23 Sure Signs He Is Pursuing You Even If He Behaves Like a Friend

We expect men to chase us like we see in the movies. But life isn’t a Hollywood chick movie. Watch out for these signs that he is chasing you.

Signs that he is chasing you

Honestly, you can blame Hollywood movies for all the confusion we have to experience in real life knowing that he’s chasing you!

You might assume “chasing” refers to a man who follows you down the street in slow motion. Get down on your knees and call your name, of course, if you’re looking for a sign like that. You won’t find it in guys who try to blend in while trying to flirt with you.

Things in real life are very different. And little clues and signs are still subtle. You just have to know where to look and what it means.

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Do you want him to pursue you?

Before you look for signs that he is chasing you. Decide if you want him to follow suit or not. as a woman We get tired of knowing if a guy likes us or not. which we totally reject our own feelings

Instead, ask yourself if you’re even interested in this guy. Your obsession with knowing he’s interested in you might make you fall in love with him without even realizing it!

So before you look for these signs so that you can have a good relationship. take your time Figure out if you like him or not. If not, don’t waste your time. [Read: 13 ways to find out if you really like him]

The most obvious sign that he is chasing you, even if he doesn’t quite understand.

Some guys are nervous and show no signs that they like you. Others may chase you by saying that they love you and want to be with you.

But most men will stay calm while still showing interest.

If you feel like he’s giving a mixed signal. This is something else.

Mixed signals showed the inner confusion the man was facing. If you see that his words are not being acted upon. Show that this is not the right person for you. But we won’t focus on mixed signals today. We’ll talk about some of the signs he’s chasing you instead.

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You are looking for signs that he is chasing you. But did you really see it?

1. He contacted you

If a guy is interested in you he will contact you He won’t wait days or weeks for you to move. He’ll text you or call you to chat and invite you over.

if he doesn’t care You’ll wait for the message that never arrives for the rest of your life. if a guy likes you He won’t wait for someone else to take his place. [Read: How to decode the text from a guy and tell if he is into you]

2. He is consistent

It’s all about consistency when you’re looking for signs that men are chasing you. If he texts you when he says he’ll text you and meets you when he says he’ll pick up. This is a sign that he is interested in you.

A guy who doesn’t care about you or sees you as casual. will contact you only when convenient

3. You feel yourself around him.

when you spend time with him You don’t have to do your best.

You can crack jokes, tease each other, and talk about your interests and hobbies without feeling judged. feeling comfortable around He is a sign that you are connected. [Read: Science-backed clues that will tell you if he likes you]

4. He made plans for the two of you.

when he texts or calls you He’s always rational. Of course, he might text you just to keep the relationship going. but mostly The conversation will end with inviting you to a movie, dinner, or coffee.

5. He opens up to you.

Men won’t open up to the people they meet. Even if it takes a few days to develop the trust and bond between you. But his weakness is a big sign that he’s interested in you. [Read: 16 signs a guy likes you but is scared and unsure what to do]

6. He wants to meet your friends and family.

If a guy doesn’t care about you or sees you as casual. There is no way he will meet your friends and family. Why would he?

But if you’re looking for signs that he’s chasing you, Try to see if he wants to know the person who takes care of you and the friends you spend time with.

7. He listens intently

This is not something smart people do, yes we are. heard others when they speak But we didn’t really listen. Most of us are thinking about good answers or other random thoughts. But he sincerely listens to you and makes genuine eye contact.

8. Your needs are important to him.

If you want to have a good relationship and be happy. You both have to take care of each other’s needs. when you express your desire He doesn’t just ignore you and proceed with what he wants to do. He listens. You talk about it and find a solution. [Read: How to fix a one-sided relationship before it fails]

9. You meet his friends/family.

If a guy introduces you to his friends and family. This is a huge step forward.

He’s showing you the people he loves and trusts the most. He wanted not only to let his friends and family see the people he was interested in. But it also shows you his life.

10. He talks about the future.

No, we don’t mean weddings. But he’ll talk about what you should do next week or the restaurant he wants to take you to.

If a guy doesn’t care about you latest All he will do is talk about spending time with you in the future. [Read: How to know for sure if he likes you +35 ways to make him like you more]

11. He does little things for you.

It’s all about the small details of your interactions. He surprises you with takeout after knowing you have a long day at work. Or he offers to help you in difficult times.

He does these things because he cares and likes you. He wouldn’t go out of his way if he didn’t feel this way.

12. He touches you.

He doesn’t touch you inappropriately. But he brushes his hair or brushes it off your face. when he uses any excuse to get close to you It’s an important sign that a guy is chasing you.

13. He tries to make you laugh.

when a guy likes you He wants to be someone who can make you smile. He likes to see your smile and wants to be the person who causes your smile. He might be chasing you if he tells a joke. share a joke or even send you a clever meme [Read: Does he like you? 23 ways to read a guy’s body language instantly]

14. He compliments you.

This is clear. but still have to say when a guy is chasing you He will compliment you in any way. He’ll tell you if you’re smart or funny or beautiful. He wants you to cringe.

15. He asks you questions.

If a man is chasing you He wants to know you better. The more he knows you The better he will be able to pursue you. So this makes sense.

If he tries to find your taste your childhood or whatever He might be interested

16. He offers to help you.

unless the guy is chasing you He would not offer to help move or build furniture.

Only a guy who is interested in you can get you to the airport or out of your way for you. [Read: How do I know if he likes me if he won’t talk to me?]

17. He needs your opinion.

When a guy asks you for advice He wasn’t just talking to each other. He won’t ask if he really doesn’t care what you think.

Either he wants to know which genre you like better or if he should find a new job. He respects your opinion and thinks highly of you.

18. He stares

when a guy is chasing you He’s still in love mode. Your beauty and presence make him If you catch him staring at you Maybe because he was interested

19. He noticed things.

New haircut? Will he mention it, have you tried something new with your makeup yet? he will point out

when he is chasing you He’ll pay special attention and pick up what most people overlook! [Read: 20 signs he has a crush on you and just can’t hide it well enough]

20. He teased you.

Joking is a way of showing interest in someone from when you were a teenager to an adult. He may mock your taste in music or the TV shows you watch. But it’s an excuse to talk to you.

21. He wants to spend time alone with you.

if he doesn’t care He won’t try to hang out with you alone. He will offer to take you to your car or come and watch the game. He wants to be alone with you so you can start seeing him the way he sees you.

22. You feel it

we are human not a robot You know when people feel for you. After reading these signs to see if he is chasing you. Hope you have a clearer idea.

If you feel that there is chemistry and emotional connection between the two of you, you’re right. Explain to him what happened. [Read: The signs he’s fighting his feelings for you and holding himself back]

23. He tells you

If he tells you that he is interested in you and wants to have a good relationship. He might be telling the truth. Use his words for who they are and watch his actions. If his actions match what he says to you. Show that he is honest

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If you’re not sure about the signs he’s chasing you. Hope these tips can help you solve some great puzzles. It’s time you know what’s going on!

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