Why Is He Texting Me if He’s Not Interested? Here’s 15 Reasons Why

you are going crazy Wonder why he texts me when he’s not interested. Just because he sent you a message It doesn’t mean he needs you.

Why is he texting me if he's not interested?

Oh girls, I can write a book on this topic. Why is he texting me when he’s not interested? When it comes to dating This is one of my most common problems I will have. miraculous Talked to a guy but nothing happened.

I would literally wait weeks for them to invite me out and it wouldn’t happen. So I made the first movement thinking they were scared. in fact They are not interested in dating me.

And the excuses are endless. I don’t know what I want I’m not ready to date I think we’re just friends. So all the time I invested in this relationship

The worst part is no one Tell me these people don’t care about me not alone Everyone would say that the guy was weird or maybe he was shy. But the truth is that he doesn’t need me. Accepting the truth is painful. but vice versa I was able to quickly cut a man out of my life and move on. [Read: Things nice guys do that are generally mistaken for flirting]

Why is he texting me if he’s not interested?

If a guy texts you but says he’s not interested in you, move on. It can be difficult when you don’t feel closed. Here are 15 reasons he texts you if he’s not interested. It’s time to move on and find someone who really into you It’s time for you to learn the truth.

#1 He needs an ego boost. There are certain days that you need a review. So you send a message to the person you know In you, you make him feel good and look good in front of others. So he’s happy to have you around. Does he want to be with you? No, he doesn’t. You’re a souvenir for him.

#2 you are in friend zone you are in friend zone I’m sorry that you succeeded But it happens to the best of us. He is very convenient to text and talk to you on the phone. which makes you think he likes you But that’s where you’re wrong, not him, you’re his friend. [Read: How to decode your crush’s behavior]

#3 You are his # 2. He likes you, but he doesn’t like you. that A lot. If he does, he’ll lock it up and ask you to date him. But he’s not, right? That’s right. He’ll get you out here and there. Send you a message to keep you interested. But he has someone else in mind. You are his # 2 not his #1.

#4 he is a player Uh, another player, when will the madness end? Some guys are experts at dating women and playing mind games with them. This does not mean that he no come into you But he took his time and there were other women on his plate as well. So he will keep you warm in case of other plans. his was unsuccessful [Read: Know these wily signs of a player and stop from getting played]

#5 you are a thief calling You may have thought that you shared something special, but to him, you are what he calls for. If he ignores most of your messages but replies late at night or texts you after 10 PM, then you’re the one who called him. Also pay attention to what he talks about Are all your conversations sexual? let’s go

#6 He wasn’t sure what he wanted. this happened a lot. When a man is reluctant to make a decision He will drive you crazy. You will always ask yourself if he likes you and that is When you know he doesn’t know what he wants. If you are confused he Confused. It’s that simple. This is a good sign for you to put an end to things while you’re ahead.

#7 you are daydreaming This happened to the best of us. while the man ignored us But we are conversing with all of them and keeping them separate. Look for clues and clues that he’s interested. Listen, step away from the conversation. and show it to the people you trust. Let them help you get back into reality.

#8 He likes the attention you give him. he is only human If an attractive woman is attracted to him He wouldn’t want it to stop. He likes the conversations you have together and the attention he gets. If you flirt and compliment him, that’s enough to keep him going. It’s always nice when someone pays attention and doesn’t ask for anything in return.

#9 he is bored What can I say? I think we’ve all been at that point when we text someone because we’re bored. If he doesn’t text you regularly, but only when he is bored at work You were the one who helped him get through his life slowly. In other words, You fill up until something better comes along. [Read: These revealing signs will tell you if he doesn’t like you romantically]

#10 He has a flirtatious personality. Some men are naturally flirty. Your conversation may seem saucy and flirtatious. But he didn’t really care. He knows when he texts you. It will be fun and light, which is why He sent you a message You make him feel relieved on a busy day.

#11 He feels lonely. Everyone felt a little lonely. and when so They tend to turn to people who pay attention. You are one of those people for him. When he’s feeling a little sick, he’ll text you and know You’ll reply, he doesn’t care about you. Instead, he wanted to fill the void.

#12 He enjoys talking to you. You are funny and have a good personality. Why doesn’t he want to talk to you? He enjoyed the conversation but was not interested in progress. He is happy to text you. share laughter and go on with life [Read: 20 reasons why he probably doesn’t like you back]

#13 He is the new single. A new single man walks into an unknown land. They haven’t been single for a while. And now they’re full of new women. If he just ended the relationship Don’t take his words seriously. He may not be ready for the willpower but wants to play on the pitch. This is why he texts you even when he’s not moving.

#14 He is just a nice person. Have you ever watched your conversations? Who initiated the message? If you start a conversation He may have texted you. go back just to be good It’s easy to get stuck in your head and think he’s the only one texting you. Plus, a one-word response isn’t really a message. [Read: Is he interested or just being nice?]

#15 Ask him what happened. Finally, if you’re still unsure why he texts you if he says he’s not interested, ask him. It’s time you put him on the spot and set a fire under his butt. He wants to know that you are aware of his behavior and that you have done nothing.

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Still wondering why he texts me when he ignores me. No one said love was easy. But if he doesn’t care about you and He keeps texting you. It’s time for you to go on.

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