Alive After The Fall Review

If you have been keeping tabs on what is happening around the world today, chances are that you have an idea of how unpredictable things have become. Now, more than ever, we are facing the threat of an EMP attack that might send our country back to the Medieval ages.

The good news is that Alexander Cain, a Biblical scholar, has authored the Alive After The Fall program which shares all the survival skills you will need to employ in order to remain unscathed. This survival guide takes care of every aspect of your life – from food, medicine, electronics and so forth. But how exactly does it work? Is it worth investing in? We investigate in this brief review.

About The Author

This program is authored by none other than Alexander Cain, a renowned scholar from one of the elite Universities in Arkansas. Alexander has been studying ancient scriptures for close to two decades now. He is a theology professor who is also passionate about survival and prepping niches. His ability to break down complex steps into simple tips is certainly one of his strongest communication weapons. Alex identifies different issues and tears them apart so meticulously, leaving no stone unturned.

Alive After The Fall – An Overview

Alive After The Fall EbookThe author of this program has taken a deeply Biblical angle to calculate what is bound to happen in the next few years. Using the prophesies made by Prophets Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Jeremiah and citing scriptures from Mathew and Revelations, Alexander carefully demonstrates the current state of affairs. Just the other day, President Donald Trump declared Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel. This move led to spiraling controversy effectively creating the right environment for Russia, Iran, and Turkey to regroup.

Also, if you have been following news recently, you probably have an idea what has been going on in Syria. Damascus has fallen – and this had also been prophesized as one of the signs preceding the imminent fall of Babylon and Israel.

According to ancient scripture, two-thirds of Israel will be destroyed. Even more importantly, the whole of America (modern Babylon) will be struck by a major attack that will leave over 290 million dead.

What you need to be asking yourself today is whether, or not, you’re fully prepared for an EMP attack. If you are banking on the government to protect you, you’ve got it all wrong.
Recently, a Senate committee was created to assess the country’s EMP preparedness and the observations were startling. The country is so ill-prepared for this kind of attack and currently, there are no measures to avert such an attack should the enemy decide to attack.

Therefore, the Alive After The Fall is a program that helps you to establish your own survival plan. Even before the rescue teams arrive, you will have already done the necessary and that also means you will be among the few who will survive. Some of the techniques included in this program include:

  • The Faraday Cage Strategy which will teach you how to keep your electronic gadgets safe in case of an EMP attack
  • Access to the kind of drugs you need to stockpile in order to deal with 84% of diseases likely to affect you
  • Do you own a car, this program will teach you exactly what to do in order to protect your car’s engine from exploding in the wake of an EMP attack
  • In a world with no police or law, this program trains you on how to protect yourself from the risk of vandalism plus how to deal with looters
  • Alex shares some handy recipes that will supply you and your family with the nutrients needed to survive without having to scavenge for scraps
  • You also learn how to survive without electricity and internet

Benefits of Following This Manual

There are quite a few reasons why you need to get yourself a copy of this program. First and foremost, Alex has been researching this topic for almost two decades, and we find that his information is quite real and relatable. This program takes a highly research-backed approach to solving modern-day problems.

1. Simplified Into Small Bits

The fact that Alexander is a university don might intimidate you. However, you will be surprised just how good he has made this program to be. He uses extremely simple language that we all can relate to. Most importantly, all the would-be complex tips, tricks, and techniques are broken down into small steps. This makes it super easy to follow the program and implement its content for some real results.

2. Surviving Differently

Forget about other programs that teach you how to make soap or smoke meat as a survival package. This one shares with you the kind of information you need to hear so you can be adequately prepared for any scenario. Here you get tactics on how to defend yourself, feed yourself, treat yourself and so forth. Your family will thank you for it.

3. Suitable Irrespective Of Your Experience Level

Are you a newbie in the survival and prepper niche? Worry not because the information shared in this program is suitable for everyone irrespective of their experience levels. Most importantly, this course begins by preparing you psychologically for the impact of a disaster. By being mentally prepared, you will always be in a position to take control of the situation when hell breaks loose

Alive After The Fall Program


There are three bonuses included. These include The Survival Mindset and Secrets to Sanitization.


  •  60-day money-back guarantee
  •  3 free bonuses worth $37 in total
  •  Easy to understand
  •  Based on Biblical and scientific findings
  •  Useful as a survival guide
  •  Can help you protect your family and property
  •  Instant access upon checking out

3 Problems with This Product

  1. This program is exclusively available online
  2. Uses a lot of Biblical scriptures and that might turn some people off
  3. Alexander may be mistaken for a prophet of doom

Final Thoughts

Alexander Cain’s Alive After The Fall program offers a unique approach to survival. It utilizes some rare skills our ancestors used to survive and also talks extensively about how you can guarantee your own survival.

With the world continuously becoming a risky place to live, you will certainly need this guide to keep going. Yay or nay? It’s definitely yay! So, consider getting yourself a copy of it today.





This guidebook is an invaluable resource towards ensuring that you survive the fall of the power grid and an overview of the way the biblical prophecy shows a lot of important events in the world. it is a comprehensive package that will teach you and your family the basic human survival tips that were used back in primeval times for the bad case.

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