How to Win a Guy Over: Commonly Used Wrong Ways and The Right Way –

Most women use this method completely wrong and have a happy ending. If you want to know how to win a guy’s heart To understand both the good and the bad.

How to win a man's heart

When it comes to understanding how to win the hearts of men. We have been brainwashed to do all the wrong things. First of all, trying to seduce the person you are worthy of their love is difficult to do. You don’t give them your dating history or offer them all the ways you can make them happy.

Of course, you want to keep moving forward at your best. But promoting yourself like that can feel disrespectful. Learning how to win a guy’s heart isn’t all about competition or winning. is to be yourself and be confident in it.

Why do you need to learn how to win a man’s heart?

Sometimes guys don’t like you in the first place. Maybe you had a bad first impression, or maybe he didn’t notice you at first sight.

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Even if he can feel the spark you feel But he may not be confident in his or your feelings enough to take a risk and get you out.

Of course, in this case you can just give up and move on. But you don’t have to. You can move on with attractiveness at first and learn how to win over guys with subtle tricks and charms.

You might be asking yourself why you are trying to win over a guy. Why doesn’t he notice you and move on his own? First of all, men don’t usually read lines.

Not only will he miss your first flirtation attempt. But he might be worried about being rejected, or maybe he doesn’t know anything.

If you are truly interested in winning his heart. You can do it without doing anything drastic. The smallest detail might be all he needed to open his eyes and finally make a move.

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How to win the hearts of men in the wrong way

For years it was commonly known that the best way to get to a man’s heart was through his stomach. If you can cook him good food, he will be all yours. This is just an old-fashioned, old-fashioned idea of ​​how to beat the wrong guy. We are not just two decades into the new century. And many men can cook and take care of themselves. But you don’t have to change who you are or what you like to win a guy’s heart.

Of course, if you want to learn how to make a man’s favorite dish to impress. Let’s do it. But doing this is not about you.

When you’re looking for a way to beat a guy You want to make sure you are true to yourself. You don’t want to change your identity to keep him interested, but just feel uncomfortable in your own skin every time you’re together. [Read: How to attract a guy and make him stay forever]

There are some ways to win the hearts of men who have been counseled for decades as ineffective or just plain wrong.

This is something you shouldn’t do to win a guy’s heart.

#1 play too cool as a woman We are often told that we are overly emotional. and sharing our feelings too quickly and easily for this reason We are therefore told to play especially when trying to beat men.

It’s good not to be ahead of yourself. But playing too cool isn’t a way to win a guy’s heart. Playing too cool means you’re covering yourself up or letting go of your standards. If you ignore the jokes about his women. Act like you don’t care or pretend you want something comfortable. even though you don’t You are doing damage to yourself. [Read: The right way to play it cool without being too clingy or too distant]

#2 Pretend to like what he likes. If you’re interested in learning more about his fantasy baseball league or his car’s horsepower. to be more powerful for you but pretending to be interested in what he likes Just having something to talk about doesn’t work.

It’s possible for him to look past it and you’ll realize that you’re not being honest with yourself.

#3 surrender more than a hundred Yes, for years women have been told to nod and not respond. But again, those days are over. If you don’t agree with what he’s saying, speak up. He’ll respect you more for being opinionated and self-centered.

Of course, you don’t have to argue with him every time you have a different opinion. But you can express your feelings and thoughts without hesitation. If he wants you to be gentle and polite rather than being strong and taking advantage. He might not be the right person for you.

#4 cancel plans for him Trying to win over men is not above responsibility, plans, or other people. Just because you like this guy and don’t want to miss out on great opportunities with him doesn’t mean you can cancel your plans with other people to date him.

By doing so, you’re putting a guy you hardly know before anything else that’s important in your life. Plus, being busy will help him know that you’re important. [Read: 13 needy signs you’re way too available for him]

#5 Wait for him. If he tells you that he may be in a place but not planned. you can appear But don’t wait all night The guy you’re trying to beat should also try to beat you. He’s not worth the wait.

#6 do something uncomfortable Maybe you don’t want to turn down his overnight offer because you’re worried he’ll think you’re not interested. You don’t just put his needs and desires on your comfort. But you don’t have to prove anything to him to get him interested. [Read: Feeling used by a guy? How to read the signs and do the right thing]

#7 almost stalking him You might think that by upping his news feed on your cutest selfies, he’ll DM you right away, but if you like all his posts and comment on his pictures, then you’ll be fine. It would look a little hopeless. Even if you silently scroll through his page But it will make you more obsessed with him than you should be.

#8 overinvested Remember not to invest too much in winning the hearts of men. This is not your boyfriend This is the person you are trying to establish an initial connection and conversation with. He doesn’t deserve all your attention right now.

Overinvesting this early on will make you feel rejected if he doesn’t bite, even if you didn’t actually invite him out. [Read: The dating girl code all girls need to know and follow]

#9 be the girl of his dreams Don’t try to fit into the role that he or men generally see as perfect. You don’t have to try and impress him with undetectable makeup. push-up bra or a hoarse voice

Being yourself and being confident in that will work much better.

How to win a man’s heart the right way

Now you know what to avoid when learning how to win a guy’s heart. Try a few tricks that will help you confirm your relationship with him.

#1 show up. I don’t mean going to his office or his house, but “accidentally” bumping into him at his favorite coffee shop might rekindle your initial spark. Sure, it might feel like you’re taking a risk trying to meet him. But what’s the worst that can happen? He didn’t show up?

Having more than one encounter may be just what he needs to nudge him to get you out. [Read: 14 tricks to tease, tantalize, and make any guy desire you]

#2 Let your weird side come out. If you really want to win the hearts of men. Don’t do your best You don’t have to be balancing and polite all the time. Unleash your strange self. Share your peculiar talent or tell an embarrassing story.

Again, I know it can feel vulnerable to let someone in that side of you. But that’s what impresses.

#3 chat with friends together Let your mutual friends know that you are interested. This is not an elementary school. So you don’t tell this friend so they know if he’s interested in you or not. but so that they can arrange another party This will allow you to see him again and make eye contact with him again more directly and clearly. [Read: How to ask a guy on a date – The walkthrough all girls need to know]

#4 make the first move If a little flirting doesn’t affect enough. Move yourself, ask him to leave. Again, the worst thing that can happen is that he refuses and you move on.

Some men fall in love with women who are confident enough to get themselves out there. Other people may not even know you’re interested until you speak up. [Read: How to show a guy you like and still be a tease]

#5 Know when to move on. If after interacting with him about three times He still didn’t understand the concept. It might be time to move on. Either he doesn’t care or he doesn’t really know and that’s fine. You can’t get every guy to like you.

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Being yourself is easy. But winning a man’s heart is hard. The good news is that you can learn how to win over guys by being yourself with confidence and delicacy.

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