Why Do Girls Like Tall Guys? 12 Reasons She’d Rather Look Up

Have you ever asked “Why do women like tall men?” Is it because the height suits their breasts or because you feel protected? or something more?

Why do women like tall men?

First of all, not all women like tall men. There are girls out there who don’t care how tall they are. However, it is common knowledge that women tend to choose taller men. But why do women like tall men? How does that particular feature make them attractive?

How does a tall man look attractive to a girl? What is it really like? There might be something about a tall man that women can’t resist. It’s not just quality women looking for. But it’s definitely a bonus for some women.

You should never base your sights on one aspect.

as much as women like tall men It wasn’t the only feature they liked. There are many more men they choose to date. it has happened Tall men are the only type that women like. But that also means that you shouldn’t determine who you’re dating based on one trait.

If you like short women You should not automatically cut off a woman who is above average. This is shallow and limits who you can actually date. I mean just because he’s tall. Doesn’t that make him the ideal and perfect boyfriend?

Although in terms of physical appearance Height is definitely a bonus for girls. [Read: 12 things guys like in a girl beside her appearance]

The truth behind why girls to like tall men

You may have seen a movie where women tend to fall in love with tall men. And they actually happened too! In fact, there are even women who don’t date men of medium height or short height. Crazy, right? But there is a sensible explanation for why women like tall men.

First of all, it’s about their bodies. This might sound superficial. But tall men appear more masculine and confident. Not to mention if you end up dating. You will feel safe in their arms. Another reason is that women can wear high heels. And we mean especially tall women!

If you’re tall, you usually want a guy who isn’t shorter than you. Even if you wear high heels! There’s another reason it doesn’t focus on body shape: it makes women feel more feminine.

Why do women like tall men?

If you’ve always wondered why women like guys who are taller than them. We have the answer for you. This is why most women like to date guys who are slightly taller than them.

1. looks more masculine

This is obviously false. But it’s the reason why women tend to like tall men. Many women look at tall men and think they are more masculine. The taller the man, the more handsome. That’s how it looks and is often the only first impression a woman gets.

Especially for women who tend to choose men who are more masculine. A puppet like this is a must for her. She associates height with masculinity. Which is one of the reasons why women like tall men. [Read: How to be masculine without being a jerk]

2. It makes them feel safe.

There is no definitive explanation as to why women feel safe with tall men. But they just do that. Maybe because they thought tall men could be more protective of them. Or having their arms around them makes them feel safe. if a tall man believed that he could protect women more

He looked stronger and was able to hold the girl in his arms and keep her safe. This is essentially desirable for women from an evolutionary point of view. Women often choose men who can protect their families and provide them. in general It is normal for women to choose tall men. if that’s the reason

3. It makes them feel feminine.

Women don’t always want to accept this. But tall men make them feel feminine. When a tall man embraces her arm or embraces her It is an indescribable feminine feeling. It’s not true for every woman. But it is the reason why many people look for taller men.

If you’re pretty short and want to make women feel this way. Compliments for making her feel sexy and feminine also work. especially if you are tall enough. Dating a tall guy is your best option to feel feminine. [Read: 40 small ways to make a girl feel special and loved]

4. The media went deep into their heads.

with exposure to all types of movies We often see women choosing tall men. I mean just look at The Notebook and A Walk To Remember and you’ll see what we’re talking about! We’ve been told that women like tall men because of the media.

The only exception is when models pose with men. And this is still misleading. because the average model is as tall as with average height for men The point is that women have always been taught that taller men are better.

5Tall men appear more confident.

This is not always true. But shorter men tend to have self-esteem issues because they are not as tall. Because they know that women tend to prefer taller men. So they feel bad about themselves.

Of course, this is not true for everyone. Some short men are very confident. But if you are tall Being confident is also natural. most of the time [Read: 16 ways to build self-confidence]

6. It’s hardwired into their DNA.

This is one of the most disappointing reasons why women like tall men. This is the same reason men like hips, big eyes, and a youthful look in women. We have developed it to like taller men. because it shows that they are more capable

Of course it means nothing now. But it’s the way we’ve evolved. Traditionally, if you’re taller. You will also be able to feed more. It is for the same reason why women choose men with prominent chest and arms. [Read: 15 things women look for in a man before falling in love]

7. Looks more powerful

We are all fascinated by power. He seems to have more power by physically looking for a man. This may not be something we consciously observe. but it makes a difference When someone has a position of power or appears on the job, it becomes more attractive.

with the assumption that height equals power This is one of the factors why women choose tall men. Anyone who looks powerful is preferred by most women. It just happened to make the tall man look more powerful.

8. like to wear high heels

For tall women, in this particular case, it can be a bit awkward and weird if you wear heels and end up taller than the guy you’re with. Mainly because women don’t want to be taller than their girlfriends. For many reasons above, girls want to feel shorter and smaller. NS

and if you wear high heels you can feel small They liked it more than anything else. If you are normal height Maybe because women don’t like the idea of ​​being taller than just boyfriends. 1 finger [Read: 25 things that make a man attractive to a woman]

9. Tall people have access to things.

It can be a real struggle when you are of medium height. And you can’t reach anything beyond your abilities. When you’re chilling around home or other places You could simply say, “Hey, would you give me those plates?”

It’s a normal act. But it was a service that she greatly admired. Everything that is out of reach Tall men can do it for you!

10. They do more housework.

If you have a serious relationship with a tall guy and you end up living with him or marrying him. It will benefit you in terms of family, so if you’re wondering why women like tall men. It’s about the number of households and the division of labor.

Tall men can do a lot more than that. *because they are related to being more powerful* thus making the girls work less, a taller person who moves more range due to being taller. So this makes sense.

11. They could easily find a tall man in a crowd.

Party at home? rave? Or maybe it’s a concert? It doesn’t matter because she won’t get lost in these events with a tall girlfriend by her side. Even if she disappears for a minute But it can specify your height. Of course, this is not the first reason why women choose tall men. But it’s important!

12. They can hear your heart beat.

One of the most common reasons women prefer dating tall men is to directly hear their heartbeat when hugging. Isn’t this romantic? Tall women cannot experience this on their own. Especially when their boyfriend is only a few inches taller than them.

So why do women like tall men?

There are many reasons why women like tall men, such as the 12 reasons above. However, this doesn’t suit all women. as mentioned above We shouldn’t limit ourselves to dating to just one feature.

Why do women like tall men? for these reasons You’ll find that not all are for the physical nature of being tall. But how does their height make them feel?

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