even a little

– Put the people you care about before yourself when necessary.

– Try to encourage those around you who look sad or depressed.

– Pay attention to the people around you Try not to hurt your feelings.

[Read: 13 little changes that can help you grow into a better, kinder person]

for me These are the characteristics of a good person. as you can see Nothing breaks the world in it. And there is no requirement to change the world on a daily basis. Some days I do good things for others. But mostly I don’t. I’ll admit, but that doesn’t make me bad, right? I do what I can when i can But I’m always thinking of other people. I think that’s what makes the difference between a good person and someone who is truly selfish and unwelcome.

Let’s talk about the narcissist for a moment.

Of course, there is the matter of narcissism. We cannot ignore this.

If you want to know why people are mean You only have to look at the narcissist. This is someone who likes to hurt others just for their sake. Now we can all do that sometimes. Perhaps without realizing But this is the person who actually got fired from their job. [Read: 16 Subtle signs a narcissist is abusing you]

A true narcissist suffers from NPD, or narcissistic personality disorder. But that could not prove their actions. Of course, they might not understand why they did that. but tell the people they hurt When you try to discern why people are mean to good people. The narcissistic type tends to focus. Once again they saw something in them that they didn’t have and they were madly jealous of it. They can’t stand the attention of good people just because they are good people. A narcissist wants to be admired above all else. So they will target people who seem to intimidate that.

It also relies on the fact that being kicked out of hurting others is a narcissistic trait. If you know a narcissist Or maybe you’re wondering who you’re dating. My advice is to get out of that situation as soon as possible. It won’t change, believe me, I’ve been there. [Read: Relationship with a narcissist: What it really means to love one]

How to deal with common malice

We will never know why people are mean to good people. Because everyone is different, in that case it’s important to focus on yourself and be the best you can be. So how do you deal with heartlessness when it comes your way? [Read: How many of these 15 qualities of a good person do you have?]

The best advice is not to take it personally. Remember, the problem lies with them, not you, you did nothing wrong. Being a good person is not disrespectful or insulting to them. It’s about their personality and their mood that day, and there’s nothing you can inadvertently do to hurt them. [Read: How to find yourself after a seriously low point in life]

The best advice is to be better! That’s what I’m trying to do. Whenever someone is mean to me for no reason. I just smile and say “thank you”, of course sarcastic. It annoys them even more and I find it quite amusing. as you can see Being a good person doesn’t mean you can’t take light revenge. from time to time!

If you find yourself affected by the meanness of others. Try practicing positive words. These will help build a shield around you when it comes to negative words. and drive away the toxicity that comes your way. Being more confident and positive in yourself can help you ward off unnecessary heartlessness. and reflected back to them.

[Read: How to stop being selfish, and hurting and using others]

So why are people being mean to good people? The only person who knows is someone who is mean to you! If you are constantly being mean to other people for no specific reason. ask yourself why Is it something you have to work on yourself? If you’re a good person who often faces bad things. to be regarded as a compliment be good And see how angry they are!

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