Why Do Guys Come Back When You Ignore Them? The Mind Games of Men

If you ever find yourself questioning why men keep coming back when you ignore them. You are not alone. Think about it.

Why do men come back when you neglect them?

It seems that the answer to the question “Why do men come back when you ignore them” has been something that has been bothering women’s existence since the beginning.

We all know the attractiveness of playing hard to earn. Everyone wants what they don’t have. But is that really all? Is it all mind games?

They want to prove something? [Read: Why playing hard to get with a guy is pointless]

The frustration of men that come back when you neglect them.

whether you intentionally ignore men Play hard to get Or just go ahead and be happy. They have a way of sneaking back into your life or your DMs as soon as you don’t miss them.

This isn’t just a little frustrating. but infuriates You deserve a guy who will appreciate your attention and give it back. But the chase is as popular as ever.

think about it When you go on a date and a guy calls or texts you afterwards. It’s a pleasure But if he doesn’t reach out for a day you miss him You wonder why it took so long to hear from him. Then when he reached out It will be more exciting because you expect so much.

Instead of talking to men of equal playing field. They want you to be uninterested or at least neutral. They need to prove something to themselves and maybe someone else.

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If they could find a woman who wasn’t interested in the first place. I think it would be more impressive. It seems that having a girl like them is too easy and doesn’t increase their ego enough.

Is it? Or are they unaware of what’s there until it’s gone? is that they cannot see what is in front of them. But when you go on They realized what they had lost?

Or is it about not being able to deal with the fact that you have moved on? Do they need to know you’re thinking about them? Do they need to feel like they still have a place in your life?

It might be just a small part. of all these plus some other Men are not as easy as they want us to think. they are complicated They play brain training games and many are not yet fully mature. But let’s delve into the reasons why men come back when you ignore them. [Read: Why haunting someone is so much worse than ghosting]

Why do men come back when you ignore them?

Men are funny creatures, right? called brother They were wearing mismatched clothes. and for some reason They love to come back when you ignore them.

Is ignoring a guy the equivalent of teasing the kid you liked at school? Do they see it as a modern flirtation? Don’t get your hopes up, but why?

#1 it’s human nature Sucks but it’s true It is human nature to crave what is taken from you. Have you ever made a shirt that you haven’t worn for a long time? You may not have noticed that it was gone for weeks. It’s not something you’re particularly interested in. but now you don’t have you want it back

It’s very simple, but it doesn’t make sense either. When a man is ignored He lost access to you. Whether he was eager to talk to you at that moment or not. when you cease to exercise that right from him he wants it back [Read: Why men love and chase and how to use it in your favor]

#2 no closure He wants to know why you’re ignoring him. People thrive on incomplete projects, not everyone, but not everyone likes to be ignored. But think about the last time you were ghosted. Don’t know why they have to eat to you?

It takes longer to be haunted than a clear breakup. Not knowing why you ignore him is eating him. and he reached out to search. He had to fill out this matter and on his terms. [Read: The psychology of ignoring someone: Why we do it]

#3 The Gravity of the Mystery This is the plot of almost every rom-com. Let’s say men and women are friends and get along well. for some reason So men don’t see that this woman is right for him. Instead, he was drawn to a girl he knew nothing about.

When you don’t know who’s thinking You can create anything you want. So when a guy doesn’t know what you’re thinking. He was interested in that. There’s a reason why people love true crime and murder mysteries. Solving these puzzles is interesting.

#4 It’s not worth it otherwise. Work produces more attractive results. Think about buying cakes at the grocery store. It’s okay, but when you’re making cakes from scratch. Enjoying the cake is much better because it takes steps to make it. to go there

If you tell a guy you like him after dating him. He might be satisfied with that. But if you leave things open for a while and make him work harder to get your attention. He will feel that he is more successful. Make your company feel more worthwhile. [Read: 15 moves to get a guy to chase you and fall real hard]

#5 question of comfort when something is too easy We will question it. Have you ever dated someone and thought they were too good to be true? and after a few weeks You find out that they are married. That’s what this is.

If you’re doing things that are too easy and comfortable for a man. He will ask why. This is not something everyone does. But if he was deceived in the past He couldn’t help it.

#6 it’s a race It’s all about winning. Either play hard for it or you just don’t like him. He feels like he’s a loser if you’re the one who doesn’t care about him. Think about it. singlesDid these 30 men really like this woman? Or are they thrown into a competitive environment and feel the need to win?

If you cut off contact with him, he loses, if he’s a painful loser. He will return until he finishes on his terms. So it became a winner. [Read: How to beat a narcissist and win over their manipulation]

#7 Fear of scarcity. Men have a strange fear of women in need. They also have this that they jump to conclusions. If you tell them you like them and want to see them again. They may think you want to be formal and meet their family.

If you contact him regularly He may turn his regular attention to need. For men who are afraid of commitment or a woman who likes women. Even the slightest attention is too much. So if anyone neglects them They feel that they are not needed but can come and go as they please. [Read: 16 types of guys you shouldn’t bother dating]

#8 jealousy original jealousy happened again If you ignore men He may automatically think that if you don’t talk to him, Show that you are talking to another guy. Either you post a thirsty trap. Comment on another guy’s Instagram. or just turn off the radar Jealousy will devour him until he hears from you.

Even if all these reasons are true But it doesn’t make an excuse. Not one of them is correct. These things have no respect. And to be honest, nothing deserves your response or attention.

if you like men You should be able to tell him and not drive him crazy. That is a mature and honest relationship. If a man is thriving on the chase for any of these reasons, he may not be ready for something even more serious.

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I hope I answer the question Why do men come back when you ignore them? Even if it’s just so you can sleep better at night knowing that you don’t care about underage children. There are many worthy men waiting to communicate openly.

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