Why Can’t I Get a Girlfriend? 32 Mistakes that Ruin Your Chances

Wondering why I can’t find a boyfriend? There are a few straightforward questions you need to ask yourself. Are you doing something wrong or is it just a bad time?

Why can't I find a boyfriend?

Most men who want to have a boyfriend but can’t have always pointing a finger at a woman It’s easy to do this. Point the finger at others and blame them for your loss. Heck ladies do this too! but in the end If you’re the only one sitting quietly Alone in the quiet corner of your room wondering why I can’t find a girlfriend. It might have something to do with you.

It’s hard to reflect on yourself and ask yourself difficult questions, but seriously, if you really want a girlfriend. It’s time for you to be honest. in front of the mirror

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It’s annoying when a guy punches a good woman. And you can’t!

It’s the worst feeling in the world, isn’t it? you are walking down the street feel good about yourself And hide the pit of despair that you feel because you are so lonely. And suddenly you see a really good looking woman. Wrap the arms of a man who looks and acts like a crazy person in your eyes!*

It’s frustrating because you don’t understand what a woman sees in him. but don’t see in you

You’re not alone. This thought has popped into the minds of many men who may be single or lonely just like you. But what binds these people is one thing – they refuse.

for some reason So these people easily pick up other people’s flaws in the blink of an eye. But when they look at themselves in the mirror What they saw was pure perfection.

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stop in denial If you want a good woman

No, it’s not that women are blind or don’t like nice men. They have eyes and can see you. In fact, they may see you better and deeper than you can!

So if a woman doesn’t look behind you Or they don’t seem interested in you when you talk to them. Show that you are doing something wrong. with them

It might be a little You chew with your mouth open or don’t know when to stop talking. Or it could be something bigger, like looking insecure or obnoxious. But these can be changed. and with little work You will be able to leave the story sobbing. “Why can’t I find a boyfriend?” and find a stable date.

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Are some men more unlucky than others?

if you are a man Especially those who are wondering why I can’t find a girlfriend. Chances are, you’re sure you’re out of luck. almost all men *And a little disgusting* There is a deep-rooted belief that they are unlucky in love. and no matter what All men are more fortunate with women.

Let’s say this is true. Yes, there is a possibility that the girl will have bad luck with you. Maybe you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. and another man flirts with the great girl But the chances of you having bad luck for weeks or years in a row are pretty low, don’t you think?

Can you explain how unlucky you are with women for many years? As much as you believe you are hot and a gift from God to the women on earth. You have to be honest at least for yourself

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How to get out of the frame of mind “Why can’t I have a boyfriend?”

It’s time you realized it wasn’t the wrong woman. You just have to start looking at yourself. It’s hard for some people. But if you want to stop wondering “Why can’t I find a boyfriend?” You have no choice.

The straightforward truth is that women are looking for a good man, just as hard as you are looking for a good woman. You just have to reflect deeply and fix what’s wrong with you when it comes to women.

Let’s take a look at the real reasons why you can’t have a girlfriend. and what you can do to change that

1. Actually, you didn’t even try.

If you’re groaning and complaining about not having a girlfriend but taking your time away from women. So what do you really expect from your heart? That one day a woman will walk up to you and offer you a hand in marriage? if you don’t try That’s your first problem. [Read: How to approach women – The 15 tips you absolutely need to know]

2. You want Miss Perfect.

yes everyone wants that But we can’t sit still. And wait for that to happen, right? Absolutely. Yes, you want the hot chicks with full, gravity-defying breasts. juicy ass and a hardcore personality

She may exist, but it’s rare, so why not look for the right person instead? It’s possible that you’re not Mr. Perfect now either. So you are creating this imagination in your head of perfection. When you don’t give the same thing in return [Read: How to manifest love – The mental steps to take to attract the perfect partner for you]

3. You are not free

It’s good to be with your parents. There is no job right now. However, at some point, let’s say you’re in your late twenties. You have to branch out yourself. Why? because it is a sign of growth which women find very attractive… unless you are Italian You can live with your parents until death.

4. If you are rejected show that you quit

Rejection is part of life. You may be denied the job or college you want to go to. That is denial as well. It has happened to you before. Therefore, being rejected by women is no different. If you’re wondering why I can’t find a girlfriend. This is what you are thinking wrong.

Your mistake is that you personally accept rejection from women. And you let it prevent you from talking to other girls, that’s the problem.

You have to treat it as a speed bump and keep driving. Stop letting your ego come to you and get up and get out there again. [Read: Asking a girl out – How to overcome your fear of rejection]

5. Mr. Pretty

Being a good person is good. But you’re pretending to be A “good man” who is gentle and willing only to wear a girl’s pants? Yes, girls can see that action.

Don’t be the one who tries to be extraordinarily nice because he’s not a man enough to stand up for himself. kindness is good But being impatient is not. No woman wants to date a man who is weak and hides under the guise of goodness to sleep with her. [Read: Nice guy syndrome – 16 reasons why girls find you really boring]

6. It’s all about you.

You, you, you. Every conversation begins and ends with you. In fact, people don’t remember stories that you didn’t enter. that’s not good It’s boring and you’re disgusting. You are disturbing those around you with narcissism. [Read: The conversational narcissist – Do you love talking and hate listening?]

7. you are boring

If your only hobby is washing your car or looking in the mirror. find a hobby Read a book or watch a movie – do something you can talk to or share with the world around you. If you’re bored, no one will want to be by your side.

8. Poor conversational skills

Do you expect people to say it all? Or are you one of those people who can’t read the room or see people yawning while you’re talking about the same boring topic for more than five minutes?

Sometimes what you find interesting can be boring to others. Learn to read signs and change the topic when someone looks bored. [Read: How to improve your conversation skills and read the room when you’re talking to girls]

9. You have consciousness.

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