You Kissed Your Ex? – The Complete Damage Control Guide

Although you can’t go back in time and stop kissing your ex. But you can still do a little bit of damage to prevent events from haunting you by Danielle Anne Suleik.

Did you kiss your ex?  - Complete Damage Control Guide

You think it’s just a harmless meeting. In which you reminisce about the past and show your ex how much better you are now. But then you end up locking your lips without knowing how it all started. It happened. Now you have to deal with it.

Why did it happen?

no matter who started The point is, you both allow it to happen. The fact that you and your ex kissed mean that the two of you still have feelings that linger. It doesn’t have to be love But it proves that the two of you are still attracted to each other.

When two people who broke up reconcile in any form Be it dating, kissing, or even sex. It will make something between the two of you shine bright again. It doesn’t have to be a good thing. Often, reconciling with your ex can lead to consequences.

Why do you think it’s bad?

If you think kissing with your ex is a bad idea. Ask yourself why. Some see it as a beacon of hope and want it to pave the way for something new between past lovers. If you don’t see it Maybe it’s because you don’t want to start over with someone you’ve already dated and broke up with.

#1 They are in it for connection. You’re approachable because your ex thinks your history allows them to try something on you. That doesn’t mean they want to revive old memories and feelings. They just don’t want to mess with new people. [Read: 16 signs your ex is just after a one night stand]

#2 old problems will come back You and your ex broke up for a reason. If the reason is not resolved Kissing your ex can cause these problems to arise again.

#3 They may want to get back together, even if you don’t want to. Kissing is an intimate act that can evoke feelings of lust. In many situations, it can evoke feelings of love and affection. If you do not intend to get back together Kissing might give your ex the wrong idea.

#4 You may fall in love with your ex again. If you consciously try to move on just for it to be ruined by this sudden rendezvous. You might be in big trouble. If you’ve never crossed over your feelings for your ex. A kiss with them can rekindle those feelings and make any attempt to shut it down in vain.

#5 They may already be in a relationship. If you kissed your ex knowing that they were meeting someone else. Show that you just passed into dangerous territory. You’re not just putting yourself in a situation where you’ll end up as a third person. But you have done a voluntary act that could harm someone else.

#6 You may be in a relationship Kissing your ex seems like a small mistake. But the person you meet will not see that. No matter how much history you have Cheating is always unforgivable.

#7 unknown. Kissing your ex can mean many things. But don’t know that these things may hinder your peaceful life in the process. You may end up thinking too much about it and unintentionally putting unnecessary stress on your life. could be a good sign But it can also be a bad sign. In the end, you’ll have to confront your ex about it. which is something I suspect you will be excited about.

What can you do with it?

If kissing with your ex is a big problem for you You can choose how to deal with it. You can face the situation to close the scene. Or put it in the past again and move on.

#1 Let’s try to figure out how and why it happened. Ask yourself what do you want? Now it’s over Do you want to get back together? You want to leave alone? It’s up to you. Just make sure your decisions are the ones that will ultimately make you happy.

#2 Talk to your ex. Discuss what happened and ask them what they want to do about it. The choice is not just yours. but also theirs no matter how they choose to deal with the situation Stand up and explain to your side so that no misunderstandings arise. [Read: 16 signs your ex wants you back]

#3 Don’t let them get back together if they persist.Be gentle with your negativity and let them see why it’s a better choice. They’re obviously enjoying your old feelings, which makes it hard to deny them knowing they want you back in their lives. [Read: 10 real reasons to not get back together with an ex]

#4 Realize that kissing may not necessarily mean they want you back. They choose to do But they also choose not to pursue your relationship anymore. Take control of your feelings and deal with heartbreak. Just remember that you can move forward before the kiss. This means you can do it again. [Read: Are you still hung up on your ex?]

#5 If your partner or your ex knows Try to minimize the damage. Deal with your partner yourself and try not to mess with your ex. If their partner faces you Try to avoid personal contact under any circumstances. You can leave a message if you want. But that hardly counts as a deterrent to your demanding anger. cheating is wrong This means that you have to face the consequences and deal with the consequences.

#6 Don’t make a big deal out of it. If you think it’s a mistake treat it like one learn from it Keep going and don’t do it again. It’s so easy, it can be hard to forget it happened. But in the end it will only become a distant memory.

How to prevent it from happening again?

Kissing your ex might be something you want to do. But looking back You may regret what happened. Your ex may want to do it again, though. Here’s how to prevent it from happening again.

#1 Delete your ex’s number. if you remember it Think about how wrong it is to type on your phone every time you think of calling or texting them. [Read: 7 more ways to resist the urge to call your ex]

#2 Remove from your social media accounts. Block them if you want. Just erase any evidence of them in your life now until the end. You have no control over what will happen if you see a cute picture of your ex smiling at you from the small screen. on your phone

#3 If you have to talk about what happened Do it again and again deal with what you want But do not be indifferent to the matter. Consider your recent conversation with your ex as the closing act you want.

#4 don’t cling to kissing It’s no surprise that it pops up in your head over time. But you have to block it every time it happens. misses kissing Especially if it’s a really good kiss. will make you want to do it again

#5 avoid any activity that your ex will join That’s what your friends are for. They can tell you if your ex is in the area or not. if so true You have to leave if not This is just a temporary fix. You can start a party with your ex when you’re sure you won’t end up kissing him again. [Read: 14 things to do when you run into your ex again]

#6 date someone else Don’t let that kiss stop you from seeing other people. You’re not recovering because you and your ex aren’t dating anymore. You are free to meet other people. And it will help convince you that the kiss you gave to your ex was nothing more than a good-bye gift.

Kissing with your ex is just as important when you want it to be. both of you are adults You can do whatever you want. Just make sure you are aware of the consequences and are prepared to face them.

[Read: 8 ways to deal with an ex who’s still pestering you]

It can be helpful to know the reasons why you kissed your ex in the first place. But this article will remind you why this is a bad idea. If you feel good about the situation, accept it if you think it’s just one time and shouldn’t be repeated. Follow these tips to prevent it from happening again.

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