Can Wood Profits make you $150,000 per Year?

Is it really possible to make between $90,000-$150,000 in a year, working from your garage? Let us take a closer look at the Wood Profits program by Jim Morgan to see if it can actually deliver on such a huge promise.

Before we proceed any further with this review, we need to first test the logic behind this idea. The very first test of a business venture is to determine whether the goods or services have a market. So please look around your home and office and see the hundreds of wood products ranging from tables, beds, wardrobes, dining sets, name it.

Would you manage to survive without such essential items? Of course no – and that confirms that indeed, with a bit of skill, the market for wooden products is boundless.

Wood Profits Program – An Overview

Wood Profits EbookJim Morgan’s Wood Profits is all about setting up a woodworking business with less than $1000 and make between $90,000-$150,000 a year working right from your home garage.

You can choose to do it as a part-time business or launch it as a fulltime career. The two main skills you will acquire from this program are how to make wooden products and how to market them profitably.

Fortunately, the program is packaged into a PDF guide that you can access – anytime, anywhere. What’s more, there’s an MP3 and DVD version of it for added convenience.

Making Wood products

How much space is enough to set up your workshop? Let Jim coach you on how to set up your factory. The program will give you shop plans and layouts designs to choose from.

In addition, the program will teach you about what tools and materials you need to start. The program will also teach you where to buy the tools and materials. This will result in you saving thousands of dollars in the long-run.

In this program, you will learn about what kind of wood products, crafts, and furniture to make profitably. You will get a list of easy-to-make and easy-to-sell profitable crafts alongside plans and blueprints for award-winning products. In fact, you will get to see Jim Morgan’s top 10 profitable crafts.

Marketing and Selling wood products profitably

Before setting out to sell, you will first be required to comply with government regulations of acquiring licenses and taxation. The program will guide you on how to comply with government regulations.

Then you will understand how to cost your products so that you can make profits. In the course of this course, you will learn how to evaluate the profitability of a project before embarking on it.

In addition, you will be guided on how to go about selling and marketing your woodworks profitably. The program will teach you about ways to attract customers, and how to turn them into repeat customers. The course will cover online internet marketing as well.

What’s more, the program will teach you how to expand your business. Some of the ideas you will learn include how to get commercial contracts, how to sell and market in trade shows and how to boost your business by repairing antiques.

About The Author

Jim MorganJim Morgan operates a home-based woodworking business. For the last 15 years, he earns a living from woodworking. His works have featured in USA Today, CNN, Entrepreneur magazine and other forums.

Jim has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, USA today and has helped thousands of woodworkers earn a living from home, doing what they love. He founded WoodProfits to share his years of knowledge with the woodworking community.

Who can benefit from this program?

This idea will benefit passionate woodworkers who are looking for entrepreneurial ideas to expand their businesses. In addition, it will benefit those who have been doing woodworks as a hobby and now want to earn from it. The program is also great for entrepreneurs looking for simple business ideas to implement.

What are the benefits of using this program?

You can start the woodworking business with under $1000 using Jim Morgan’s ideas. By starting your business in your garage, you can save on renting a workshop. The business does not require expensive tools either.

With all the training obtained from this program, there is no need to invest in a woodworking course. This program is enough to help you start your woodworking business from scratch. Therefore all you are risking is about $1000, which will be used to purchase tools for your woodworking workshop and materials.

You can start small

To avoid the risk of quitting your job before making any money, you can decide to start small and do it during your free time first. As your business grows and starts making an equivalent income to what you are making when employed, this is when you can quit your day job and concentrate on this business fully.

The Joy of DIY products

Wood Profits PDFThis is a business that will give you great fulfillment. As you start to make products for your home and some for sale, your family won’t hide their joy of seeing creative items that you have made.

Just imagine the joy of your family upon receiving wood crafts gifts from you. This will end up being a family affair that everyone is proud to be associated with.

What’s more, you will pass woodworking skills to your children as they have experienced the program firsthand. By implementing this idea, you will have opened a door of possibilities for your children to become entrepreneurs as well.

Most Comprehensive guide on woodworking

This program will teach you how to make profits from day one. The program has covered every detail you require to start your business and therefore will save you from doing costly mistakes of most startups.

Every detail about how to set up your workshop, how to get licenses, which products to make, how to price your crafts, how market and to sell your crafts etc. has been included.

Free Bonuses

You will find 500+ Woodcrafts & Furniture Plans bonus program which will ensure you never run out of ideas on stuff to build.

Pros of Learning This Program

Developed by an enthusiast of the program who earns a living from woodworks
No technical skills required

  • It is backed by a 60 days money-back-guarantee
  • Payments and refunds are SSL secured
  • Instant download upon payment
  • Unlimited one-on-one coaching by Jim Morgan
  • The book will be a part of your library collection and used for future reference

3 Problems with Wood Profits

  1. This product is only available as a digital product
  2. The price of the program may go up anytime
  3. This program requires you to dedicate time to study the course and understand it

Final Verdict

No doubt, Wood Profits is a comprehensive program that will help you build a successful woodworking business from your backyard. Not only is this a fantastic way to unlock your passion but also an incredible way to make a living.





Wood Profits is definitely a great value for the money. You get everything you need to start a woodworking business, ranging from setting up your business to actually learning how to create over 500 different wood products. Even though you are not that familiar with woodworking, you could able to follow the plans and create a decent product with this guide.

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