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You always wonder why I need a guy’s attention? Wanting to feel good and attractive is one thing. But the need for attention is another matter.

Why do I need a guy's attention?

There’s a certain rush that hits your chest when the guy you like gives you a little attention. Could be something simple Like smiling or even having a flirtatious conversation, it doesn’t matter, because the effects of attention aren’t addictive. You always ask yourself why do I need a guy’s attention?

If you do, is it a temporary need or a real need? There is a huge difference between the two.

If you’re thirsty, it’s normal. We all yearn for the attention of someone we have a crush on. But if you feel like you need it to feel good about yourself. It’s time to look inside and ask yourself why you haven’t found the feel-good factor from yourself and from what you do in your life.

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Why do I need a guy’s attention?

Desire is what you want It’s something you enjoy and make you happy temporarily. Pretend it’s a hot and sunny day. Someone walks past you with popsicles in hand. your mouth starts to water You want a glass of popsicle and you know when you get it. You will feel satisfied only temporarily.

That’s what it’s like when your crush gives you a little attention.

We all have this experience. part of the attraction And it’s normal to want them to show interest because you start to think that maybe it means you like them too. If nothing else, it means that they see you, they accept your presence and in some ways that is still high in themselves!

However, if that craving becomes a great need check the situation

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Basically, you put this guy on a platform so high that nothing can knock him down. As a result, just looking at him makes the adrenaline so high that it’s almost the most addictive drug in the world. When you’re not paying attention Maybe he’s busy, he’s stressed, or maybe someone else is interested in him. You feel bad and your confidence deteriorates.

You must be wondering “Why do I need a guy’s attention?” The problem is that your confidence is already a big problem because you need that attention to feel good about yourself.

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Learn to feel good when you pay attention to yourself.

The fact that you ask yourself “Why do I need a guy’s attention” means you’re on the right track. This means that you have understood the craving and are questioning it. From there, ask yourself if this is a normal influence on feeling good. That comes from a frequent craving? or need to focus in order to feel good about yourself

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if the latter You have to start focusing on number one.

What is missing from your life? You obviously think it’s a man at this stage. But let me tell you one thing. A man will not give you what you need in life. Only you can do it. Of course, they can make life more fun. And you can create a relationship that fills your mood. But there are some things you have to do for yourself and be with yourself in order to understand. You have to feel yourself enough to find true happiness. Because men won’t do it for you!

Asking yourself if this is a good start. Now ask yourself how you want that attention. Is it because you feel like he’s interested in you? Or because you think his interest in you means he likes you back? It’s because you don’t see it often and suddenly. Did you do that? [Read: How to look fabulous and appealing while trying to get attention]

You can’t find an answer to a bigger question. Unless you give up on how his interests make you feel.

To be honest, he was just a man. He might be the nicest, kind, thoughtful, talented, and funniest person in the world. But he is a human with flaws. just like everyone else Why do you think you are less? Because really, if you want the attention of other people. really want it You don’t think you are enough for yourself as you are. [Read: Why using thirst traps on Instagram could be making you feel worse about yourself]

build confidence

People can pick up and leave you at any time. sounds sad but it’s true That’s why you should have enough freedom in the background to know that whatever comes your way, you’ll be fine because you already have you. When you ask yourself “Why do I need a guy’s attention?” Make sure the answer makes sense, or else you have a serious self-discovery job to do.

Now I’m where you are a couple of years ago i lack confidence And I don’t feel like I’m worthy of my attention, so when a guy I really like puts out a smile, glances, or even talks to me, I suddenly feel worthy. I stuck with that cycle for a while before I got that big wake-up call. He began to see another woman. And he gave her full attention.

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It’s a little stinging, to be honest, but it makes me wonder why I’m stuck with the little attention he throws in. What makes him so special? Why do I feel invisible and invisible? Why do I think I’m not worthy of attention in general? Only when I started to question all of this I realized that I was definitely not living my best life.

What will life be like when you wait for someone to pay little attention to you to feel good about yourself? So I started doing things for myself.

I started going to the gym and saying ‘yes’ to invitations to hang out with friends when I always made excuses in the past. And I began to dream of destinations and journeys far and wide. Basically I started to do me [Read: 16 life hacks to build your confidence and make you realize you’re worth it]

And you know what? It works. I don’t care about someone’s attention anymore. i mean If they want me, I won’t complain, but I don’t care either when they don’t. I’m very busy with my life.

Am I still enjoying flirting with men? certain! Be a part of being human! And it’s normal to yearn for it sometimes. but don’t want it Can you see the difference?

The irony is that when you start to fall in love with yourself and let go of those desperate needs. You will really attract love into your life.

It’s a funny old world isn’t it?

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Ask yourself why do I need a guy’s attention? You might get some interesting answers. *Sometimes worried* Cravings are normal. neither desire nor need

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