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If you’ve ever been cheated on, abandoned, or lied to, you’re probably asking yourself why he chose her over you. and guess i have the answer

Why did he choose her over you?

If you are asked why he chose her over you, It was one of the worst feelings in the world. believe me i know I’ve been there… twice.

It wasn’t just the feeling of being punched in the gut. But when you sit with reality for a while It’s worse than being rejected or breaking up on a regular basis. It makes you question yourself. You compare yourself to other women.

It also shows the divide between you and another woman who isn’t a feminist. which will make you feel guilty at the same time

Wonder why he chose her? You can obsess over your mind. It can stop you from moving on. live your life and brings self-doubt to future relationships. For this reason, you obviously want answers on why he chose her over you. [Read: How to handle rejection without making a fool of yourself]

why it hurts so much

Before we get into why he chose her over you. Let’s understand why it hurts so much. This is not a normal aches and pains. It comes with a lot of questions. You care about him, you might even love him. And that makes you interested in what he thinks. even now

You want the people you care about to care about you too. Your feelings don’t go away just because they’re gone. And if he chooses someone to replace you Show that you are not enough It doesn’t just feel like you let him down. But you also failed yourself. [Read: Why does love hurt when it goes bad? The truth you need to hear]

Being left with another woman is terrible because women have been competing in society for years. We are conditioned to be more angry or resentful of other women than men.

we swallow the feeling Whether it’s anger, sadness, or pain about him and focusing on another woman Because we can’t be upset with him. So we still care about him, which makes everything more painful.

[Read: How to bounce back after being rejected]

think about Bachelor’s degreeGirls keep fighting each other instead of questioning his behavior or choices, which is probably much more reasonable. Instead of comparing yourself to the woman opposite you. He’s obviously related too. really asking him what he wanted would be more reasonable

But it’s part of our nature to blame ourselves for failed relationships.

and how social media works Now we can truly compare ourselves to the woman of his choice. You can see her photos. You can see what her past looked like. You can see how she looked in a bathing suit or how uncomfortable she was as a teenager.

You can ridicule her or feel scared of her. All of this nourishes your insecurities and makes you feel worse about yourself. Can you imagine? All this pain and self-doubt because he chose her over you? [Read: How to stop loving someone else and start loving yourself more]

Why did he choose her over you?

I’d love to tell you that answering this question is as simple as asking him, but most guys aren’t considerate enough to give us an answer. Not that his answer meant a lot.

If you could ask your ex why he chose her over you, What do you think he will say? Will he say you’re hotter? Will he say that she’s easier to deal with or that she’s more fun?

Or will he say you came too short? Will he say the worst thing you think about yourself? Probably almost certainly not.

To be honest, most men don’t even see what we speculate about ourselves. I can assure you that he didn’t carry her because your nose is dimpled or your breasts are not the same size. It’s not because you’re not tanned or thin enough or not curled enough. [Read: What to do if your boyfriend likes pictures of others girls on Instagram?]

It’s not because you’re not confident enough or uncomfortable enough or easy enough.

As much as we compare and wonder, worry, and stress with these and other things. He didn’t choose her over you for any explainable reason.

When someone leaves you for another woman It’s pure passion and feeling. At least for pretty good guys. You’ll never hear a man worthy of saying that he leaves women with bigger breasts. it won’t happen

look serious Bachelor’s degree.When he had two girls at the end and had trouble choosing. He didn’t mention that one was tall and the other short. He’s talking about your future. which his lifestyle corresponds to him and with whom he has inexplicable feelings [Read: How to tell if there’s serious chemistry between two people]

They always say they just know. and that’s what I know it won’t put you at ease. It doesn’t help you correct or focus or differentiate about your body or personality. But that’s the way it is.

Just because he has that feeling for someone else and not with you doesn’t surprise you any less. That doesn’t mean you are not enough. It means you’re not for him and that’s fine.

Think pink hair. It’s cool. You may or may not like it or even think about it. But that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with other people. Just because he doesn’t choose you That doesn’t mean you’re not cool and suitable for other people. [Read: How to leave your relationship with your head held high]

How to understand why he chooses her over you?

I’m sorry that my answer may not have been of much help. I know it sucks that there isn’t a clear and concise answer to this. Seriously, I’ve been there.

Good news, I’m done. It’s not an overnight healing process. I didn’t just agree with the fact that the guy I fell in love with chose someone to replace me.

I have to reflect on myself a lot. And distanced myself from my feelings for him. Then I had to look at the situation with fresh eyes and a new perspective. [Read: How to stop liking a guy you know you can’t have]

I finally realized that I didn’t want people who didn’t need me. no matter what reason they have I wasted so much time wondering if she kissed better than me or had more fun than me. What can’t you do to me?

But the point is, it’s not about her. And it’s not really about me either.

Relationships have to be a two-way street. If he doesn’t want me because he chose you or for any other reason. I’d be better off without him, and you?

I know it’s not easy to fight practically and rationally with pain, betrayal, and self-doubt. but over time You’ll know that you’re better than someone who chooses you first to be a good person or yourself.

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I hope you stop asking yourself why he chose her over you. Ask yourself what would you choose for him right now?

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