Why Do I Like Him? 18 Reasons Why You Actually Like the Guy You Like

why i like him You’re not the only one wondering. A lot of women have feelings for men and don’t know why. At least not in the first place…

why i like him

likely many times in your life When you ask yourself why i like him Maybe he’s not that cute or just not your type. or you don’t know him well enough

This can drive you crazy if you let it go. You’ll end up creeping up on their social media and feeling nervous every time you see them. What will you wear? How should you style your hair? but all this You still don’t know why you like him.

It can handle a lot. but know the answer why i like him can really help you learn whether you like him or just like him You want to keep track of something? Or will it pass with time?

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do i like him

Before we get into why you like him. Let’s talk first if you like him or not. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I liked a guy and let myself work hard just to find out that I hardly knew him.

and do you like him Maybe you like something about him. Maybe you like what you know about him. Or maybe you like that he’s charming, funny, or incomprehensible.

This doesn’t mean you like him. they mean you are interested You might like how he makes you feel. You might even like another girl who likes him. But there’s a good chance that when you think you like guys. but unable to explain the reason It’s really because then you don’t like You just think you do it for one reason or another.

Consider that you really like him. or not before finding the cause You may like him or just force yourself to like him because he likes you.

If this sounds right to you. Give it some time and see if your feelings grow or decrease.

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why i like him

Even if you think the answer is simple, it isn’t. There are a lot of things that come to mind when you think of the person you have feelings for.

At first you really don’t know. why do you like him It could be his smile or laughter. But usually there’s more to it than that. Unless he’s one of your crush you’ve never talked to and just drool. There is still a lot to do.

So if you ask yourself why you like him. You don’t have to look anywhere else. It’s time to consider some reasons. It may help you understand your feelings and where they come from.

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1. You’re obsessed with him

Let’s get started One of the reasons you like him is because you find him attractive. There was something about his face. his body; All packages will change you. He may not look like Channing Tatum or Chris Hemsworth, but he doesn’t have to.

Attractiveness is completely subjective. what you find attractive Others may not And that’s okay! [Read: What does sexual attraction feel like?]

2. He makes you laugh

well this one is important One of the reasons we like someone is because they make us laugh. And of course, this makes you feel good and happy.

So, of course, you will develop stronger feelings for him. If he makes you laugh and you smile all day. This is why you like him. [Read: 12 types of humor and how it affects relationships]

3. You see him as a serious partner.

You don’t see him as just some guy, no way. In your head, you have a plan for the future. you see him as your boyfriend or even the person you want to marry And these thoughts only fueled feelings that were stronger for him. which is reasonable

You want to plan for the next week or month. You picture him at all the important events of your life and want to call him when you have news. You like him because he may be N.S. one. [Read: How to know for sure if he’s the one who’s perfect for you]

4. He is honest.

When it comes to people who are likely to be fans. You want a partner who is sincere with you. You don’t want to feel that there is always something they hide from you. Their sincerity makes you feel at ease. And that’s what it should be. You find him genuine and genuine.

You trust him and that has a lot to do with how you feel. [Read: 10 signs he’s a good guy and deserves your trust]

5. Everyone likes him.

Now, you might like him before he meets your friends or family. But knowing that they agree will make you more emotional. Everyone gave him the Golden Seal of Recognition. And now you feel more relaxed around him.

Not to mention his friends and strangers. when someone lights up around him It is more likely that you will like him. Whether he’s charming, friendly, or just makes everyone feel comfortable. when he is popular among others It will tell you that he is worthy of your feelings as well.

6. You have deep conversations.

when you are with him You two really talk. Not only how are you today? but also about more personal matters.

You feel that you can talk to him about anything. And he will be there to listen without judging you. Not to mention he opens up to you too. This is it. why you like him [Read: 41 deep conversation starters for new couples who are just getting serious]

7. He is always by your side.

Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to. he will be there And that’s one reason why you like him.

He’s there when you need him. and even if you are fine He’ll show his face and make sure you’re fine. That sweetness is what makes you all exhausted inside.

8. He’s charming

What can we say? He’s a charming guy who knows how to flirt. Of course, that’s why you like him! He’s changing the sex chemistry and you’re going insane – in a good way! He’s the one who makes you smile when he sends cute messages.

butterfly feeling tension And the dizzy is what creates the bond between two people. It goes beyond gravity. It’s just the way he feels about you that makes it hard to resist him. [Read: 15 intense signs of chemistry that reveal an instant connection]

9. Be yourself

This is important. This is what makes liking him different from liking someone else.

when you are near him You will feel completely natural. It’s like you can really be yourself. When you feel at home when you’re by his side That’s when you know what you feel is true. Sure, he’s funny, cute, and smart, but when he’s on his side. back to feeling carefree

10. He woven into your life.

Another reason you like him is that he’s very attached to your life. He doesn’t just come in from time to time. No way. If he’s around you all the time and knows everything about you. You can’t imagine him. no in your life.

Either you’ve been friends for a long time or he’s in your friend group. You used to be near him You could work with him or go to school with him. He is now part of your life. and you like that [Read: Are we just friends or is he interested? 16 signs to read his mind]

11. He protects

Not in a creepy obsessive way. But he makes sure you return home safely. not allowing others to speak disrespectful It’s a small thing, and when you’re around him you will feel safe Of course, this isn’t the only reason you like him. But it’s one of them.

When a guy cares about what’s going on with you and shows that both his words and his actions you feel safe and secure That security really makes you like him. [Read: 20 qualities in a guy that make a really good man]

12. You feel comfortable.

Of course, dating and being moody can be exciting. But the real feelings come out when you feel comfortable.

You know you like him instead of worrying. You feel comfortable around him. You want to meet him after a bad day so he can cheer you on. And you want to be with him on a good day to celebrate.

13. You are connected on many levels.

You’re not just bound by your love for Harry Potter or travel. Your bond grows on many levels. You can stop playing the same jokes. complaining about the same or really connected to your beliefs and ethics

When you can keep everything light and fun. or deep conversation You will easily like him. [Read: 18 signs a man is emotionally attached to you and ready to get closer]

14. He fits the pattern.

This might not be a good reason to like him. But it could be true when you have type Sometimes you just like someone just because they fit your comfort zone. Even if your ex hurt you But you tend to fall in love with someone who is similar to them because it’s something you are used to.

until you move on from the past and figure out what you want. You might like someone because they remind you of other people. even the subconscious

15. You want it to work.

You can convince yourself to like him. Maybe he’s cute and cute and just good at paper. All of that could be great. But it doesn’t always have to inspire feelings.

Sometimes, if you want it to work because he likes you. You can also convince yourself that you like him. [Read: 15 feelings you just can’t fake if you truly do like a guy]

16. He checks your box.

You know what you want in a man. And he fits that and more. He’s everything your ex wasn’t. He treats you right You agree with what is important But there is a conflict and deal with it. he communicates well you laugh together and he shows up for you

You probably don’t really have a list. But he seems to have all the qualities you need in a man. [Read: 33 traits of a good boyfriend that’ll make him the best ever]

17. Feel yes

You just didn’t ask questions. At least not right now. When you’re with him, it feels good. You don’t question his sincerity or how you feel. And the only thing you question is Too good to be true, or too good to be true because you’ve never felt it before.

18. You just do

Sometimes we just don’t know why we like someone. Maybe he’s not your type at all. but for some reason you just like him There’s not always a reason Now this might be a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes being irrational means your love is just too intense. amazing and romantic

But it may malfunction. dependency And it can quickly get dangerous if you’re not careful. But that doesn’t mean they’re always good people.

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Still asking yourself? why i like him hope now you know Is it true or is it just a minor interest?

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