Why Don’t Girls Like Me? 9 Reasons She’s Just Not Into You

You often wonder “Why don’t women like me”?? We have your answer. Here’s everything you’ve done wrong.

why girls don't like me

the idea that “Why don’t women like me”?? or “Why does the girl I like dislike me back”?? It’s a common question in men’s minds that starts during puberty and can last forever! Do you think cheerfully? The mystery in a woman’s mind is deep, dark, and dangerous. For example, why does she like bad boys with tattoos? But the minute you do something wrong She scolds you for this.

Why girls don’t like you – 9 big truth

We’re solving the worldwide mystery of why your dream girl doesn’t like you back. 9 A brutally straightforward reason why she doesn’t fit you.

#1 you get friend zone If you’ve ever had that unrequited romantic feeling for the love that might be in your life while they just sit there and act like you’re best friends. Show that you are in the friend zone for sure. The friend zone is a real place. Imagine a cold, dark prison full of behavior. “Best friend” and no blow jobs When the person you like puts you in the friend zone. You’ll never go out, ever.

One of the reasons your girl might not like you is because she puts you in the friend zone. This means she wants all the benefits of going to dinner. play netflix Reveal secrets and bring you a “good” to various events. without the benefit of being married intercourse and sharing romantic relationships This could be a huge reason why she doesn’t like you. At least it’s not like that. Because you are just a friend! [Read: How to avoid the friend zone and make her desire you]

#2 You’re annoying. even though severe Have you ever thought that you were just really annoying? If you always ask “Why don’t women like me? “Maybe it’s because of your very annoying personality.

For example, if you’re talking about the same topic for 30 minutes and your crush is talking to each other in a series of “hmm,” “huh,”?? or “cool”?? This may mean that she sees you as boring or annoying. Why? You might be talking about things that she doesn’t care about. Or things that she can only pretend to be interested in for a long time, like video games, sibling movies. building your own computer anime and manga Or whatever, these “nerds”?? niche

That doesn’t mean some women really don’t like these topics—just not your crush! [Read: 13 annoying boyfriend traits and how to avoid them]

#3 You don’t know when it closed. Another trait that can be annoying is being savvy. Show that you’re showing her that you think you’re better than her. You are not smart or smart But you’re just a fool who knows everything.

#4 You have bad personal hygiene habits. One thing women don’t want to be around is the ones who don’t shower. can’t dress and don’t know how to use deodorant or hair gel She didn’t ask you to break. 6- Pack and turn into Fabio overnight. But a man who can’t easily take care of his body turned out to be a big deal [Read: 15 things guys do that are a big turn off for girls]

#5 You offer nothing It’s okay, we are sure you are a good man and all. But do you have a lot to offer in this relationship? Otherwise she would have known better. We don’t mean this in a way. “She’s a gold digger.” Simply put, sometimes it’s not enough to have that rockin’ personality. Just as you want her to be involved in the emotional and physical relationship. She expected the following:

a) love and support

b) Honesty and Loyalty

c) You encourage her to be her best self and help her achieve her goals.

d) Do you have a car/license?

e) You are responsible for

f) that you have a stable job

g) Financial independence from your parents [Read: 15 things women look for in a man before falling for him]

#6 you are needy As much as women like to be confident with the love and affection from their man. They also love the chase just as much. with what men like when you act needy Especially if you’re not in a relationship with her. will make her pause

Signs of being extremely needy include texting/calling her non-stop. Always ask for confirmation or confirmation of her concern, friendship, or love. talk too much about her Or get upset if she hangs out with other people. If you are like this now What would you be like if you were actually dating? [Read: How to love someone without smothering them]

#7 you are an idiot Be honest with yourself…are you a fool? if so She saw it clearly for days! While some girls are really attracted to the bad guy, your girl might not be one of them. If you are mean anti-feminist fat hater Tell jokes that are not funny or vulgar, disrespectful, lacking empathy, drug addicts, or all are just idiots. She wouldn’t want to do anything to you *and for good reason!* [Read: Good vs. bad – What kind of guys do girls like?]

#8 you short Unfortunately for all the short legs out there. Height has a lot to do with the early attraction of women. If you are on the shorter side of the spectrum You might find it harder to score for you to date, sorry. But you wouldn’t want to be with someone who judges you only by looks, right?

#9 you are not beautiful The truth hurts… And the truth is that women and men are both superficial beings. You wonder why girls don’t like you. It could have everything to do with your appearance. Girlfriend doesn’t care about you. Forget her and find someone who appreciates your devious smile. [Read: 15 reasons why nice guys finish last all the time]

We hope you find our guide helpful. Don’t waste time pondering anymore. “Why don’t women like me!”?? You know now! Either you’re a lunatic or you’ve just been following the wrong woman for too long. You are worthy of the chicks longing for you. So if at first you didn’t succeed, try again!

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