A Review Of Easy Cellar Survival Guide By Tom Griffith

Imagine living in a world with no cars, no internet, no television, and even worse, no police, law or emergency supplies? What would you do to keep your family safe and sound? Well, if you’re like most people, chances are that you have to valid plans in place.
Easy Cellar PDFThe Easy Cellar™ program is an extensive program designed to equip you with all the survival skills you need to survive. A closer look at the system reveals the intention to help one cope with the worst scenarios possible in life and these include:

  • Organic dilemmas
  • Famines
  • Wars
  • Survival with minimal resources

Our forefathers survived through extremely tough conditions. They did not have access to any of the advanced telecommunication gadgets we own today. Likewise, they did not have access to warm housing during winter like we do today.

Tom’s program goes to great lengths to equip you with three handy lessons that will help you turn your life around. The primary purpose of this program is to prepare you both mentally and physically for any kind of a survival situation.

Besides basic skills of lighting a fire and keeping your family warm, this program further delves deeper into handy skills on how to plant seeds and harvest them. That is a backup measure to help you guarantee your food supply even if disaster rescue operations fail to show up for decades.

About The Author

Tom Griffith, the author of this awesome program is a 60-year old, retired nuclear safety inspector. Tom suffers from arthritis but he still managed to build this system on his own. He, however, admits that were it not for his friend Jerry, he was just about to give up on finding a long-term solution to his safety shelter needs.

What to expect?

Building A Cellar

In this Easy Cellar™ review, you will be trained on how to create a bunker right in your backyard. This is a safe haven where you and your family can escape to in order to escape EMP or even nuclear attacks.

What’s more, this root cellar can help you avoid looters in case your neighborhood goes lawless and looters take control. In a nutshell, this cellar design is meant to protect you from:
Easy Cellar Review

  • Hurricanes
  • EMPs
  • Bullets
  • Looters
  • Tornadoes
  • Famines
  • The fall-out in radiation after a nuclear blast

Ensuring Stable Food Supply

This program will equip you with skills on how to preserve water and food throughout the year. Within it is a handy stockpiling guide that will help you know exactly the kind of food and medicine you need to preserve. And since most disasters cause a complete loss of power, this program shows you exactly what to do in order to preserve your food using ancient technology.

Easy To Build

The challenge of establishing a new cellar is that it is a tough job. Some try to construct it using expensive shipping containers, but that just doesn’t work. In order to bury a shipping container, you need at least $4,000 laying around and the commitment to work for months.

And even after you do that, you will soon realize that it was all for nothing because the container will not be able to hold the weight from above. If anything, this could end up being a death trap rather than a safe haven for you.

What if you are old and arthritic like Tom Griffith? Well, the author of this program shows you the easiest way to get your structure up and running without breaking your back.

The Vietnamese Ideology

This idea was born out of the Vietnamese war where Tom’s neighbor, Jerry became a prisoner of war. In his time there, he learned a lot about how the Viet Cong managed to build bunkers within a short time even when the American army struggled to build exposed bunkers for weeks.

The Viets were able to build hidden bunkers within a short time, and using only a fraction of the resources needed by their American counterparts. It’s no wonder only 1 Vietnamese soldier died for every 1,000 American bombs detonated!

Jerry is currently a disabled war veteran but was still able to build a bunker for himself. This is the idea that inspired Tom to share this knowledge so that any other person who may feel vulnerable can benefit along the way.


  • This is a relatively easy-to-follow step-by-step program
  • Contains information that has been well researched
  • Designed to work even for disabled and sickly individuals
  • Provides you with a life-long shelter that will keep you going
  • The cellar takes up a very small portion of your backyard
  • The cellar is water-proof irrespective of how high your water table is
  • The materials needed are readily available and inexpensive
  • The program is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Tom and his team provide excellent customer support
  • Provides essential information on how to protect your loved ones in disaster situations
  • You get handy tips on how to store essential food supplies for long

3 Problems With This Program 

    • This program is currently unavailable in local stores, only available online
    • You will need an internet connection to unlock its features
    • Requires one to be committed to following a bunch of instructions

Final Thoughts 

Our Easy Cellar™ review concludes that this is a powerful survival program that is meant to equip you with more than just survival skills. In addition, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee which ensures there’s nothing to lose once you purchase this program. We would like to highly recommend this program to you especially if you are concerned about the welfare of your family in the event a disaster strikes.





Easy Cellar includes simple instruction manuals and videos which will help you to create a perfect cellar in your garden which you can use for taking refuge during natural and man-made catastrophes. More significantly, it will preserve water and food that is protected all around the year, to feed yourself and your entire family during a crisis.

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