Why Do Men Hate Talking on the Phone?

You might like long phone conversations. But you should remember that your man may not always like it. Why do men not like talking on the phone?

men don't like talking on the phone

you like to talk on the phone But the man in your life can’t dream of doing the same.

What is the real reason why guys don’t like talking on the phone?

Most women think it’s because men don’t like her. But that is often nonsense.

This is the real reason why men don’t like talking on the phone.

I finally enlightened all women about the real reason why we men don’t call even if we really like you.

To be honest and cruel because of simple facts. alone

We don’t want it!

Why do men not like talking on the phone for a long time?

How difficult is it to get it now? Let’s look at it from your point of view.

Then why don’t you call It’s because you forgot to pay your bills on time. or your mobile phone battery is low Or are you too tired to take your heels off before hitting the sack?

Either way, it doesn’t matter.

You didn’t call because you didn’t want to. which is the most important

So what makes men so different from women? from my conclusion I guess there is no real difference in phone etiquette when it comes to men and women. We have different perspectives. There are some reasons behind why the guy won’t call you. And here are some common reasons behind not answering calls from men.

men’s point of view

First of all, men like to talk on the phone. The flaw of everything between men and women ensures that the two sexes have different ideas about telephone ethics.

Women like to talk about a lot of things, but men tend to talk about things that are relevant to them. So you really can’t blame anyone, ladies, let me reassure you. Just as you hate the fact that guys don’t like talking on the phone with you. Men also hate the fact that women go gaga with their phones in hand.

from the point of view of men Is it important to me if your great-grandmother is dating someone? I think not. Unless she was involved in extracurricular activities with my grandfather. if this is not the case Talking about it is just a waste of time, don’t you think? ok maybe you won’t

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men don’t like phones

Most women have trouble trying to understand this part of men. But men generally don’t use their phones for long periods of time. Men prefer to answer short calls more often.

It made him feel more important and busier. Real men like to call this like “Hello …Uh huh, okay, see you at twelve, I get it. Offer a million. Oh…Kay, where’s the meeting? Cool. Thank you. See you. Goodbye.”?? For men, a 30-second call is the perfect definition of a long, well-detailed call.

men lose confidence

Men have no problem talking face-to-face for hours. But on the phone, any call that lasts more than a few minutes will only spell one word. Panic.

Men like to be in control But when they find themselves groaning in a corner where there’s no clear-cut conversation, They will lose their peace They don’t know what to say. And that made everything feel ten times worse.

How much can a guy really say when you describe how bad your day is? Especially when you elaborate for half an hour. All he could do was nod mechanically and hum the irregular hums of ah-ha, uh-huh and …erms, and shortly thereafter. A nodding sore throat and a restless mind can do more damage to him than a busy day at work.

Man bored of your yaki

How much has your life changed in the last few hours? And how can men talk to women for an hour or less? I personally avoided my phone like the plague. Almost all phone conversations consist of saying “hey what are you doing”?? and a little more

what i think and many men think it is Phones should only be used when you really have something to say. Just because we don’t call every fifteen minutes doesn’t mean we don’t care.

Calls from time to time to say “Hey… what’s up!”?? It might be sweet but asking us to talk about anything else is a nightmare! Well, how much can our lives change in 15 minutes? Perhaps a woman’s life is much more attractive than that. Unfortunately, there are less exciting times in a man’s life that require a phone conversation to calm him down. [Read: How to talk to a guy and make him like you]

Some people like to blush

Yes, we have men in this category. There are few guys who might be gentle and talkative with their friends, but when it comes to women with potential dating, it’s definitely a good idea. All they might do is mumble. It might sound really annoying to you when you find that he can chat with his friends for a while, but he’s bound to talk to you on the phone. but you know what? The truth of the matter is that most men are embarrassed to talk to women over the phone.

real conversation on the phone (Not just talking back and forth “What’s up” ?? conversations) are more useful than real-life communication. You don’t have a face to look at no body language to read all you have is sound

Men can quickly lose their confidence in these situations. Because phone conversations have become all about talking. instead of what we do He might just be embarrassed or worried that he’ll say the wrong thing and let you down or reveal his insecurities. and believe me Most men tend to be seen as idiots who are not considerate of anyone. Rather than being an insecure loser

He has better things to do.

Were you surprised to hear about it? Of course, men have good activities. There’s a lot more to do than just sit and talk to women. Let’s bring his problem here. when men talk They will talk about things that are close to them. Even if they go into details or lengthen the conversation.

On the other hand, when women talk They tend to wander like a wide, winding river. What started out as a plan to watch a movie could be sobbing all night long!

And if he’s not on the phone with you, there are hundreds or millions of other things he can do. He can dream of making money. Meet new clients, relax, stare at the ceiling, shave, play games, watch funny YouTube videos, watch porn, watch Lord of the Rings, go to the gym, and millions of other things.

There are many things he can really do. Quite frankly, and these other things are what he has to do anyway. Talking to you on the phone doesn’t just give him a headache. but also brought him back to do other activities each day as well Let your man be at peace, woman. he wants it [Read: Questions you should never ask your guy]

he doesn’t like you

This was the last straw not to answer. Most women think this is the main reason. but actually This is the last reason men will avoid calling you. Don’t assume that he doesn’t want to talk to you. Unless you’re sure it’s not for any other reason. men don’t hate women They don’t like talking on the phone too much.

He might like you when you guys meet. But after putting up with you during those long calls He may take care of a nervous breakdown. or has written a restraining order [Read: Where to find a nice guy]

Or he might think you have a motorized mouth that blasts 300 or more gusty words per minute, up to 600 words at a time. And he finds it really annoying. Or it could be a mole on your butt cheek. There are many reasons why he doesn’t like you. But the reason he didn’t talk on the phone was simple enough. He sees no point in discussing with you because:

#1 He saw no reason to

#2 He doesn’t want to go out with you anymore.

#3 He’s tired of pretending like what you’re talking about.

#4 He does not share your enthusiasm for other people’s affairs.

#5 Most importantly, he doesn’t like you!

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Is it such a big deal?

Now, unless it’s the last reason he really hates you. I guess you shouldn’t have a problem with him not answering. But it’s really quite difficult. to figure out which category your man fits into Because he obviously won’t admit that he doesn’t like talking to you on the phone.

for clarification in this context The next time you’re in the middle of a conversation with him. (Please don’t talk on the phone!) Just show him this piece and ask him if he’s on the phone. If you want to get the perfect answer from him. Just pointing out the options Here and then let him choose! Men like to make choices anyway. Tell him you just want to know that he’s not really talking on the phone. or he doesn’t like you [Read: Is he cheating on you with another woman?]

You see, it’s easy to figure out what your guy is thinking on the phone. The hard part is what you will do after you figure it out!

man with phone problems

Men want women to know they care. But they can’t stand the excessive use of their cell phones. women may not understand But here are the confessions of a few men who understood their thoughts.

hours of work and love

Most men understand the so-called. “responsibility” ?? to answer the call But women really need to understand. that maybe we’re busy Or in an uncomfortable situation where we can’t answer calls! It’s really annoying When you have to meet a girl later And she’s really pissed off because you haven’t talked to her long enough. Gosh, don’t girls know that their working hours and romantic hours are different!”?? [Read: What men like in women more than anything else]

-Robert, 32 years old

busy young man

I’m not a phone player! In fact, I hate answering calls. Especially when I’m playing multiplayer on Xbox or watching a good movie on TV, I have a lot of situations where my boyfriend calls me. And when I say I’ll call you back in a moment You’ll get mad and tell me I don’t love you! What she didn’t understand was I feel worse talking to her when I’m interrupted between important things. But then you never really understood that side of me.

– Jason, 22 years old

Say something!

A woman can get bored if she talks too long! And worst of all, they keep saying “So say something…”? God, what am I, f**king radio station?!!

-Ray 25

never ending story

I’m fine to talk on the phone. As long as it takes less than a few minutes. But what annoys me the most is when a woman says “Okay, I’ll talk to you later” and remember something and go on for an hour! And that’s when I didn’t even want to hear that in the first place. [Read: Annoying girlfriend habits that all men hate]

-Simon, 29 years old

Why do men not like talking on the phone? You have all the reasons, ma’am, do you need more clues to understand your man now? I think not. [Read: How to make a man call more]

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