Yo-Yo Relationships and Why They Never Work Out

You’re in the middle of a repetitive relationship. Hoping for another chance to correct your past suffering? We are listing all reasons to give up.

yo yo relationship

It’s not a bad thing when it comes to open/close relationships. but still feel comfortable being with you The past might not be so bad if it could. past In the past. In the end, you broke up for a reason – a reason that gets farther away with time. And it seems more forgiving.

But let’s be clear: you’re dating and it doesn’t work. You’ve made the wise decision once, twice, or maybe three times that your problem with this person is too big to climb and can’t be stopped.

Why a Yo-Yo Relationship Doesn’t Improve Your Love Life

Let’s face it. In your heart, you know that these types of relationships don’t always work for the better. Below are the reasons.

#1 old problems will come back Old problems seem to reappear in open/close relationships with more power and power than they did the first time. Why change? Because these are not new problems arising from them. 3-Puppy Month-Love

in a repetitive relationship You’re more likely to become a dog growling than a perfect puppy-like display of affection that helps you overlook the initial mistakes in a relationship. The issue goes deeper in the on/off relationship. It could be a recurring issue that you don’t seem to be able to deal with the first time, or arise from a deeper one, such as any problem that ended the relationship in the first place. [Read: 10 big relationship problems and how to fix them]

#2 You don’t trust each other as much as you want to trust And as much as you want to keep your new relationship going well. It will be twice as difficult to trust your old flame than last time. Let’s say your final journey ends when she cheats and is suddenly caught. Even if you forgive, you will never forget and deep in your heart. Those doubts will begin to fester.

Aside from the already difficult idea of ​​trusting someone new in a relationship. Painful feelings often linger in relationships time and time again. And because you have to deal with the breakup not just once. So you have too many problems and betrayal to reflect on. [Read: 11 signs you can’t trust who you’re dating]

#3 get to know each other too good. The double-sided coin in a yo-yo relationship is that you know each other very well – sometimes too well. You know all the wonderful things about them like how they kiss you, comfort you, how they laugh, how they play, and how good they are in difficult situations. However, you know how they cheat, lie and avoid you. good

#4 Are you in “Presto, serious!”? Relationships when you just want good sex. So maybe Mr. X will drive you crazy. Maybe he’s a cheater and a liar, but man, is he good at bed?! Or maybe you’re just trying to be friends after the breakup. And you’re in a relationship again. Anyway, don’t let the lust in the old flame turn into a fake “love”?? Situation just to escape sexual partner status

Now, instead of a quickie, you’re in “Light Camera – Relationships!” ?? Territory. It’s not easy for the two of you who used to be lovers. What you get when you get back together with your ex is an Instagram relationship. Because you’ve been serious about each other already. Cheesy puppy love is found at the beginning of a relationship that leads to serious and serious love and then disappears. Instead, you’re left with the shell of a past serious relationship – and you’re expected to get back into it like a snail. [Read: Is it love or is it lust?]

#5 You have a separate life without them. While couples do activities outside of being together, it is healthy. 24/7 this life split falls under “Not strong”?? Category. This is a mental blockade created knowing this person will eventually separate from you.

If you’re 100% out of it, you’re not 100% hurt if it explodes in your face, right? Wrong. If you’re really trying to do this. It is unfair to cut off your relationship and not let your spouse into your life. Unfortunately, this tends to happen because…

#6 you have stopped trying Another recurring problem in yo-yo relationships is that you stop trying to get it done. On/off relationships are easy to do when they aren’t serious. as already stated you will be enamored with “Pristo relationship” ?? With people you already know that you like at your fingertips. But that might just be a problem with your new relationship. you didn’t try

You can’t take it seriously anymore. because to some extent Floating between friends, interests and relationships Your old flame may become your backup option. Your choice flame is who you are most likely to return to after another relationship that you are. in fact tried with failure It’s like having a rebound relationship. Or in the summer it’s “on the way” ?? Relationships that will make you friends

Familiar, comfortable and guaranteed sex basically This couple is just someone by your side. Until your next big love And that’s all you deserve or should have: a positional relationship? This is not fair to you. And it’s not fair to your partner.

[Read: 10 more reasons to avoid on-off relationships]

There is something romantic about going back to past love, for example, if you make it work. It can erase everything that passes between you and make all your pain worth fighting for. But don’t be fooled by the former swingers. You deserve more than repeated regrets. at the hands of people who have hurt you in the past

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