Why Do Guys Stop Texting for a Few Days and Leave Us Wondering?

You text this guy that you really like. But the conversation ended randomly. Did he forget that you texted him or not? Why do guys stop texting for a few days?

Why do guys stop texting for a few days?

Don’t let me start this again! Listen, if anyone finds out about this, it’s me and probably you. We’ve all been there. You like guys. He shows interest in you. you exchange numbers And you text each other for a day or two and then… nothing. I mean, why do guys stop texting for a few days?

you are right What do I do? Wait, is he okay? Maybe he lost his phone or dropped it in the bathroom. Oh, his phone is fine, trust me, I used to be nervous and thought something bad had happened to him. in fact It’s such a bad thing that happened to me.

I’m not saying his phone didn’t fall off the toilet. Maybe it will happen, however, if he posts on Instagram or Facebook while cutting off contact with you. He had no problem with his phone.

And of course, you are waiting for him to reply to your message. Maybe you could send him a “follow up” message to see what happened. you just look for the answer and i understand [Read: 13 reasons why he is acting strange and distant]

Why do guys stop texting for a few days? 13 reasons

It’s a scary feeling when someone haunts you. I mean come on, who did this? whether he writes to you or not You still have one thing in mind: why doesn’t he answer right away? I know you’re trying to solve the riddle. Hell, we’re all trying to solve it.

I’m telling you that It’s time to put down the magnifying glass and see the truth. If you’re wondering why men stop texting for a few days. You are about to know the answer. It’s time to stop overthinking!

#1 he didn’t that into you You may have been there for a few days. Even if you find that he doesn’t really like you. He sent you a few messages. But he knows you’re not worthy, and now he’s too cowardly to tell you straight. that he wasn’t that good for you, so he decided to slowly Cool you down hoping you’ll get a hint. [Read: The 13 signs he’s just not that into you]

#2 He didn’t get advice. Maybe you made a joke and he wasn’t sure what it meant. Or maybe you’re naturally sarcastic. but he thinks you are serious it’s sending a message You don’t see each other when you speak, so this mix-up is easy. Make sure you try to speak clearly. [Read: How to text your crush and play it cool]

#3 You text him too much. In other words, he was bored. You text him all the time. And it’s killing the mystery and chasing him looking. Besides, what can you say about the text? all How long? Absolutely. Conversations are getting boring. So he decided to let you rest for a few days. [Read: 13 rules you need to follow when a guy stops texting you]

#4 You didn’t text him right away. He immediately tried to reply to your message. But you spend your free time If it takes you a few days to respond to his messages. You shouldn’t be surprised that he doesn’t text you so quickly. He’s clearly implying how he feels. If you like him, you’ll respond quickly.

#5 you are too strong I don’t know how your conversation was with him. But it may be that you are too strong for his liking. He’s a little uncomfortable with the topic and he’s too nervous to tell you to back off. So he took a step back, thinking it would help create a good gap between you.

#6 he doesn’t have time I don’t know what this guy does or is studying. But it could be that he doesn’t have time to talk a little over text. Maybe he works the night shift or all the time. If the message isn’t relevant to what he’s doing at the moment, it doesn’t matter. It’s not a good time to reply to your message. [Read: How to make lively conversation over text with your crush]

#7 He’s not a messenger. Some guys love texting but other guys don’t. He might text you a few sentences here and there. but not his I know a guy who doesn’t check his phone for days. Look at how he texted earlier and compare it to now. Has there been a change? Or are you just overthinking?

#8 You didn’t click over the text. If you are not on the same page Texting can become more boring than happy. If both of you understand each other’s humor and jargon very well, if not, then they may turn off and not care to keep the conversation going.

#9 He spends time with other people Some people try to make sure they don’t text on weekends or evenings. Can you blame them? We are literally addicted to our phones. If he created this rule himself He will follow no matter what. But he probably told you from the beginning. [Read: How to know when you need to stop texting a guy]

#10 He forgets. Our days are always full of people to meet and do activities. So it’s common for people to open messages and forget to reply. these things happen That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you. But it’s more than a day I would say it’s a little weird. I mean, you can forget for a day, but three days? I don’t think so [Read: What does it mean if a guy never texts buy always replies]

#11 He meets other people. If he’s chasing you but suddenly gets cold, something happened. It could be a former or a new person. but the point is He meets someone else and kicks you out. Although it’s nice to know that he’s not interested in playing two women at once. But his decision to “let you go” was not an honor at all.

#12 He doesn’t take you seriously. When you really like someone You will always text him. He likes you, but he’s not looking for anything serious. So he texts you on his terms. when he wants Because he is not interested in putting anything in particular. [Read: How to understand the signs a guy is just playing you]

#13 He fears commitment. The date you go is awesome. The sex was pretty good. It’s not a bad start, is it? Ah, but when you start connecting He immediately stopped texting you. He seems to have commitment issues. Why did he stop texting you when everything was going well? He’s scared!

[Read: When a guy stops texting you – The sad, mad and pissed off girl’s guide]

Why do guys stop texting for a few days? Actually, this is a better question. Will you still talk to him?

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