Why Do You Love Someone? 20 Reasons Love Exists

Why do you love someone, lonely? Maybe for friendship Is it just human nature? Or is it something very deep?

why do you love someone

scientist sociologist And almost every branch of science tries to answer the question. why do you love someone They researched what makes someone’s heart race. And there are theories about attraction and the favorable factor. But the answer remains a mystery.

It is not something that can be quantified or determined in a single way.

There are many types of love From love to peace to sex and everywhere in between Although there are no rules which make it understandable why you love someone who is curious and unpredictable.

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love definition

Love generally means strong feelings of affection. But if you ever feel You know it’s much more than that. Merriam-Webster Love may be defined as a strong affection towards others that arises from kinship or personal relationships. But is it just that?

why do you love someone The reasons are endless in the way.

Some say love is a choice. while others say it is beyond your control. It’s a feeling that transcends happiness. It creates an unmatched bond.

Defining love means removing all its magic. It is different for every person, every situation and every relationship. Therefore, it cannot be summed up with a few words strung together.

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many reasons to love

The reasons we love someone are vast. But in general, why do you love someone? Is it because of the violence? Sometimes it’s a dizzy feeling. That you can’t explain correctly? Or maybe the connection you share?

Unlike other emotions that come in, you can hate, dislike, get offended and still be in love.

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why do you love someone

If you’re wondering why we fall in love Or why do we really love someone? and still love each other from the beginning Here are all the reasons why.

1. love bond

The bonding experiences you share with your children or siblings are reasons to love. you hate them sometimes But something binds you together. No matter how much quarrel or quarrel There is also a deeply rooted bond that cannot be broken.

There are times when you might hate someone. But that doesn’t negate your love for them. The connection love form can prevent all bad things and bring you together when you need it. [Read: 15 ways you’ll experience what real love feels like]

2. safety

You should love someone ideally because you find stability. convenience and safety in him they should be It’s an “emergency contact” that you feel safe telling your deepest and darkest fears.

You love someone because you feel safe when you are with them. You are not at risk of injury. Love of safety gives you comfort that only you can do. [Read: Does true love exist? 10 signs that might make you a believer]

3. Love gives you peace of mind

You love someone because it gives you trust. In a good case, as love grows. So is trust. You want to be there for someone And he wants to be there for you.

The closer you are to each other and the more trusted you are. The more secure you feel. Putting your trust in someone other than yourself is the only relief that comes with love. [Read: Should you trust your gut? Or ignore it?]

4. you have friends

You love other people because they care about you. whether romantic or calm They are most interested in you. They care about you and you, they

Friendship that always comes with love is what you want and need. Intimacy and sincerity and support is what we all desire.

5. Love completes your life.

You love someone because they make you feel good about yourself and try to make your life better and richer. Not just living a full life, but feeling fulfilled. [Read: 25 reasons you should love someone and hold onto them forever]

6. inspiration

You love someone because they inspire you. You look up at them or admire them. They make you want to be better for them and yourself. They challenge, support and encourage you to be everything they know you can do.

In fact, they see in you that others may underestimate and try to bring out the best.

7. loneliness

Sometimes we love someone to hide the feeling of loneliness we feel. You feel that you need to love someone. Even if they are not right for you so that you are not alone.

Forcing feelings to fight fear is just hiding something. Those feelings will never increase or be healthy because they arise from fear. It’s not a true feeling for the other party. [Read: Why you may be feeling lonely in a relationship & what you should do about it]

8. Obligations

There are times when we think we love others because we should. Maybe it’s because we honor and cherish them. Or we have family connections. For example, you might love your mother-in-law, who is nervous and judgmental because she is family and raising your partner. But for no other reason than you should.

This is not the same as how you feel about your parents, even if they are not perfect. It’s the emotion that comes with the commitment you make. It exists, but it doesn’t come with the same depth.

9. management

There are times when partners can be very manipulative. They make their partner feel as if they would have lost their way without them that they couldn’t have done better or deserved more.

Although this manipulation is as overwhelming as love, it is the face. when it arises from orchestration and is rooted in control and harassment. There is nothing more. [Read: Can you manipulate someone to fall in love with you?]

10. Dependence

Sometimes people think they love each other. But they depend on each other instead. It’s like being with someone who feels like your yin to yang. You need each other to be who you are. But this again is a joke.

Dependency can grow from something more. But loving someone because you feel as if you are nothing without them. that doesn’t exist [Read: 10 scary signs of codependence in your relationship]

11. Addiction

There are times when you can become addicted to love. that is rushed like any other drug instead of loving someone you love to love This is a growing addiction to emotions, brain chemistry, and physical sensations of all things.

These people may jump from relationship to relationship. by longing for that initial feeling But when wearing something that is more comfortable and safer they lose their height

12. Society

Being a socially satisfying couple can make you love someone. Getting compliments from friends and peers can evoke positive emotions. that convinces you of feelings that may not exist

For example, you meet someone and get along. You are both successful and come from a good family, nothing is wrong, let’s get married. All of this makes sense and is supported by history, the public and ultimately you. [Read: Is monogamy right for you?]

13. Mystery

The mystery of love is something that no one can explain. It’s complicated and confusing. Even the most balanced and perfect relationship has always been a mystery.

You’ll never know exactly what the other person thinks or feels. And that’s intoxicating. That curiosity can overwhelm you. [Read: How to be mysterious without going overboard]

14. Libido

Sexual desire and physical attraction can spill over into love. Intimacy sparks an emotional response in many people. Attracting someone and touching them, kissing them, or having sex can mimic the feeling of love.

But in this situation If you ask yourself why do you love someone? The answer would be difficult [Read: What are you feeling? Is it lust or love?]

15. Prepare for Love

Being prepared for the commitment that comes with love and a lifelong bond may be the reason why you love someone. You meet someone and it clicks. and you are ready everything is in place

16. Intimacy

Intimacy is not just about sex, it’s about intimacy. This includes a sense of familiarity. The more time you spend together and interact with each other, the better. Those feelings will only increase.

This is why many people fall in love with the people they spend time with at work or with their friends. Intimacy and comfort make you comfortable and protective.

17. Compatibility

Getting along is one of the biggest things that lead to love. This is the key to being in love. This is the ease of communication. Is it the degree to which you relate to each other or how things flow?

You just understand each other in a good way. [Read: What does being compatible mean?]

18. The Risk of Love

Some people take risks People secrete adrenaline. Those who find the thrill of spontaneity, adventure and things like skydiving fall in love because it forces them to face their fears.

Of course, you have to lower the walls and take the risk of enjoying love. But that’s what makes it so amazing.

19. Human nature

As humans, we must seek emotional connection. Before words and communication were what they are now. Neanderthals also build ties, family, and enjoy that connection.

20. Be happy forever

we all want to be happy But in the end, we want to go out and watch the sunset with the people who make us happy. we want the word “Happy forever” is scribbled on the screen at the end of our lives. And as we all have been taught, seen, and even felt Love is the way to do that.

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So why do you love someone? The answer lies within you. It could be for one or more reasons. But no matter what It’s not bad, right?

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