Why Are Women So Fickle in Love?

Are women confusing their love lives or is the world unfair to them? Jake Butler Shares His Opinion on Why Women Have Uncertain Love

fickle woman

Throughout the years of my dating life If there’s one thing I notice more often than others is how unstable a woman’s love is

Now it’s not just the life I’m talking about. But it’s all around me

Women love fairy tales, chicks, and romance in life. Still, they create such a messy knot of love that they hurt others and themselves along the way.

men and their love life

look into the minds of men He doesn’t ask for much.

Even the greatest men are quite satisfied with their relationship. They spend evenings and weekends together with their girlfriends. and life is perfect

If ever there were cases of infidelity among men. In most cases, men cheat for two reasons.

They cheat by using bigger heads when they are disappointed with their girlfriend for some reason or another.

Or they cheat with their tiny heads when meeting a woman who is attractive and the chemistry is intense.

It’s easy to understand a man’s mind. We like to keep it simple and easy. Men may not be gifted with the complex creative dimension of love that women can boast of. But the guy was quite satisfied with what was going on in his mind.

And that makes it very easy for men to get strapped to their ankles. All because men are too predictable. [Read: Cheating in a relationship]

Women, on the other hand, are much more complicated to understand and predict. But their lives are much more complicated than that!

Why are women unstable in love?

I was in college when I had my first serious relationship. The relationship lasted about a year. But that love was the craziest thing I’ve ever been in and I still can’t figure out that relationship.

she is my first girlfriend And I’m her first boyfriend. We started dating and explored all the love it has to offer within the first few months. We were so happy that she found a new group of friends. Soon she started partying hard. avoid me more often and spend time with new friends and new men. that she will find more

A few months later, she became cranky and temperamental. will party all night with her new friends And act like a confused idiot the next day!

One day, you’ll kiss me tenderly and tell me I’m the best in the world. And she’s lucky to have me. One day, she’ll treat me indifferently. and on other days She told me that she had to stay away from me. Because you have to go through bad things in life. [Read: What to do when you like a friend]

Wow! I don’t understand what happened to her. We finally broke up and broke up every other day. She would break up with me and run back into my arms a few days later telling me how much she needed me and how wrong she was for letting me go. But everything was said and done in the years that followed in confusion I had to leave forever. She did more damage to me than good. [Read: How to know if it is love or lust]

She chased me in and out for a few months. But I know the cycle is pretty good going back into that trap of confusion. but until today I don’t understand why she can’t decide what kind of life she wants! I mean really if you want to party and meet new guys. and have fun with them to follow your plan Then release me from your life! [Read: Is it a crush or limerence?]

Is that immature, or is a woman’s complex love brain going into overdrive?

Do women think love is an all-you-can-eat buffet?

Now, I’m not concluding that all women have fickle love. But there are more fickle women than men who follow those lines. And an eloquent man who gets the attention of women can vouch for it. And a smart flirt knows how easy it is to play with a woman’s emotions and fool her easily! [Read: Having an affair with a married man]

It is much easier to convince a woman that she is in a bad relationship than to convince a man of the same. man listening to his feelings Women listen to everything except feelings. They listen to the feelings of others. [Read: Why you can’t find love]

Tell a woman that she deserves someone better than her boyfriend. then she will think Tell a guy he deserves someone better than his girlfriend. And then he will nod his head and forget about it!

The main problem, at least from my point of view. In fact, women have more shallow love than men. Women love the care and attention that their boyfriends give. and over the course of several months or years Other eloquent and charismatic speakers Give them a little more attention. and add long phone conversations A few words and extravagant gifts into the recipe. They couldn’t help but feel the growing love for a new man who It makes them feel warm, fuzzy, and happy inside. [Read: Flirty text messages]

They like having a stable boyfriend. but at the same time They didn’t want to miss the love and attention of the new charming guy! Now, many women may deny this. But put them in a similar situation and they will surprise themselves. women are love suckers If a nimble guy knows how to hit when the iron is hot. It’s hard for a woman to resist his charm.

If that’s not an all-you-can-eat buffet love, then what?

Are women more likely to have an affair than men?

Women don’t like giving names to this type of special relationship. They perceive a vague feeling. thoughts of sex in bed and the affection they feel for others But they’ll never give a real name to this bizarre relationship. Calling adultery is an acknowledgment that one is being unfaithful. whether emotionally or physically And they never wanted to bow down low. instead of that It’s much easier to have fun with your girlfriend and have a special time with someone else. without worrying about what to call this relationship

Uncertain love and confusion

Most women probably don’t know this. But you can’t love two people or try to force the love of two men. unless you are in a happy place [Read: Threesome rules and troubles]

If you’re keeping a secret about it, at some point you’ll start making comparisons. And that started all the confusion and pain. And the worst part of all of this Your partner will experience the same pain because you can’t make up your mind. And he doesn’t understand why you’re so upset. [Read: Is he the one for you?]

And even if you decide and decide that one man is better and more affectionate than the other, The following week or after a few fights You will have to change your mind again. and sometimes You may have confusing conflicts everywhere. a few hours Why not just decide “For better or for worse” ??? [Read: How to make a relationship work?]

Is it the woman’s fault?

Now we can’t totally blame women for this behavior. I just think it’s a habit of a woman that can’t be changed. They tend to think they deserve better than the man they are with all the time. They consider themselves better and can find a better man if they want. And when better men are likely to walk into their lives and shower them with affection. His instinct came in. and making sure they deserve better than their own girlfriend. [Read: Love and dating facts]

Why are women unstable in love? Maybe women love drama so much in their lives. And fickle love is just a small part of the drama that they continually yearn for a pleasant, troubled sleep at night.

The author, Jake Butler, is a constant dating and stealing girlfriend. and looks forward to changing his ways when he meets a woman who can be incomparably happy with him. which he claimed never happened!

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