Why Do Orgasms Feel So Good? 21 Whys & Ways to Make It Way Better

Have you ever wondered why orgasms feel good? Sometimes understanding something will help you achieve your goals more often. For Big O, that’s great!

Why does climax feel good?

Good sex feels amazing. we all know Orgasms feel better if you are lucky enough to have them. that much we still know But why do orgasms feel good? What makes our bodies full of joy and happiness?

It seems easy to understand They feel good because orgasms and orgasms should feel good.

However, there are real scientific reasons that orgasms feel great. Understanding this and what it really is about orgasm can help you achieve more of those goals. and make the most of your sex life.

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What is an orgasm?

We know they feel good. But what exactly is an orgasm?

It’s a feeling, a feeling, of course, but sometimes when you can’t see something. It’s hard to understand. For men, it’s a little easier – they reach an orgasm and ejaculate. You can see the evidence For women there is not much to see. [Read: 12 Amazing facts you didn’t know about semen]

In a breakup, climax is the climax of sexual arousal.

during sex The muscles are toned and sexually tense. when you reach the climax These will be released simultaneously.

for women Many muscle contractions can be felt in the pelvic floor, uterus, and vagina, even if it is an extremely strong contraction throughout the body.

A small number of women actually ejaculate during sex. but for men This is normal. [Read: How to squirt during sex – The first timer’s guide to learn to squirt]

So climaxing is a release of tension that could destroy the world, or a little less. depending on various factors One thing is for sure, there are no bad orgasms!

Benefits of Regular Orgasms

There’s a lot more to be gained from having an orgasm than just feeling good. Not only is it great for reducing stress. but also helps to sleep better strengthen the heart and strengthen the immune system as well

And that doesn’t even include the fact that when you have more orgasms with your partner specifically. You’ll be more attached to them.

It will also make you happier. We all know how much better life is when we are happy. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of having an orgasm. [Read: 14 amazing benefits of sex that’ll make you want more]

1. Higher pain tolerance

when having sex The line between pain and happiness is a little fuzzy. That’s why so many people enjoy intense sex that includes spanking, hair pulling, and even flogging. Those things that were traditionally painful will no longer be painful. [Read: The couple’s naughty guide to erotic spanking]

2. You will live longer

Sex is good for your body. It’s especially good for your heart and immune system.

This is because your heart works harder during climax. It will grow stronger and stronger. the more you have This means your heart can last longer as you get older.

3. You will be thinner or more toned.

We all know what exercise is. It may be as beneficial as running 30 minutes, which can certainly help keep you fit and in shape.

4. You will look younger

instead of pulling a face Just have more sex! This is because human growth hormone is secreted during sex and is responsible for giving skin elasticity. Thus helping you look much younger. [Read: 15 sexy benefits of masturbation]

5. You will be smarter

Some might argue about this. But science doesn’t lie. when you reach the climax Increased blood flow to your brain. This also means your brain gets more oxygen. and when your brain is fully oxygenated Your brain will recover faster and generally get stronger, so you’ll be smarter.

6. You will relax more.

It’s the pinnacle of stress relief. and hence You’ll feel more relaxed from having sex.

Soon, we’ll talk about why orgasms feel so good. And one issue is about the release of hormones and endorphins. These can help you feel calmer and boost your mood as well. [Read: How to relax during sex: Free your mind and enjoy your orgasms]

7. Help you have better skin

The oxytocin released during orgasm has been proven to benefit your skin. You’ll experience less acne and a youthful glow that only the climax can give you!

8. You will feel better about yourself.

Body confidence is a problem for many people. But when you reach the peak You don’t care at all!

The more sex you have The more confident you are in yourself, the better. and you will feel much needed. Great for multiple levels of confidence

9. will have a good night’s sleep

The oxytocin released during orgasm is great for helping you feel cool and ready for a good night’s sleep.

All the tension released will make your body feel as light as a feather. And you’ll find that your eyes begin to close on their own. to get the best results You should have sex before going to bed. [Read: Perfect tease: How to keep a guy interested after sleeping with him]

10. Your immune system is stronger.

DHEA, a chemical released during climax help repair tissue Promotes the strengthening of your bones And it basically helps your immune system stay healthy.

If you want to do your best to avoid colds. Maybe sex is enough!

Why does climax feel good?

Yes, there are real reasons that explain why orgasms feel amazing. It has more to do with science and human evolution than you might think too. If you think that orgasms are just for pleasure. think again Why do orgasms feel good? This is what science has to say.

1. They release oxytocin.

Orgasms are great because of what they release. Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for many things in your body. including the feeling of love

The more climax you have The more you bond with the person who gives you orgasms, this wonderful little chemical also reduces stress and helps you relax. No wonder you feel good after orgasm. Your body is pumping out feel-good hormones. [Read: Why oxytocin can be toxic to bad relationships]

2. Reduce stress levels

Another reason why orgasms feel great is simply because they reduce stress.

Stress raises your cortisol levels. This is often referred to as the stress hormone. This is because too high levels of this hormone can cause serious problems in your body. including digestion, sleep, high blood pressure and a weakened immune system Lowering those levels will help you feel amazing.

which is what the climax does when they lower your stress level. Your body will generally breathe a sigh of relief – along with a sigh of joy from the outside. [Read: Stress ruining your relationship? 10 signs and quick fixes]

3. They put you in a trance state.

The brain changes during orgasm put your body in a trance-like state. You don’t feel nearly as much pain and lose your sense of self. Basically, you lose your sense of self and end up focusing on feeling pleasurable.

That’s why orgasms feel incredibly good. They have the ability to block other sensations occurring in your body and even your surroundings. [Read: 40 interesting, fun quotes about the female orgasm]

4. Your limbic system is activated.

This is your mood control system. When your body is sexually aroused It will remind this part of your brain and tell you it’s time to be cheerful. And that means your hippocampus is also stimulated. which is part of your brain It is responsible for imagination and memory.

not only that but also stimulate the tonsils It’s the other emotional part of your brain responsible for aggression, fear, and sexual function. And because that’s the sensitive and sensitive part of your brain. Being stimulated makes you feel a lot of good things.

5. Hypothalamus and nucleus accumbens are stimulated.

This happens when your climax is basically an orgasm. It’s the end. All your growing senses and everything that arouses during sex finally climaxes in. these areas

This is what causes your pupils to dilate. your heart rate increases And these regions are responsible for the great feeling that comes when you succeed. [Read: How to orgasm harder with edging]

6. Dopamine release really makes you feel good.

while your nucleus accumbens is stimulated Your brain then releases a large amount of dopamine. And because the nucleus accumbens is your brain’s reward system. It’s basically like you’re feeding good food while having sex.

Basically, sex is an addiction. It’s the same part of your brain that is activated when you consume chocolate, caffeine, cocaine, and even nicotine. The more, the better. [Read: What is dopamine? The dopest pleasure pill inside of you]

7. We have developed it to make the reproductive process feel good.

It’s about the survival of our species. We can talk all day about how our brains make orgasms. but eventually evolved

for our species to survive. We need to propagate we need need For babies, what could be better than ensuring that we miraculously repeat this process?

Hereditary a long time ago Those who have more children are the ones who find sex feels best. This means that they are involved in it. a lot, therefore having too many children Those kids inherit the same genetics that make sex feel amazing.

This cycle has been going on for thousands of years, and now sex feels incredible. having sex feels good because it guarantees the survival of our species. [Read: 12 rules of attraction as explained by science]

different types of orgasm for women

You might think that an orgasm is just an orgasm – wrong!

There are different types of orgasm that women can experience. It depends on where the body comes from. Of course, every orgasm feels good. But if you want to experience different types and expand your reach to your climax You should learn about these things.

1. Orgasm C

It is normal for all women to feel that orgasms are not difficult through penetrative sex alone. The easiest way for most women to hit the big O is to use clit Al pressure.

This means using rubbing or circular motions. *whichever you feel good* over the clitoris until you reach the climax of the clitoris.

Usually, this type of orgasm is extremely soothing and relaxing. [Read: Clitoris stimulation: 10 sexy ways to please the clitoris]

2.Vaginal orgasm

Many women find it difficult to achieve vaginal orgasms without stimulating the clitoris at the same time. But it’s all possible.

When your partner does things that make you feel like they’re putting pressure on them. Encourage them to stay with it and keep doing what they do. [Read: Peeing after sex and other confusing myths about the vagina]

The key to vaginal orgasm is creating tension through repetition. It’s possible for your partner to know when you’ve had this kind of orgasm. because the vaginal wall will shrink

Orgasm feels like a total body experience. You will feel it deep in your body. and you will feel warm Totally relaxing and feeling rejuvenated

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3. anal orgasm

It’s rare But it is very possible for some women to reach orgasm through anal sex. Of course, it depends on whether you enjoy anal sex or not. Some girls like it, some don’t. Either way, it’s perfect.

This type of orgasm is not felt in the vagina. but can be felt around the anal sphincter and a feeling of muscle contraction [Read: First time anal sex and the curious bum lover’s guide to giving it a try]

4. G-Spot climax

Many women believe this is a myth. But the G point does exist!

Patches of spongy tissue within the vagina up to the navel. The best way to reach it is with a finger or two and a ‘come here’ movement. This type of orgasm is very intense. And usually you feel like peeing a lot. Don’t worry, you won’t wet yourself. It’s just a sign that hard orgasms are coming your way.

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Every orgasm is a good orgasm. But by learning about the types and why they feel good. You will be able to increase your chances of hitting big O again and again.

Want to read about the other types of orgasms you have as a woman? Check these 12 types of climaxes that every girl can have, with or without a partner.!

Why do orgasms feel good? The mystery of euphoria has been solved by science. Next time you’re busy You’ll know why it feels good.

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