Why Do Guys Like Anal Sex & Should You Give the Back Door a Try?

The thought of anal sex can be confusing and frightening. So why do men like anal sex or the thought of it? This is why they need it. and what you need to do

Why do men like anal sex?

Both men and women are curious about anal sex. But while a few girls might think of anal sex out of trepidation, it’s not. Most men are excited about the idea. Why is that? Why do men like anal sex? Is it because it’s easier for a guy to consider because he’s not the one to be exposed to piercings? We’ll get to the bottom of it all here.

Anal sex used to be something less talked about a few decades ago. For the behind the scenes video rental store It’s not mainstream—at least, however, with each generation, sexual orientation declines slightly. And people increase their comfort level.

Enter the Internet: Men and women are allowed to explore the fetish or fantasies they dream of. Anal sex used to be more “naughty”? A kingdom and something really only promiscuous. Only involved. Now, this is discussed in the film. on the internet and even in high school conversations So if your guy likes anal sex, that’s fine as well. However, that doesn’t mean everyone is comfortable with the idea.

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Who is having anal sex?

Men are more likely to have anal sex than women, or at least fantasize about it. In a study from a few years ago more than 38% Of men between the ages of twenty and thirty-nine, and more than 32% of women aged eighteen to forty-four, had anal sex with a heterosexual partner. which has increased by more than ten percent since 1992.

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Anal sex used to be the stigma of being only homosexual. unnecessary choice If a man a few decades ago made him realize that he had anal sex. There can be many rumors about whether he is homosexual or not.

Things have changed, and now we wonder why men love anal sex when they’ve turned away recently!

For many people, anal sex has nothing to do with homosexual or heterosexual sex. It’s about doing something creative and secret with the people you want to be close with. Anal sex is quite the weakest you can be with someone else.

Why do men like anal sex when we have a vagina that works!

It’s a very confusing concept for women. If you have a vagina to have fun, why isn’t that enough? Women may wonder why it takes another hole to excite men. For many, they feel that what they have is not good enough. make their partners bored Or do they enjoy doing things that will hurt?

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To be honest, guys might like the idea of ​​anal sex. But anal sex is painful if you don’t do it properly. There are no two ways about it. It’s uncomfortable and if you’re not careful. You may be seriously injured. Feeling sexy about it yet? It’s not uncommon for women to not want to pounce on their faces before yelling, “Sounds like a good idea!”??

but then again Is anal sex really painful?

Most women have the idea that anal sex is extremely painful and uncomfortable. Of course, if you try to put your index finger on your butt when you’re freaking out and suddenly feel like you’re pooping, then you’ll be fine. Is that saying something?

The first time you touch your finger, yes, it feels particularly satisfying. But when you slide your finger out You will feel unbearably uncomfortable and weak. Especially if this is your first time! But many experienced anal sex lovers will tell you that this new sensation is just a whole new sensation.

All you have to do is overcome the awkwardness. And prepare yourself for a new pleasurable sexual activity! If you think about it Vaginal intercourse can feel weird the first few times too, right?

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Research: Why are men seduced by anal sex?

There is evidence that anal sex is not a new phenomenon. It has been practiced over the centuries by homosexual and heterosexual couples. and going back to middle age The argument is that men use it to avoid pregnancy. But that doesn’t answer the question of why now, with birth control methods available. They also want to have anal sex.

Research has suggested that a Men fantasize about anal sex. with a woman because he knew that the woman had absolutely no intention of using him to conceive. Knowing that it’s not about fertilization or giving birth, men consider it more “raw”?? act of sexual activity

There is also evidence that men like to feel that women trust them enough. and willing to give themselves completely to them to go where no one has ever been. gave her body to him He had full control over her.

in general Women are more willing to try to open up when it comes to sexual experiences. and may feel more comfortable with her gender identity. with a willingness to seize the opportunity She might be adventurous. more than the climax and maybe know how to spark a man

Why are women afraid of anal sex?

Ask a heterosexual man if he likes to use a dildo and insert it into his anus. And it’s more likely that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea. There seems to be a double standard: it’s okay for you. But not for me, wanting to, but not receiving. It scares the women that it is a selfish act on behalf of their partner.

Not ready to try anal sex with your guy yet? Why not try flirting with him? Maybe if he’s okay with that. You can think about anal sex!

The confusion behind why men enjoy anal sex is heightened by the pornography that has circulated the Internet. Anal sex is not an intimate affair between two people. but is shared with the world and often act in a way that insults women The word-of-mouth view and the way women disrespect themselves on camera. It has confused many women into thinking that men just want to overwhelm her and abuse her in a violent and disruptive manner.

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Is anal sex for you?

Sex can be very endearing in a relationship—or extremely destructive. No one can tell you if you should try anal sex, but you. The fact that you are researching why men enjoy anal sex may be an indication that you are brave about it. have good reason to be afraid It’s not something you’ve experienced before. And it’s something if you’re not ready. will not be a pleasant experience

The key to knowing if you should give up and trying to figure out why you are. If you give up and give up because it’s just what he wants. You risk getting offended and using it.

If you’re worried about it, nervous, or just resisting, just pamper him anyway. Your relationship will not be a good step forward. It might end in anger. lower opinions about your partner or feeling compelled or insulted

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When it might be a bad idea

as with any sexual intercourse that you have with a stranger, your lover, or your spouse You can’t be what you feel pressured to do or not ready for. If you think that if you do it for him because your guy likes anal sex. It will make him happy, rethink what we do for others. self-harm never what we wanted

Plus, if you give it a try, he finds that he really loves it. and you hate it You will really find yourself in a puzzle. It’s like introducing a pill and taking it away. It will make you wonder if he gets vanilla during vaginal sex when he wants chocolate.

The key is your own comfort level. You have to feel like you are making conscious choices or that you have one at all. If a guy pressures you to do something you’re not comfortable with. That’s a terrible idea. When someone feels used, humiliated, or taken advantage of. It can ruin the best relationships.

The last thing you want is for it to be the elephant in the middle of the room. Ruin the sex life you *may already have*

Do you owe a guy anal sex?

Some women feel like they owe their efforts to men. When you know that there are other women that might give him what he wants You might be afraid that if you don’t get engaged. he will move on

the truth is If anal sex is just to lead him astray or dump you. He will do something else. Getting someone to do something they’re not ready for or against is not love. There is nothing to love about forcing people to compromise their principles or themselves. [Want to explore before you take the plunge? Check out: How to be a freak in the sheets without being creepy]

Pros: Why You Might Want

If you’re someone who isn’t opposed to trying new things and doesn’t take things too seriously, you might want to let go. If you’re wondering why men enjoy anal sex. You have to keep in mind that many women have fun after the first time.

Anal sex can increase your climax. Makes you feel weak to your partner And it might be something that makes you feel different.

If you have anal sex, it’s not just for him. but for the experience that is available to you It might be something you can share with each other. It’s like having an inside joke. It might be the only thing the two of you can have. Doing things you’ve never done with anyone before. Anal sex can be a real relationship experience.

related communication even if necessary Not only will it increase your sexual arousal. It also teaches you how to reveal more about your sexual likes and dislikes. [Try: How to master the rim job and east ass like a real pro!]

if you are not sure should be abstained for a while, it makes sense Taking the time to make informed decisions may take away your fear, and many good sex toys will give you an idea of ​​what it’s like. If you start out small, you may quickly know if it’s right for you. as with everything slow introduction It may help both of you feel more comfortable making decisions.

most important It is important for you not to make assumptions about why men enjoy anal sex. Or even the reason your guy wants to try it with you. If you think it’s something that’s missing in your current sex life. or he wants to discredit That’s not something you can be comfortable with.

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So, if you’re still confused and wondering why men enjoy anal sex? Take some time to talk to him and find out why he wants to try it. And why did it attract him? Maybe if you can find out why he wants anal sex. You will then be able to choose whether you should give it a try or not.

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