Why Do Guys Drool when Two Girls Kiss Each Other?

Ever wondered why men turn to look at two women kissing? Here are the different types of girl kissers and their effects on men! by Barry Pearson

two girls kissing

What is a man and a woman kissing?

If there’s one thing a man can’t handle is to see two beautiful women kissing unconsciously.

No matter how embarrassing to admit it Or how shameful to wipe those tears off our faces? Men can’t deny that they love watching two women together.

It doesn’t matter if two women just hold hands while crossing the street. giggling on each other’s shoulders Or crush each other at the dance club.

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Men love the idea of ​​two women doing something together!

I’ve heard a few men say, ‘Bad guy… why would women do that when they have men with us?’

But it’s hard for a man to say the same words when he sees his imagination branded before his own eyes. Perhaps he could force it out of his mouth. But the pressure could not bear under his belt.

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Why do men love two women together?

As a man, as hard as you think. you can’t deny The ‘facts’ that two hot girls in front of you will have more than just your hands in the air.

If any of the hot girls are reading this, stop at ‘ewww’ and ‘gross’! It’s true, okay? Do you have any doubts?

Turn to your man and ask if I’m telling the truth, or yes, maybe his shy smile will answer you. when you get the answer Stop panting and women’s voices while reading your thoughts. mine and the sentence with a lot of experience

far from the hustle and bustle Let’s return to our beautiful reverie. Now what is it that leads us to the story of two women kissing? [Read: 13 untold sex secrets every guy needs to know]

My first experience with a very sexy kissing girl.

a couple of years ago while clubbing at a party full of college girls I was also privileged, nay, nay, honored and blessed by a gaping experience that I will cherish forever. There are two beautiful girls in hot outfits. They were obviously very drunk, but hell, they knew their moves.

only a few glances from the corner of my eyes And I can’t help myself I leaned against the warm leather seats. of the seats and stared at them. As if I had never stared before. And I’m more focused than I’ve ever done in my entire life.

A minute had passed and two were now very hot, these minxs were very hot and the skins on their bodies seemed to be drenched. Sorry for the explanation, but really, who in the right mind can stop thinking about it!

The two girls spun around each other’s bodies. Exchange sweat and know what God knows more. And they seemed to be lost in each other’s slender arms. I wish I could be in between those arms at a swinging party or even at my place. [Read: A beginner’s guide to start swinging with your partner]

And suddenly I saw it coming, there my happy moment! The two girls moved closer. They moved closer. and in that second I made eye contact with one of these little demons. And she smiles at me beyond being mischievous. It was more like a mockery! [Read: 12 bad girl traits that make a girl oh-so-damn-hot!]

then it happened they lock their lips And I’m just a few feet away from them. I don’t know what will happen next. But my heart almost exploded… Or what’s in my panties?!

Am I overjoyed or my drink spiked? The night had passed and I had the opportunity to take these hot girls out for drinks and more. I have five words for the other losers in the club, “Ha! bite my dust d*%##heads!”?? It was fun to watch the salivating troops and the valueless women stare at us from across the floor. however You know how awesome it is to see images like that, right? [Read: The foolproof guide to hooking up with girls and make out with them]

Now I wonder why we love to kiss lesbians even though that we didn’t do anything Or why do we love watching two women talk? More than anything else that can excite us. Maybe it’s because we love women. We like to watch hot girls. We like to see another hot girl. Now put both of them together. And we saw two hot girls together. And our heads start to spin Have you had a chance to watch them do their lips together right before your eyes?

No value? No. Life-threatening!

Three types of girls who like to kiss

We can categorize a few of these hot girls. but once We don’t care where each of you is. We just know that they are hot and make us. *feels happy* but for this record There are records of various hot girls doing naughty things with each other.

#1 minxes slut

Do girls know that guys can’t help but kneel when two or more girls caress each other at the club? Of course they do! At least those who kiss

Women are usually the ones who like to touch each other’s arms and to hug and kiss a girl’s cheek or any part they touch. It’s not hard for them to give lip service from time to time. Ahem, coincidentally, of course! [Read: 6 sneaky ways to kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it!]

but vice versa We have a variety of flavors. I love them. They are hot and evil. and they know they are hot and evil. And they know we know they know they are hot and evil. And they use their seductive charms on men like us.

It’s a way of making them feel euphoric by making us feel shrunk in our shorts. We are now happy to know that they make us feel happy and happy knowing that we feel truly happy or something else.

#2 hot drunk

Now these girls don’t know what they are doing. The last they remembered was that they had ten shots of the best sniper in the house. and that’s all but men like us that is in close proximity to this beautiful picture Knowing that we felt very happy back then.

These drunken girls are lovely ladies and love their men. But I guess they are bored with The same old *bad feeling* all the time. You guys don’t have a hard time about that. They just want a change. just this one time and that’s all [Read: What do you do if your drunk girlfriend kisses someone else?]

It’s really nice to watch them. because they are lost in each other’s world And this synopsis usually ends in bed if it’s a girls’ night. after party Now don’t start wondering how this drunken night will end. will end with the word “I-can’t-feel-you-inside-me” or not??, “are-you-hungry-eat-me”?? Or a cute little hug leaving only the drunkenness and appreciation of each other and their bodies.

#3 kisser who fell in love

Now these kissing girls don’t care if you’re staring or not. They think you are trash and they want to be alone. but luckily for you The tight dance floor can make anyone. whether you are straight or something else Thank God for the dance floor! These girls sincerely love each other, honor Ellen DeGeneres and want to spend the rest of their lives together.

It’s hard to match this type of love in the show. Call them the rarest species, the shy, or the lesbian kisser. It’s no different But you won’t crave these kisses as much as the wet kisses from those promiscuous minxes.

A couple’s kiss is neither sensual nor voluptuous. but more loving and gentle You probably hate these kisses. This kiss confirms two other women who have fallen out of your life. These two kissers are too close to worry about reacting to your movements or trying to upset you. So just break up with them and look for promiscuous minxs or drunks. [Read: Easy ways to avoid the friend zone and make a girl desire you]

There is nothing better than an unexpectedly sexy kiss!

All men know this. No man could resist the sight of two women tying themselves to each other. It’s hot when you know they’re about to kiss. But when it comes unexpectedly It was a great ecstasy. Men have always believed that a woman’s body is the most beautiful creation in the world. Those curves and those physical traits are overwhelming for anyone. [Read: Why men really love women and their oh-so-hot bodies!]

Men want to feel women, yes, even you. Oh, respectable gentleman! Maybe you wouldn’t have thought of doing that. But when given the opportunity and approval from her Would you think twice about jigging with her or crushing her ass?

I guess not. It’s like listening to Frankie J.’s That Girl and listening to the same song again at the same time, right? It’s like watching two models with bodies like coke bottles. And the best part is that they’re together and they’re filling the dance floor with hot moves. How could any man with a testosterone freak deal with that kind of sight? [Read: How to make a girl wet and horny just by sitting next to her]

Maybe it’s the way they look at you when they neck each other. Or perhaps it’s just the way the two bodies crush each other so perfectly like a totalitarian puzzle! Or it could be the way they touch each other’s bodies and tease you with their eyes.

But no matter the reason or the intention of the girls for whatever reason No one could deny that two women could not anger him. Do you know someone who rejects that? He might love you or another man instead! [Read: How to make a successful booty call with a friend you like]

hide saliva

If you’ve seen something this worth seeing or want to see. don’t worry There is nothing unusual or strange about you. It’s just your crazy hormones and your feeling of happiness. [Read: 12 devious ways to see a sexy friend naked without getting caught!]

Don’t forget to bring a tissue *For drooling* with your drink as you walk through the bustling dance floor. You can never tell when you will meet that sexy partner kissing as they slyly glare at you. Trying to seduce you while you stare at them with longing!

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You may be transported to another world of ecstasy when you see two women kissing. feel happy with it stain your shorts Save the memories in your head. Drool. Drop dead. No one cares. You’ve been there and done that. You are now a legend!

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