Why Do Guys Play Hard to Get? 13 Reasons Why He Plays It Tough

Why do men play hard to get it? Boys can be really confusing. And when it comes to feeling It’s hard to tell where they stand.

Why do men play hard to get

Now, you might be wondering why do men play so hard to know that I like them? This is the million dollar question. but don’t worry i have an answer for you When I met a man who For the first time, I was shocked and excited by the challenge.

But after a while I got confused and annoyed, like why should I run after you? When you know that I like you I’m here! It doesn’t have to be this hard! But nothing is as it seems. There are many reasons men play hard to get them. [Read: Understanding the reality of if guys play hard to get]

Why do men play hard to get it? 13 reasons why

Women spend a lot of time dissecting the minds of men. Find out why they do what they do and how we need to deal with their movements. Trust me, you will get bored after a while.

One minute, the guy really looks like you. and the next day It’s like you never existed. What happened to that? Now it may be that they are not. that into you. Sorry, but someone told you. But there is also a second alternative which most of you will most likely use. *Ego is definitely easier* It could be that he is playing hard to get it. It’s time to know the truth

#1 he is seeing someone This is one reason you shouldn’t overlook. he took you out you talk on the phone But you never met his friends or family. There are some things he hasn’t told you and most likely he has a girlfriend.

He’s playing hard to get because he already has someone and he can’t be emotionally invested in you. So he kept a small distance. [Read: Obvious signs that reveal if he’s just using you]

#2 he is shy Sometimes when you wonder why guys play hard to get them. It could be that he’s not playing hard at all. It could be that he’s really shy. It might be a little difficult to figure out. Because he might find that he doesn’t really like you. But you will always be able to see this when he feels comfortable with you. [Read: How to tell if a shy guy likes you]

#3 He was worried about his parents. Men can be weird when it comes to their families. Maybe his parents were a little control freak or very flirtatious. He may come to your house often. but he never invited you Of course, this makes you feel like there’s something shady and he’s hiding something. The impression that he played so hard to get it might be because he was thinking about what his parents and family would be like if they knew about you.

#4 his friends don’t like you He might really like you. But his friends tell him you’re not good for him. So he struggled with his feelings. he wants to move but then again He was worried about what his friends would say. It seemed hot and cold. Makes you feel like he’s playing hard to get.

#5 you are too aggressive You might really like this guy. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Plus, it’s not wrong to take the first step instead of waiting for it. But now he saw that he was in a position of power. So he played hard to control the situation. That and he might be a bit crazy. [Read: 15 easy ways to get a man to chase you and fall hard]

#6 your friend is in him If he was younger This may prevent him from moving forward with you. He was looking for his choice. And if he knows some of your friends like him or other girls. He will hold you back until he knows what he wants. Or he may end up empty-handed. However, chase after him like a hungry dog.

#7 He doesn’t want a relationship He may seem like the perfect man. He makes you laugh, he’s cute, and you guys can talk for hours. However, there’s nothing official between you. Even if you guys act like you’re together, you’re not. Maybe he misses his ex or doesn’t feel like he’s ready. So he plays hard for fear that you’ll lose interest and he’ll end up alone. [Read: What to do if a guy likes you but doesn’t want a relationship]

#8 he doesn’t have time Some guys are very busy I can’t deny Some guys use this as an excuse to build a causal relationship. However, there are some guys who are really busy right now, they can take a moment to reply to your message. But he might look like he’s playing hard to get it. because he’s hard to catch

#9 He is not of legal age. Listen, the man is immature. no matter how old They always acted like they were twelve. If he was younger This is probably why he’s acting like this. He’s watched a few YouTube clips on how to catch the girl too much. And now he is trying to do the impossible. He played hard to get because he didn’t know what he was doing. [Read: 15 things immature men do and why you definitely need to avoid them]

#10 You are just for fun. Yes, I know it’s terrible, but instead of being honest with you from the start He plays hard to get it while you give yourself to him. This is something he doesn’t mean to take you seriously. And you’re just chasing a dream that never happened. He only sees you for the good times and only.

#11 He is scared. Yes, one of the most common reasons why he plays with you so hard, to be honest, he is afraid of your thoughts on him. not because of you But he’s afraid to open up to someone and is weak, so he plays hard to get it because… It’s safer than breaking your heart. Wow. [Read: 16 signs he really likes you but is scared and unsure what to do]

#12 He is a player. Players only love you when they are playing. If you’re wondering why men play so hard, chances are good that the guy chasing you is just a player. What more can I say? There are some men who are inexperienced and immature. which is a very bad combination that they only know how to play with girls This behavior was because playing did not result in injury to him.

Therefore, as a player he likes teasing you hurt you and walked away happily It’s not a bad exchange from him, is it? [Read: How to play the player and turn the tables]

#13 He knows this won’t last. This is quite depressing. But it’s true. In his head, he doesn’t see the future with you. So he used this more than a game and decided to entertain himself while the chase continued. In this way, he would reap the benefits. But he doesn’t have to go too deep into the relationship.

[Read: 12 signs the guy you like doesn’t like you back]

Now you know why men play hard to get them. What are you going to do? Will you chase after him or turn over the table and make him chase you?

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