Why Do Narcissists Ignore Texts and Do the Selfish Things They Do

Why do narcissists ignore text messages and lie? Narcissists are not easy to share relationships for many reasons. But why are they like that?

Why do narcissists ignore text messages?

A narcissist has too much interest and admiration for himself. That’s the driving factor for narcissists. they demand attention often mocking or boasting about themselves and likes to have the topic revolve around them. But why would a narcissist ignore the message or do something selfish?

What is a narcissist?

as i said A narcissist is someone who is highly self-related. This may be small, but it is so intense that this person is an illusion, entitled, cruel, and even without any guilt.

You’re more likely to pick some of these habits if you know a narcissist. And ignoring the message might be the only thing they do, but why? [Read: The traits of selfless love compared to selfish love]

Why are narcissistic people selfish?

Narcissism is a personality disorder. not that severe But when this happened, this person was more concerned about himself than anyone else. Technically, it wasn’t their fault. But it’s also extremely difficult to feel bad about a narcissist.

Their selfishness is more than not wanting to help anyone move or being lazy to cook dinner for your family. If what they are doing is not helpful make them the center of attention or disappointing others That’s not what they want to do. [Read: Can you teach a narcissist to change for the better?]

Why do narcissists ignore text messages?

If you text a narcissist saying congratulations. They would always reply and brag about what they did next. But if you text a narcissist about a problem you’re having. talk about other people or even to share important news They tend to ignore that.

If it wasn’t important to their growing ego. they just don’t care They may look at the message. saw that it wasn’t about them. and don’t care at all Narcissists believe that it is their right to receive attention and flattery. And they’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that’s what their life is all about.

If you are trying to build a relationship with a narcissist Whether it’s a calm person, a romantic person, or even a professional. Dealing with such a person is very difficult.

Selfish behavior of a narcissist

Some of the things you might notice from a narcissist may seem trivial, while others can be totally vulgar and cruel. But if you notice repetitive behavior these from someone Show that they are narcissistic.

Why? because that’s all they know Narcissists live in the kind of fantasy world where they are the most important and everyone is under them. This is just some behavior of a narcissist. [Read: Are you dealing with a malignant narcissist?]

#1 ignore text Although we always talk about it. I think it’s important to talk about it. Yes, some people just aren’t good at responding to messages. i am one of them But if I see something important I will reply as soon as possible. That’s the difference between a bad texter and a narcissist.

Unless the message is about stroking the narcissist’s ego. They are often ignored. They may text you about something about them completely ignoring what you sent.

#2 bragging. Narcissists constantly brag about their success. They will lie and misrepresent themselves to make themselves look more amazing. They will say that they are the reason their company is doing well. where in fact They did nothing to get the company there.

They will change any conversation. And it’s all a confidence-boosting rant.

#3 libelAnother way for narcissists to relieve or increase their ego is to look down on others. especially those who are actually better than them. Just imagine Trump condemning good work. All that Obama can do? When a narcissist finds out who is more loved or admired They must be cruel to them.

They are also very judgmental about anyone who disagrees with them. [Read: How to recognize and deal with a bully]

#4 Lack of politeness. A narcissist needs politeness from others. but completely lacking in individuality They will not open the door for others. They wouldn’t offer anyone an umbrella in the rain. and won’t ask what you want to do

#5 angry at those who do not feed their ego Narcissists tend to surround themselves with people they know and tell them what they want to hear. They will be friends with people they know will compliment them. So when people ask them They will not ignore They will be angry and vengeful.

#6 Explosion like a child. when the child is young 2 A year old cries because his mother refuses to buy him a lollipop. Here’s what to expect But when grown men have a tantrum because they don’t get what they want. That’s a clear sign of a narcissistic personality disorder. [Read: How to quickly spot narcissistic traits in a relationship]

#7 Waiting for compliments. Narcissists have this idea that they are loved and admired by everyone just because they are and whether they do anything bad. Therefore, they expect respect, praise and admiration from everyone.

They will be shocked and angry when someone doesn’t follow their imagination.

#8 lack of remorse A narcissist doesn’t believe they need to apologize or feel guilty for what they did. They will ignore you, bully you, insult others. But they never admit they did anything wrong or say sorry.

#9 Blame others. When a narcissist doesn’t understand or makes mistakes They will always blame others. They would throw other people under the car to make themselves look better.

to say that someone else gave the wrong information They will blame the poor for being poor. They will blame their partner for making them late. Nothing is always the narcissist’s fault.

#10 Neglecting others. A narcissist lacks awareness. They don’t see what other people want or need. If it wasn’t about them, they wouldn’t see it. If their partner trembles They will not offer jackets or blankets.

These are just some of the characteristics and behaviors that narcissists regularly exhibit. [Read: 23 secret signs of narcissism most people overlook until it’s too late]

Why do narcissists devalue you?

If you have any kind of relationship with a narcissist shortly after Their true colors will be revealed. And they will treat you like a way to the end.

You could be a trophy for them. They may treat you as an employee more than a friend or loved one. and if something goes wrong They will blame you if you are near them.

A narcissist needs the closest person to cross out their ego and make them feel good. So whenever absent they will devalue you just as someone who is there to improve their lives.

A narcissist will never admit that they need you or that you are important to them in maintaining their presence. They tend to hurt you until you are stuck with them. and they always feel superior. They do this so that they are in their thoughts and in you.

[Read: Subtle counterblows to hit a narcissist where it hurts]

Why do narcissists ignore their messages or get offended? Once you know why and how your mind works. Do you really want them to come into your life? said and done Don’t be around a narcissist unless you really have to. And even so, keep them all!

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