Why Do Men Lie? Understanding Why Men Fib the Way They Do

Why do men lie? If you’ve ever dated, talked to, or met men, you’ve probably asked yourself this question. Here are some reasons

Why do men lie

Why do men lie? And are men still lying? They do, it’s the truth. Yes, women lie too. But often in a different way and for different reasons.

while writing this I did some research and found an article called “quantity 1 The reason why men lie Spoiler alert: This article was written by a man who explained the entire article that men don’t lie, but women actually don’t listen.

This is not just random people taking part. He is a relationship and dating coach. I don’t want it raining on his parade. But I feel sorry for his customers. His articles have the potential for truth. but take it too seriously basically His argument is that men tell you who they are and what they want. But not in the same way that women do. He also claims that women don’t care when men tell the truth.

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For example, he said that a man would tell a woman that he had no time to commit to a relationship. But she would ignore it, thinking that she would be so great that she could change him. So insensitive that I found it untrue. Women do this quite often. I’m guilty too But his article does not address the fact that men often lie.

For every guy who honestly says he doesn’t want a relationship or that he’s not ready to commit. There are five other men who promised relationships and love only to sleep with you and never call you again.

The idea that men don’t lie and women don’t listen is true sometimes. But men tend to lie more than they don’t. I’m not just doing it up either. What I’ve learned from dating experiences and friends For many years this was the exception, not the rule.

Men lie, not because we think they’re lying. but because they do

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Common things men lie

Men may not know that we know this. But they lied and lied often. And although some lies may not be monotonous. But there are some things that men tend to lie about. If you don’t already know, here it is:

1. Their dating history

This might be obvious. But many men lie about their previous dating history. especially their sexual experiences. in our society Men are regarded as experienced, so men tend to increase the number of men they’ve been with to impress new people. [Read: How to tell if he’s lying to you without asking him or confronting him]

2. The little things that don’t matter

Men tend to lie about things that many people consider absurd. What do you get by lying in these situations? Distance A man who may be reluctant to commit to a relationship will lie about things like where he is, his plans, or who he is with.

even if they weren’t unfaithful. They will lie to keep their distance with whoever they are dating. Then knowing that they lied and fled was a secret they had and prevented them from being fully committed. [Read: Is he a commitment phobe? 20 ways to tell for sure]

3. Attract others

When a guy tells you he doesn’t find an attractive lingerie model or claims he’s not looking for a woman passing by. they often lie

Not because they think they are doing something wrong by finding other interesting people. But because they learn from experience and society telling your partner about those sights is not good.

4. their mistake

Like many people, men try to admit their mistakes. Even though they had already realized and learned from them. Accepting them takes courage and trust that they may not have.

If a man cheats on his ex They tend to lie to new people because they don’t want to be seen as unfaithful. They don’t want past mistakes or bad choices to define them.

5. their fear

Society says men should be brave and strong. A person who speaks openly about his fears and concerns will not be seen as manly. Although this is highly toxic But men often lie to cover up their stress, fear or anxiety. This could be anything from the fear of rejection to the struggle for inner worth.

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Why do men lie?

So we’ve proven that men lie, but why? Probably for the same reasons most people lie. But there are some unique reasons that seem more true to men.

1. to avoid conflict

This is the biggest reason men lie. especially with their counterparts. I’ve had a lot of men even accept this. They claim to be lying to protect you. but in reality it is to protect yourself

Let’s say your boyfriend is flirting with a female coworker. And she didn’t know they were related. He won’t come home and tell you so. Because he knows you’ll be upset and he wants to prevent that. He doesn’t want to hurt you but at the same time He doesn’t want your pain to affect him.

He knows if he tells you the truth. You will be angry but move on. But when you’re angry He will have to deal with it. What he doesn’t see is if you know from someone else. The pain became deeper and longer because he lied.

when not seeing this fact He’s more worried about avoiding conflict in the moment than not hurting you. Although that might be his excuse.

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2. to impress us

Men will lie about their income. ability to lift weights or the level of honesty that will impress you. If he’s wrong, he’ll lie because he doesn’t want to erase your ideals.

basically He is maintaining your vision of him as a good and noble man. And don’t want to risk the fact that it might not be flattering.

3. have sex

I hate to say this. because it is rude But it’s true. Very true. Men lie to get you to bed. As long as some men, like the writers mentioned earlier, might like to believe that this is false, but it is not.

A guy will claim that he wants to know you. cook you dinner Or watch a movie where his real motivation is to move the team. And hopefully find equal attention. No, not all men do this. Some people really want to get to know you and bond with you.

But even the most respected and well-intentioned men are thinking about sex when they claim it isn’t. I used to have a guy who promised to date me. Had a romantic date in town, etc. to get me to bed. Most men don’t accept that as their initial goal. but a lie about their intentions.

It can be difficult to tell if this is a lie or not. I’ve made it clear to the guy that things that are not in the cards and will not happen. and they claim that it is not their goal. only to later admit that their goal was their goal. And they love a challenge seeing that they can change. my thoughts. This is a woman who is predatory, predatory and unusual. [Read: 15 things immature men do and why you need to avoid them]

4. to get what you want

Yes, women do too. But here’s an example. A guy who wants to stay home and watch games with his friends won’t tell you because they think you’ll be upset.

He’ll lie and say you deserve a spa day with your friend. No, this might not be a blatant lie because you definitely deserve it. But he uses this to lure you out. so that he can get what he wants

What to do when a guy lies to you

Dealing with a guy who lies to you is difficult. You want an answer, but you’re angry if you catch him lying or just think he’s lying. You don’t want to be accused or angry. This only led to a fight. and possibly corroborating his assumption that you will be angry, which is why he lied in the first place.

So whether the lie is more or less How do you deal with it when a guy lies to you?

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First, call him out. Hiding the fact that you know and holding him quietly This might seem like a good way to catch him. It will only increase your resentment and fear. Try to calm yourself down from anger or betrayal in the first place. and let him know you know he’s lying

It’s very easy to whip out now. But that won’t give you the results you want. Let him know you know he’s lying and let him talk. He had to answer here, let him go, listen to him and learn why he lied. Or why does he think he’s lying? Let him handle everything before you react. So that you can really try to understand his side. [Read: The types of liars and 14 ways to confront them without losing your cool]

this can be cruel But try to look at the situation from his side. Will you do the same thing? Can you see why he does what he does? Even if you don’t fully understand it? He may lie for reasons he sees as reasons such as fear or shame. Maybe you’re still in a bad mood. But trying to listen to him can calm you down. to speak instead of screaming

This might be an excuse. But now you can explain to him why that wasn’t the reason for his behavior. And why do you have every right to be upset? Let him see your side when you hear him. Because you let him speak on his part. He will also be more open to listening to you. [Read: How to fight fair in a relationship and grow closer]

From here, explain why honesty is so important to you. And you will be disappointed by the fact that he lied more than what he lied about. Try to explain that he doesn’t trust you enough to tell you that you’ve given up on him in truth.

Both of you have to move forward with honesty. No matter how difficult it is to face or accept something. Stay calm and fully discuss your feelings. Show that you are showing him that he is in a safe place with you. so that he could be honest without fear of anger.

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So why do men lie? I would like to say that it is because they are selfish snakes. But it is because they are human and imperfect.

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